From KCRW Music Blog contributor Jose Galvan:

Hello Seahorse! is one of the emerging bands from the Mexican indie rock scene. With four full-length albums, each distinct in musical exploration, they’ve established a loyal following and garnered critical acclaim.

On 2009′s “Bestia”, they reveal their ability for inventive arrangements and flawless production. While most indie rock bands from Mexico are still guitar heavy, Hello Seahorse! uses no guitars. Intense electronic programming and live drums drive their sound. Darkly layered synths compliment the percussive beats and the sweet operatic lull of vocalist Lo Blondo accents all 10 tracks on the record.

Un Año Quebrado by HelloSeahorse

The result is an eerie, echo filled sound that pays tribute to the darker side of Bauhaus.

Although their music keeps evolving and new players become involved, (2010’s Lejos. No tan Lejoswas produced by Money Mark) the key components that appeal to fans remain the same: Lo Blondo’s magnetic voice and Hello Seahorse!’s ability to construct catchy hooks out of the darkest melodies.

The emergence of HS! brings with it optimism about the direction indie rock in Mexico is taking.

– Jose Galvan


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  • Ash

    I love HS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claw claw

    .,got to lov HS electroHappy moody patty sound!!

  • @yoarth

    i love Hello Seahorse!, u must check, they r a great mexican rock band

  • Payta

    Few bands coming from Mexico have such a sound, they don’t sound like no other band from here or from else where. Hopefully the world will catch up on what evolving in Mexico.

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  • Aracelis Hechavarria Ceja

    i love "me has olvidadao" <3 great song!

  • seahorsezx

    multicolor la mejor cancion de Hello Seahorse bueno de hecho todas sus canciones amo a Denise :DDDDD

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  • Emmanuel

    Ready for the 27th Agust at Teatro Metropolitan.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Can't wait

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