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The Black Ghosts: Artist You Should Know

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Like actual ghosts, the UK’s Black Ghosts have an uncanny aura of the familiar.  A shape that resembles something once known, but that is also completely different and evidence of the fact that life is a layered thing.
The Black Ghosts are Theo Keating (formerly of The Wiseguys) and Simon William Lord (formerly of Simian.) Keating and Lord also perform, DJ, and remix individually as …

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TV on the Radio Live on KCRW

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nine types_

We ended the week with a bang, a live performance from TV on the Radio right here in our studios. I could barely get in the front door this morning with all the gear being loaded in.  Check out one of our favorites, “Caffeinated Consciousness” and find the full session in the archives here.

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It’s Been 20 Years? The Best of 1991 Revisited: Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock

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From KCRW DJ Chuck P:
Talk Talk were one of the many hotly tipped New Romantic bands of the early 80s, along with Duran Duran (who they opened for on their ’82 tour), A Flock Of Seagulls, OMD and so many more. They had a knack for writing keyboard infused pop nuggets with denser lyrics than most of
their contemporaries.
I was a huge fan when the …

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Radiohead at Roseland Sweeps – One Man’s Fairy Tale

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KCRW ran a sweepstakes where we gave away tickets to see Radiohead at Roseland Ballroom and one of the winners, Sanjeev Sirpal, flew across the country from LA to be there.  Read his incredible story. A music lover’s dream come true!

From Sanjeev Sirpal:
On Monday, I was sitting on my friend’s couch in Denver, getting ready to head back to Los Angeles after a …

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Tinariwen Live on KCRW

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Tinariwen aren’t exactly the type of band that stops by radio stations to promote their latest project. In fact, they don’t do a lot of sessions or interviews. This collective of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert, some of which have been playing together since the late 70’s, have a really special bond with each other and you feel as if they are letting …

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Apparat: Artist You Should Know

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Apparat’s Sascha Ring has had a number of phases in his development as a producer. In the mid 2000s, he was part of a wave of glitchy techno producers working (& playing) out of Berlin. He forged collaborations and released a number of heady dance music albums with Ellen Allien and Modeselektor (under the name Moderat.) While working on his new material, he traveled the world as …

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Release the Sunbird Live on KCRW – Come Back To Us

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Right out of the gate, Jason Bentley had to ask Zach Rogue why he chose to do a project outside of Rogue Wave, which has been together since 2002. His answer was simple, he wanted to make something stripped down, bare bones, that focused on  singing.
Rogue Wave takes time assembling songs and he wanted to track it quickly, with as few overdubs as possible, …

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Well done, Internets! : Stevie Nicks’ Dressing Room “Wild Heart” Demo

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stevie nicks wild heart_

You know what’s great? (Hint: It starts with an IN and ends with a NET.) That’s right! THE INTERNET!
You can find all these amazing things that you would otherwise never have been aware of, or had maybe forgotten about, or better yet wouldn’t have even imagined existed in the infinite stretches of data in the first place!
Take for example…this grainy (probably VHS) video of Stevie …

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Feist Performs The Circle Married the Line Live for KCRW + Stream Metals!

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feist 39

Feist chose KCRW as one of the first places to debut songs from her new album “Metals” in a live setting, bringing a talented band along for the ride, including three back up vocalists.
Here is a preview with “The Circle Married the Line”. The full session will air on Morning Becomes Eclectic on October 26 on air at 89.9FM at 11:15am and at
And …

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Honey Honey: Local Band We Love

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billy jack

I’ve worked at KCRW for Jason Bentley’s entire tenure as Music Director and when he really loves a record, I can just tell. As is the case with Honey Honey’s forthcoming release “Billy Jack” on Lost Highway Records (out October 24).  It’s clear the Americana sounds of LA-based duo of Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe have captured his attention.
Jason had thrown the CD into …

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