Sometimes when you want to dance, you want to get in that rather serious uninterruptible eyes closed zone, just feeling the beats and riding the waves with a giant crowd around you

Most of the time when I want to dance, I want joyous perma-smile music that makes me feel like I’m celebrating life.

A perfect pop/electronica hybrid made for maximum fun.

There’s been a lot of it in recent years and it’s been some of my favorite music, including locals De Lux and Classixx.

So I wasn’t terribly surprised to see that Classixx offered a remix on the new EP from the Australian band Panana, which I cannot stop listening to. The EP is solid through and through.

The track “Destroyer” has been my running favorite (with a excellent remix on that one as well) but Classixx takes on the title track “Always“.

I offer the entire EP below so you can decide your own favorites.

Having to choose betweengreat things is a wonderful pleasure in life, isn’t it?

There aren’t any tour dates outside of Oz scheduled yet, but I’m keeping my eye out!


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