For a 4th year, KCRW‘s sold out Halloween ball Masquerade drew some of the most creatively costumed music-loving revelers to the legendary Park Plaza in Downtown LA.

If you missed it – or just want to relive the vivid imagery of the night – check out this video courtesy of Rob LaFond.


(and check out photos from Gary Leonard and Jeremiah Garcia here)

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  • kalalaumango

    that could be cute…..but for the most part, hospitality in the u.s. sucks. there are some wonderful people, but when i think of working in los angeles over the past 11 years — post-9/11 — i'm left wondering, how have you evolved, grown-up, matured, shared, been grateful on the national or international stage beyond the trifling and bitter representation of envy — when, hey, the story is yours as well beyond the fourth wall of hollywood-style cunts — but, saying "it is what it is" is such an apathetic statement of flaccid stool pigeons, who could do more than clinging to their own rather than sharing while using the word share when really stealing someone's intellectual or creative property as the showcase of my purported family keeping funds i've received to continue with creative works, but instead some are trying to pass the buck by cutting down the big tree yet where does that stand with cheeky songs as "call me maybe" — yes, there is some wonderful music, yet, the overall orchestration as far as musicians in this era sharing beyond egotistical rushes to press their albums in the grind — so you have the cheeky atmosphere of "call me maybe" and the fourth wall of fools. oh well. cute party and cute costumes, but it's a shame that 11 years in touring the states has been so limited whereas france and england opened in a far different manner. i love so much about your station, but this era has been such a constipated moment. cheers.