You may have noticed a little bit more Morning Becomes Eclectic than you’re used to.

Maybe it was on your Twitter feed or Facebook page. Or perhaps you saw a photo of a band getting warmed up before they played one of our live shows. If you didn’t, may I recommend you join us in the 21st Century?

If you did I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Collin Walzak and I am the new associate producer for MBE. I’ll be the voice and ears and eyes on your social networks for our flagship music show.

If you are sensitive to sarcasm, inside jokes and general malaise about anything serious then you should just stick to Instagram.

If you love music (like I do) spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter (like I do) or just like to waste time (uh, duh!) then I encourage you to find MBE on all your favorite social media channels.

So, follow along and interact with us! Because Morning Becomes Eclectic is more than a.m.




Instagram @mbekcrw

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    Music is just an art and it can varies in any form and bring cool scenes in hardship and hardworking enviroments.