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New Azure Ray – Red Balloon

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Azure Ray brings together the talents of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, who began playing music together at age 15  in Birmingham, Alabama. Their dreamy folk music has been a mainstay on our airwaves since the early 2000’s and their new EP “As Above So Below” explores some new sounds.
Here’s a sample with “Red Balloon”, a sweet song about new love.

From KCRW DJ Anne …

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Old 97′s Bring ‘Too Far to Care’ Tour to LA!

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old 97s_

When I first moved to LA more than 12 years ago, I only knew one person in the entire city. So of course I decided to use my music geekdom to make new friends. I went to shows by myself, I followed message boards (ha!) of bands I loved and, eventually, I found a nice little crew of show buddies. One of those friends …

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What To do This Weekend: Labor Day with KCRW DJs

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jim kelly

FRIDAY, August 31
*Anthony Valadez has called Zanzibar home on Friday nights for over four years. The dance party is called The Goods and it’s a fun night out on the Westside.  More info

*Dan Wilcox has been bringing the beats to Silverlake Wine tastings at Barnsdall Art Park in Los Feliz on Fridays throughout summer and this is the last one! It’s from 5:30 …

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Wayne White is Our Guest DJ

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by Wayne White

Wayne White is a “weirdo misfit” who turned his unique sensibilities into a very successful art career by following a few simple credos. He believes fine art desperately needs to get a sense of humor. And that humor helps you understand life just as well –  if not better – than seriousness. That creating art is a desire to create beauty. That defiance is …

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KCRW DJs Preview FYF Fest 2012

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FYF poster

You know that Andy William’s Christmas song about the “most wonderful time of the year“? Well, it’s not Christmas, but it’s definitely that time.
That wonderful FYF Fest time, when Downtown LA’s State Historic Park becomes a tiny Coachella; a Coachellina. However, this year, la pequena Coachellina’s all growed up, with TWO chock-a-block days of  indie/rock/dance/punk/comedy goodness. (Not to mention the parties.)
The FYF crew have done an …

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TEEN: Artist You Should Know

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After leaving Here We Go Magic, Teeny Liberson decided that she wanted to form a band with her sister and some longtime friends, thus TEEN was born.
Good thing too, as their new record “In Limbo“ is a gorgeous indie pop record that takes the formula implemented by Frankie Rose‘s “Interstellar“ and washes that catchy vibe in an electric psychedelic bath through use of MGMT’s …

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Infected Mushroom Live on KCRW – I Shine

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Famed Israeli trance duo Infected Mushroom made their Morning Becomes Eclectic debut yesterday. The band is one of the best-selling groups in Israel’s history and both founding members now live in LA.
Between a set of music they talked to Jason Bentley about how EDM is the new pop, the importance of music as a unifying force, and how they deal with overwhelming fan praise …

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Lucas Santtana: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer:
When it was time to put my top 10 albums of the year together at the end of 2011, I of course ended up with 20 albums.  And Lucas Santtana’s “Sem Nosalgia” was one of them.
It was one of the rare times when I got a CD I truly love in the mail. It was sent to me by …

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FYF Fest – Reunion Time Again

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redd kross

FYF Fest takes place September 1st & 2nd just north of downtown. This is the first year it’s a two day fest. Quickly becoming the go to summer festival in Los Angeles, this year it’s full of reunion gigs.  (Check out the full lineup right here)
Here’s a quick rundown.
Sweden’s Refused & NYC’s Quicksand haven’t released albums since the 90s. Last heard from Refused was …

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The Sea and Cake: Artist You Should Know

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The Sea and Cake make blissful breezy music that just makes my heart happy.
Their 2003 CD “One Bedroom” is one of my most listened to albums because I like to throw it on at the end of a long day when I’m not motivated enough to do anything, but not tired enough to fall asleep. It is the perfect musical antidote. I just put …

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