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Royksopp looked pretty sleepy when they rolled in this morning and, by the end of their live set on Morning Becomes Eclectic, I knew why.

After a big show at the Wiltern last night, they stayed up until 3am putting together an exclusive tune to present this morning. They called it “Shores of Easy” (though it seems to be a working title).

As they described it, it doesn’t have a hook, its just a “glowing and pulsating” piece of music. I really liked it.

In fact, I really liked their entire set, performed while they sat on the floor of the performance studio (another side effect of their late night).


Royksopp Live on KCRW Set List

Electric Counterpoint III

The Alcoholic

Shores of Easy

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  • TOM

    WTF Jason: your interview questions as of late are just plain stupid & embarrassing. Today, you asked if the band has pets, anyone spent time in jail, what'd they choose as superpower, about hobbies – all just in a random order with no context to their music whatsoever. Mixed in with some frat-like comments on drinking and midget-porn (hello????), I'm wondering if you bumped your head somewhere or if there's a more serious medical condition. Please get yourself fixed.

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  • Ian Mooney

    Maybe he had to ask a lot of trivial questions because the group is pretty dull apart from their music. As a presenter you can only work with what the guest gives you.

    • zltn

      i don't think that was the issue because those guys were at his show in 2009 as far as i remember that one went pretty good. and i really don't think royksopp guys were the "pretty dull" ones in that studio.

  • Adam

    I thought this interview was stellar. Absurdist and awesome.

  • Jovon

    This was my introduction to Royksopp so given that I had little context, apart from a few days prior hearing JB say they didn’t like to be photographed, the whole thing seemed a bit odd. First the PJs then the off-kilter questions– was Jason having a raw day or did the band just bring it out of ‘em? Either way– made for a morning (eclectic? I dunno) of greater spontaneity for me!!!

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