Alaina and Patrick Moore are the couple behind Tennis, whose artful, breezy, R&B influenced pop has been a favorite at KCRW, particularly their new EP.

For their live MBE session, they started their set with a brand new track called “Needle and the Knife” that has never been recorded and will likely make it on their next full length. Also, they played “Traveling” a favorite from their previous LP “Young and Old”, which they’ve never performed in a live session before.

Aside from these special songs, we were just thrilled to hear the new EP live, particularly “Mean Streets” which was produced by Richard Swift.

Alaina has such a unique vocal style that is hard to pin down and I was determined to get to the bottom of it, so we had some “girl talk” after the session about her favorite female singers, which you can hear below.

Hint: it’s a combo of 90’s R&B (think SWV) and singer-songwriters of the 70’s like Judy Sill and Laura Nyro, who was a big influence for the sound on “Mean Streets”.

Tennis Live on MBE Set List

Needle and the Knife
Mean Streets
Cured of Youth
It All Feels the Same
100 Lovers

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  • arishagal

    Awesome! Glad to know I’m not the only contemporary musician carrying Laura Nyro’s torch! And bonus points for the mention of Todd Rundgren in the interview!