Afrolicious: Artist You Should Know

San Francisco-based collective Afrolicious put out their debut EP, “Dub for Mali”, on ESL Recordings last summer and recently released an excellent follow up, the “Pleasuretime” EP.

I’m partial to the deep dub instrumental track “What We Came For”, which closes the album.

Radio DJs love instrumentals because they can talk over them during “breaks” while keeping the continuity of sound. I love instrumental music because it allows my mind to wander to a delicious beat. My favorite part of this track is when the sax punches in just after the 3 minute mark, a delicate punctuation on a continuous groove.    

Pleasuretime” was produced by Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation. The EP, full of funky beats and danceable rhythms, was released in late March and you can check out the track “Revolution” below and download it here.

Revolution by afrolicious



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