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  • Estella Garcia

    Must. Check out “Let’s Drive to Alaska” at SXSW

  • James Connolly

    I humbly want to let you know about what we are doing.

    It is about singing, banjo, moog, and mellotron, and it is different.

    I call the style Art Plunk.

    Songs about homesick astronauts, conversations with a shark, and WW1 flying aces .

    So far 2 cd’s independently released. A third about to surface (with string quartet).

    Enough yapping, you can listen if you are the curious sort. Thanks !


  • Erick Antonio Fabian Sr.

    Hi! My band CERUMENTRIC, from Manila, Philippines, just released its new genre-bending single, “Hypocrites”. If you love electronic/rock fusion genres, you’ll like this. https://soundcloud.com/cerumentric/hypocrites

  • Anyone want some Psychedelic Rock?


  • Mario Anderson

    Music is my life…
    Music chose me, not the other way around.
    Music is my time machine..
    Music only makes me stronger…

    I read this earlier today in an article about what music means to us. It got me thinking about everything that drove me to use music as an emotional outlet.
    I started a band in 2009 as a tribute to one of my best friends that was shot and killed earlier that year. It made me realize that nothing is ever guaranteed in life. We do what we must with the time we have. I realized that all the anger and confusion that I was having so much trouble expressing with words flowed consistently through each note I strummed on the guitar.
    I was determined, possessed some would say. When we started having compilations with the band, I started to have complications with life. Like they say; when it rains, it pours. My mother had gone in for a check up because she was experiencing a discoloration in her skin. The doctors thought it was hepatitus, so they strongly suggested that I got vaccinated.
    The next day my mother had been transported to the ICU because she had fallen into a comma.
    She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died a month later…
    I miss my mother, but she always told me to do what makes me feel good.
    A year after my mother passed, I began playing music again while adjusting to the changes. It’s been an uphill battle every step of the way, but there isn’t a finer group of people I’d rather spend each hardship with than my friends.
    “Can we set ourselves apart? Is that even our decision to make? Or are we guided by fate?”
    This song is called called Stay With Me

  • 1 Dude and a Chick

    Hi there!! please check us out if you like what you hear and see like us and share 🙂 Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/1dudeandachick and http://www.reverbnation.com/1dudeandachick

  • Yelpy “Feel It” Official Music Video

  • Maynard

    BuzzBands La just featured a new blues/funk duo, Vicious Kicks! Black Keys, Tame Impala with subtle hints of old school funk: http://buzzbands.la/2015/11/03/premiere-vicious-kicks-street-called-mayhem/

  • Pierre Dozin

    “Late Bush – Liquid Assets” music video
    directed by the contemporary artist Aline Bouvy.


  • mike gallacher

    Check out this great young Scottish band https://goodcopgreatcop.bandcamp.com/