London’s Perera Elsewhere is part of a recent wave of artists (like Gonjasufi and Dean Blunt) who are exploring a blunted melancholic sound that is the logical extension late 90s trip hop.

Taking slow, strummy samples and adding haunting echoes of reverb may seem like a relatively simple out-dated formula, but doing it to stunningly affecting effect is a no doubt a complex science.

Perera Elsewhere‘s “Bizarre EP is a heavy, paranoid exploration of her skewed world view based on an inherently corrupt damaged geo-political structure.

The woozy production gives an impression of trying to walk across a tilted floor. “Bizarre” comes with a couple of remixes from like-minded artists Hype Williams and Maria Minerva. Her full length debut, Everlast, on LA’s own Friends of Friends label will be released in October.

This is blacklight music.

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