A week after airing a birthday tribute to his friend Iggy Pop, KCRW DJ Henry Rollins has another special show in store. THIS Saturday at around 9pm, he will premiere a J Mascis side project called Heavy Blanket, before the release of their self-titled album.

From Henry:

“In our first hour, we will be rocking some serious guitar heavy hitters. If you look down the list, it’s all heavyweight all the way through but you will notice something conceptual in the second part of our show.

A side project of our good pal J Mascis called Heavy Blanket will be releasing their first and perhaps only album on May 8

I asked the record company releasing the album – Outer Battery – if we could play it all the way through before its release. They were cool about it and so tonight, we debut this rockin; six track album!!!” 

Check out “Dr Marten’s Blues” as a preview:

Heavy Blanket – Dr Marten’s Blues by Good Cop PR

Here is a brief record company write up of the release information:

J Mascis rounds up a couple partners-in-crime from his adolescence with an eye – and ear – towards shredding harder, wailing louder, and generally melting faces even more brutally than ever before. With art from Savage Pencil, Heavy Blanket’s debut release is available on CD, 1000 copies on white vinyl, and an extremely limited release of just 200 copies on purple vinyl.

View the full tracklist here. Tune in on air at 89.9FM and online worldwide at KCRW.com!



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  • http://twitter.com/VRCooper @VRCooper

    Face. Melted. Can't wait for the shift after his solo album.

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    Oh, I am late to read this information, otherwise I would have loved to watch the show of your fiends, who can rock the stage.

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    I hope I can catch the band in their next performance. Hopefully, they will continue giving us surprises.

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      THIS Saturday at around 9pm, he will premiere a J Mascis side project called Heavy Blanket, before the release of their self-titled album.

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