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Lex Land: Artist You Should Know

Posted June 30, 2011 by | 1 Comment | 5,141 views]
lex land cover

When you think “singer songwriter,” fierce is not a word that often comes to mind. But there is something slightly fierce about the opening seconds of Lex Land’s new album “Were My Sweetheart To Go”. It’s the track “Oh My!” and it just reaches out and grabs you, then descends into a sweet sing song chorus complete with a chipper hand clap beat.
Stream “Oh …

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New Music From Milagres – “Here to Stay”

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Milagres by Cameron Wittig

KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley tells me he predicts big things for this band. He’s been playing their single “Glowing Mouth” for months and jumped right on their newest track, “Here to Stay”, both of which will be on their debut album out September 13 on Kill Rock Stars.
The Village Voice interviewed the band and discovered the track was inspired by one of America’s …

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Sondre Lerche Live on KCRW

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Sondre Lerche Live on KCRW Tracklist

Private Caller
Coliseum Town
Red Flags
Wither Street
Two Way Monologue
Go Right Ahead

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KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole Takes on Europe!

Posted June 29, 2011 by | 4 Comments | 4,651 views]
prepping for the trip

KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole is having a big year. He recently returned from the International Radio Festival in Zurich and is currently headed to LAX for the second leg of his European adventure. He sent this missive and a few photos before he hops on the plane!
From KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole:
I’m VERY excited/honored/ready to leave today. I’ve been deejaying and producing music and events …

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Jazzimodo: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW Music Blog Contributor Jose Galvan:
When looking at the overall picture of Spanish language music, you come across a healthy dose of groups attempting to produce post trip-hop fusions.
Some combinations become jumbled up noise. While others, like what Sí*Sé, Yerba Buena or Pacha Massive achieve, are a sonic treat.
Chilean electro jazz trio Jazzimodo qualifies for the latter.
Caramelo by Jazzimodo
Comprised of seasoned …

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Jeff Bridges Live at the Troubadour

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jeff and band

Jeff Bridges closed his set last night with a Dylan cover — “The Man In Me”, best known as the opening song in The Big Lebowski, a movie that turned a very talented actor into a cult hero. (though he did decline the “caucasian” offered to him by an audience member). After picking up a Best Actor Oscar for his recent turn as washed …

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Tune-Yards Live on KCRW

Posted June 28, 2011 by | 1 Comment | 7,547 views]
Merrill Garbus

Merrill Garbus confirmed that I attended the first-ever Tune-Yards show in LA.
It was in someone’s living room in a Los Feliz house and I had been invited there by her touring buddy, Zach Lewis aka Disposable Thumbs, a friend of mine from junior high school. They had been touring cross country in a Volkswagen golf and she was only selling cassettes so I had …

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Bon Iver — I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt cover)

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This brought me to tears when Jason Bentley played it this morning so I had to track it down and post.
Have a nice cathartic cry or just make fun of me for being overly dramatic. Either way.

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Amor de Dias: Artist You Should Know

Posted June 28, 2011 by | 1 Comment | 5,245 views]
amor de dias

From KCRW Dj Marion Hodges
“If it’s o.k. I’m going to the rocky garden full of stars
Can you find the time to meet me there I fear it’s very far?”
A phrase and a question begin the first single, “Bunhill Fields” from Amor de Dias’ debut “Street of the Love of Days” (out now on Merge Records).  If the same question was asked of potential listeners, …

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What’s the Song of the Summer 2011?

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summer shot by anthony valadez

That is always the question around this time of year. NPR Music asked our DJs to suggest their picks to create a “Best Beats of Summer”mix for the upcoming holiday weekend but they didn’t use all of them so I want to show them in all their glory below!
What’s your pick? I want to know!
***Music Director Jason Bentley***

Death Cab for Cutie “You Are A …

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