KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole is having a big year. He recently returned from the International Radio Festival in Zurich and is currently headed to LAX for the second leg of his European adventure. He sent this missive and a few photos before he hops on the plane!

What to pack....by Anne Carmack

prepping for the trip

From KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole:

I’m VERY excited/honored/ready to leave today. I’ve been deejaying and producing music and events all my life, and have never played in Europe.

When Gilles Peterson asked me to join the Worldwide Festival this year, everything else fell into place. I’m hitting Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Sete, Barcelona, Ibiza & Oslo! Check out show details and much more here.

SO MUCH gratitude for all the new friends I’ve already started meeting over yonder.

Extra bonus, check out some new remixes on my Soundcloud and below!

CAROL FRAN – “I’m Gonna Try (Jeremy Sole remix)” by Jeremy Sole


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