Sometimes I feel that UK songstress Polly Scattergood gets a raw deal.

She doesn’t get as much press as St. Vincent, she doesn’t have as many Grammy Awards as La Roux, and she hasn’t built up as revered a body of work as Kate Bush – yet!

But to my ears her songs are like a tasteful blend of these artists, and clearly I’m not alone, as electropop legend Vince Clarke (of Depeche Mode/Yaz/Erasure fame) has tackled remixing her latest single, “Subsequently Lost“.

Clarke layers rich, familiar-sounding synths over Scattergood’s pensive vocals, adding extra drama to the proceedings.  If you’ve never spent much time with Ms. Scattergood, perhaps this will serve as a worthy introduction.  And for longtime fans like myself, get ready for a nifty treat!


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  • francophonic

    Thanks for posting this. There’s a lot of retro influences in today’s more interesting music so it’s nice to hear a collaboration like this. It’s great to see music pioneers getting the recognition and then the actual opportunity to work with the artists they inspire.