From KCRW DJ Gary Calamar:

I’m a very lucky guy. I have two of the best jobs that I can think of KCRW DJ and Music Supervisor for the best bloody show on TV, True Blood on HBO.

This season, the 4th, is going to kick off with a bang. Not just watching the latest adventures of Sookie Stackhouse and all her supernatural friends but I am so very excited about the new version of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There” a new collaboration with Neko Case and Nick Cave.

A little background. If you are a fan of True Blood you know that each episode is named after one of the songs that are in that episode. So it’s always exciting for me to crack open the script and see what the writer has in mind for the title and the song that I will ultimately need to track down and license for use in the show.

When I received the first script for episode #401, written by Alex Woo, I saw the title “She’s Not There”, one of my favorite songs by 60′s British Invaders The Zombies.

Alex had suggested that we use the Santana version of the song. I thought well, we’ve got some time. Why don’t we try and produce a new, fresh version of this classic and make it our own? Let’s have some fun with this — Bon Temps Louisiana Style.

Stream “She’s Not There” featuring Neko Case and Nick Cave

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The show’s creator Alan Ball gave me his blessing and I was off and running. The brainstorming began. I spread the word. I spoke with one of my friends CC Adcock, the great Louisiana musician and producer about it and he came up with a new arrangement for the song, more dark and sexy. We thought it would be great to make it a sly duet between a man and woman. I loved the idea. Many artists were thrown around in our conversations of who would be the ideal couple, Florence and The Machine, Irma Thomas, Dr. John, The Kills, etc etc etc but scheduling conflicts got in the way. Then, as strange as it may sound, I got a little help none other than The Cars. Yes, those 80′s synth pop new wavers, The Cars!

You see, The Cars have just released a new album, their big comeback.  Recently I received the advance copy of their new album, checked it out, and filed it away in my CD collection. Using the tried and true alphabetical filing system I slipped it it it’s proper place in the “C” section. Suddenly something magical happened. My eyes took a little trip further down the C section. NEKO CASE practically jumped into my arms and whispered “I’ll do it, call me, let’s talk about She’s Not There for True Blood”.

Yes Neko’s beautiful voice and sexy twang would be perfect for True Blood. Then I decided to go with the magical flow and continued down the C section. Johnny Cash…mmm,, would be great but he’s er…dead. Cat Power mmm, could be very interesting. I would love to watch Cat and Neko go at it, but NO we need a man for this collaboration. Then the second bolt of lightning hit me: NICK CAVE.  I had to sit down and catch my breath imagining this duet with Neko Case and Nick Cave. Let me make some calls and see if somehow this could work.

Turns out they both fans of True Blood and LOVED the song idea and wanted to it. What ? Holy #$%@ !

Nick Cave and Gary Calamar

CC Adcock laid down his arrangement of the track along with his Louisiana pals Jon Cleary on piano and Keith Frank on bass and accordion.

Neko sang her part in a small studio in Seattle. Sounded brilliant. As it turns out Mr. Cave was coming to Los Angeles with his family for a vacation. In between trips with his kids to Universal Studios and Disneyland (can you imagine Nick Cave at Disneyland?) we got him down to the Redstar Studio in Silverlake to top off the track with his haunting, cavernous vocals.

Sexy and Scary, a great combination for True Blood.

Please give it a listen and see what you think. Listen to the stream here at and it will be available on itunes after the 4th season premiere airs on Sunday June 26 on HBO. It’s not TV, it’s HBO…I should also say it’s not radio, it’s KCRW (and

– Gary Calamar

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  • dianalundin said:

    That is an awesome duet! Genius pairing. Can't wait to buy it!

  • Drew Sidener said:

    That is incredibly epic. I like Nick Cave, but I've been hot for Neko Case for 10 years, LOVE this duet.

  • Gary Earle Dennis said:

    WOW !!! Very nice indeed !!!

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  • Jo Manders said:


  • Paula said:


  • Neko Case & Nick Cave Cover The Zombies - Stereogum said:

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  • Adam said:

    I like them both, but this cover is godawful.

  • jklsdjkl;sdfaj said:

    yeah, don't agree with 'godawful', but I was really hoping for better. It should've been slower. Neko would get to use her amazing voice to better effect and Cave would sound more menacing.

  • andrea said:

    Yet another reason to be in love with True Blood. AWESOME!!!!!

  • @DJShay12 said:

    Where's the link to the stream? I don't see it??

  • Nick Cave and Neko Case Combine Forces on Zombies Cover » Cover Me said:

    [...] just premiered the track and you can listen over there. It’s more Cave than Case, dark and foreboding, menace seen through a slightly more polished [...]

  • Katie said:

    Adore (x1000) Neko Case's part! Nick Cave sounds a bit scary, but I guess that's probably the point.

  • mzlaveau said:

    I do dig this, nice juxtaposition of voices.

    I would also love to hear both "Moon over Bourbon Street" and "Bloodletting" (Sting and Concrete Blond respectively, but you may know that ;) used on the show.

  • Betsy Kcrw said:

    There is a flash player embedded into the post.

  • John_KC said:

    Don't know what all the excitement is all about. Sounds pretty below average to me. Listen to the original – not.even.close.

  • Seth Combs said:

    What a terrible cover. The prospect of a Nick Cave and Neko Case duet gives me a tent-pitching boner, but then you hear the result and you say to yourself, "Yeah, only good in theory."

  • Vicki Ward said:


  • smodolle said:

    awesome duet and also a further reason why the alphabetical sorting always pays off ;)

  • Meredith Small said:

    Neko Case sounds so haunting, Nick Cave sounds so spooky… Great pairing! I love it & cannot wait to see the new series!

  • Nick Cave and Neko Case Cover The Zombies « Good News For people Who Like Good Music said:

    [...] So True Blood is a series on HBO and its huge. Adding to the upcoming season premiere that’s happening this Sunday June 26th is the release of a cover of The Zombies hit “She’s Not There” which is performed by Nick Cave and Neko Case. Neko Case really does a good job during the verses and the bridge of the song, as it kind of throws back to that era but in a more updated way. Nick Cave adds the appropriate creepy vibe on the chorus that is needed for a show that deals with vampires, werewolves, and fairies. This song should fit right in on the premiere of the new season of the show. If vampires aren’t really your thing you can check out the song right Here [...]

  • Greenie said:

    Hope the series is better than the choice of music – it's rather ordinary.

  • @DJShay12 said:

    Thanks. I had to clear my browser cache to see it.

  • chipcopeland said:

    Love Neko Case and was pleasantly surprised on how this turned out for a cover.

  • chipcopeland said:

    The original is certainly a classic that anyone would have a hard time matching.

  • Elijah King said:

    Nice Gary, thanks for sharing! I have to say that the best cover song I've heard in a long time if EVER remains Victoria Faiella's version of Black Sabbath's War Pigs! I think you would absolutely love it Gary! She also has a really unique vampire song called Drained in case any Truebies were interested in hearing that. Check out War Pigs here:


  • Yoly said:

    the production's a little too slick & disco-ey. darker & slightly slower would've fit the song better. also,if didn't know this was Neko, i wouldn't have recognized her voice. where's the sultry Neko i love?
    shame, i was so excited when i read this…

  • jude said:

    link isn’t live for me – and i REALLY wanna hear this ! other pages of yours the links work, but not this one…

  • jude said:

    came in another way & got it! Granted, i'm too old to like anything as much as the original, but frankly this just fails on its own – i think the production got all caught up in itself & comes out sorta imitation-sexy, not genuinely sensual on Neko's case or genuinely dangerous on Nick's. it's – what – bloodless.

  • News Dump: Friday 6.24.11 | Sock Monkey Sound said:

    [...] True Blood fans will be happy to know that Neko Case and Nick Cave recorded a duet cover of  The Zombies “She’s Not There” for the first episode of the upcoming season. You can check the song out over at the KCRW blog. [...]

  • Jennifer said:

    This version is terrific…those voices perfectly complement each other. Good job!

  • Blech said:


  • 'Tiffony Lyons Gutierrez said:

    I concur. It just doesn't do anything for me. I hear the old song on the radio and I crank it and get excited for the new season. This just doesn't do anything for me.

  • Dawn Roznowski said:

    Wow! Love, love LOVE it!

  • tweedpatch said:

    Does this mean that Cave will fall for Neko, they'll have a brief affair and then break up, and then he'll write 'Boatman's Call' pt. 2? Now THAT would make this boring tune worthwhile…

  • Mark Manfred said:

    Hate to be the one to say it (okay, happy to say it) but True Blood is not even in the discussion of best shows on TV. Or even the best shows on HBO. Although maybe Gary meant that of all the bloody shows, True Blood is the best—which still isn’t true but is closer to being true. Maybe, maybe, maybe it’s the best show on TV with the word “blood” literally in the title. I suppose I’ll have to concede that point.

  • Gene said:

    i can’t get it to play, what am i doing wrong?

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  • Les said:

    They should stick to the original. The Zombies, that and it is fitting Right?

  • Les said:

    They be fine at somethings but classic can't be redone

  • Barbara Swahn said:

    I always wanted to hear them sing together!

  • Billboard Bits: Lil Wayne Won’t Work With Bieber, Rihanna Chained In 2nd ‘S&M’ Lawsuit | Chart Toppers said:

    [...] Neko Case and Nick Cave Cover The Zombies for ‘True Blood’ Gary Calamar is both a DJ at KCRW in Santa Monica and the music supervisor for HBO’s vampire hit, “True Blood.” The latter means he gets to do cool things like ask Nick Cave and Neko Case to record a cover of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There” for the show’s fourth season premiere. Listen over at the KCRW site. [...]

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  • transister sistor said:

    Nick & Neko are both great. And I Love The Zombies, too. They have so many amazing songs.The entire "Odessey and Oracle" record is brilliant. Zombie's singer Colin Blunstone's voice is so strange & haunting. This song came before that album, so it's not in the same vein ("True Blood" pun intended there) as "Time of the Season" & the other songs on that record.
    So not my favourite Zombies song but even so, two of my favourite artists, Neko Case & Nick Cave, have (unfortunately) recorded a "meh" cover version here. Maybe they should've done "Time of the Season" instead? Or perhaps been in the room together for the recording of this "duet."
    BTW, an actual good & original take on this song was done by Malcolm McLaren (of all people!) and can be found on the soundtrack CD from the film "Kill Bill Vol. 2." He calls his version of the song "About Her." Here's a link, check it out:

  • transister sistor said:

    uh, yeah…not! It might help if they had actually been anywhere near each other when they recorded this. For a successful brief affair, as well as for a less lackluster cover version of this song!

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  • Coffee said:

    Nick Cave's voice is not suited to this song! I'm a fan of Neko quite a while ago, and I know that song was a brilliant, she should sing it single! Greetings from Russia

  • Thierry said:

    What an awful mess! How could this go so wrong? The cheap cajun styling, frankly, please, give us a break…

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  • billismine said:

    Can we please have a video clip of these two great artists doing this track?

  • Largehearted Boy: Shorties (Neko Case and Nick Cave Duet, Philip Roth, and more) said:

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  • sols said:

    don't you want to try us?


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  • Debbie said:

    sounds like it's just trying too hard to be scary, I agree with maybe slowing it down a bit..not sure even that would help. But if the episode is named for the song….makes ya wonder who is not there?? Cannot wait for the season 4 premiere. Been watching on demand episodes over and over…lol…almost know them by heart

  • Jess said:

    Hauntingly delicious! love it!

  • @OxideLounge said:

    Nice Cave kinda stinks this cover up. There actually is a melody in the original, and it's quite lovely. He just does the movie voice over it. It's as if Shattner had a cool speaking voice. I'd rather hear Neko Case sing the whole song.

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  • zombie fan said:

    God awful… and that’s as a fan or both the zombies and Nick cave…I’m agnostic on neko case

  • Elephant Eyes said:

    Wow, this is really cool. Love the honky tonk piano. Nick Cave's voice makes me shiver. This reminds me of 'Red Right Hand' too.

  • @elephanteyesnet said:

    Wow, this is really cool. Love the honky tonk piano. Nick Cave's voice makes me shiver. This reminds me of 'Red Right Hand' too.

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  • Dustisyeas said:

    Good Job. Familiar and original suits the show and inspires my mood. Thanks!

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  • Marc said:

    Absolute pants. Generic muzak for a generic show.

    Nick Cave, shame on you.

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  • iluvdatiger said:

    I hope Gary will consider RL Burnside's "It's bad you know" for True Blood

  • jan said:


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  • Vitaminic said:

    [...] Come preannunciato nella colonna sonora della stagione 4 di True Blood Neko Case e Nick Cave parteci… [...]

  • Arte Lope said:

    The music director is a DJ. So -that- explains why all these years I have been RAVING about the quality of music on this show…

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  • Steve Klein said:


  • FoxyD said:


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  • Ridiculous said:

    This season with is filled with bad writing and a highly engaged idea of optical preferences for any sexual orientation, mostly for the ones that can appreciate any lower male hip line. Please take away the terrible predictability to cater to the optical preference sms get back to the story line.

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    [...] “She’s not there” feat. Nick Cave… TRUE BLOOD family! [...]

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  • weathervane cupola said:

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  • punk punk punk punk punk punk rock « + a girl who said:

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  • Hear Neko Case & Nick Cave Cover Zombies said:

    [...] between True Blood fans Nick Cave and Neko Case, as music supervisor/KCRW DJ Gary Calamar premiered their CC Adcock-produced “dark and sexy” cover of the Zombies’ “She’s Not [...]

  • jailbreak iphone 4 gizmodo said:

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  • Stream: Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino, ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ said:

    [...] KCRW DJ) Gary Calamar and stellar local tunesmith James Combs. Calamar, who previously had gotten Neko Case and Nick Cave together for a killer cover of “She’s Not There,” explains how it all came together, starting with his weekend dabblings as a songwriter. Does this [...]

  • fjaiowjaoiw said:

    KCRW Exclusive: Neko Case + Nick Cave Duet on She’s Not There for True Blood | KCRW Music Blog I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thanks! your article about KCRW Exclusive: Neko Case + Nick Cave Duet on She’s Not There for True Blood | KCRW Music BlogBest Regards Lawrence

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