Ever been diagnosed with a bad case of the clap? We’ve all been there before, amirite? Luckily, the Shins are here for you with a fantastic new product: Clapping Butter.

And unlike some bands who try to take advantage of their fans with ridiculous merch you’d likely never need or want, Clapping Butter actually serves a practical purpose (just be sure you DO NOT touch yourself down there if you use it. I can’t stress that enough).

The Shins‘ new album, Port of Morrow, is set for release next week. Early word is that the claps on it are second to none.

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  • Charlotte

    Haha, this was hilarious :) Can't wait for their new album Port of Morrow! Just heard their new single "Bait and Switch", beautiful song… http://bit.ly/wttP4T

  • http://rockwalls.co.cc Marquerite Burgen

    Real nice pattern and excellent content , nothing else we need : D.

  • macky-paige

    Oh man! I forgot how funny clip is! I love these guys and I am loving their video for It's Only Life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fweNLKBCh5A&fe