The olms

Recently, I had one of those rare experiences where Jason Bentley plays a song and I go running down the hallway to find out who it was. Something seemed familiar about the track but I couldn’t place it. Come to find out it’s a band called The Olms, a project from Pete Yorn and J.D. King.

I’m quite familiar with Pete – his 2001 debut “Musicforthemorningafter” was my favorite album that year and it is one of my defining moments in falling in love with KCRW, as I had just moved to LA and that’s where I discovered him.  He’s put out a bunch of great albums since, as well as a collaboration with Scarlett Johansson, so I was intrigued.

There’s not a lot of information about the group or the album, aside from the fact that it will be out in 2013, but we do have a taste of the music to offer.

It’s got a very SoCal pop vibe to it. It grabs you instantly. It’s called “Wanna Feel It“.

Some of the other tracks are a bit more breezy and jangly but they’re all really good. Can’t wait until we can share more with you!


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  • Kevin Mc said:

    It's Yorn, not Yorm. :-)

  • Joe M said:

    What happened to you Pete? Is musicforthemorningafter really all you had to say? This sounds like another throwaway from 10 years ago.

  • herbert said:

    love this thanks

  • cleopatrick said:

    whatever joe M, u obviously wouldn't know a good song if it jumped out and passed gas on you.

  • Chantal said:

    Love this! Can't wait for more…

  • Kip said:

    Bring on The Olms!!

  • josh said:

    Cleo… if a song were good, would it really be farting on you? That would seem to imply that the song were nearer to shit.

  • Harry P said:

    LOL the picture. Is this a Lord Voldemort tribute band?

  • Drewwwwwww said:


  • Drewwwwwww said:

    musicforthemorningafter was clearly a fluke.

    This is not good music, someone take this man's drum machine away from him.

  • Jeanette said:

    Oh I really enjoyed this one. Keep up the great music!

  • Vic said:

    I Like this Olms

  • andrew said:

    good stuff as usual

  • cuz larry said:

    This record will rock Pete rules

  • fedwallace said:

    i like this direction. id love to hear more

  • Bat Lanyard said:

    You obviously haven't been listening.

  • ryan said:

    my god you are missing out. back and fourth was perfect. and DIF & nightcrawler have some gems too

  • Lilwaynette said:

    Love this. Love Pete. He is so hot.

  • Mimi Cross said:

    Love this!

    How is that I haven't heard about this project until now? (Just found it on Pete Yorn's fb page.)

    Need to know more, need to *hear* more! More info, please! TY.

  • astoria said:

    i think it was meant to say .. yawn

  • Aron Goldman said:

    Thank you so much for keeping us all informed on topics of such great importance. I am particularly interested in the subject of mold.

  • Boz said:

    More like Gomez Addams and Lurch: The Early Years. You Rang?

  • VA Beach said:

    Great to hear! Can't wait for the new record!

  • blogc2011 said:

    There’s not a lot of information about the group or the album, aside from the fact that it will be out in 2013, but we do have a taste of the music to listings Calgary

  • Renée Walti said:

    I saw them last night in an old movie theater in Chico,CA. Apparently it was only the third live show they had played. You could hear the lovely potential and I was disappointed that there was no CD yet. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them soon.

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