The video for Flying Lotus’ new track “Kill Your Co-Workers” is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time.

Someone once asked me if Ii preferred robots to ninjas and I said ninjas without a second thought. But this video makes a great case for robots.  They’re a lot more colorful, even if they are killing machines.

The track is off Flying Lotus‘ new EP Pattern + Grid World.


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  • whatthefuck

    The track sucks, video sucks, title sucks!! KCRW should remove it immediately for its ugly content.

    Every week we read another story about some nutcase going postal on his co-workers – is this funny to you? Is it funny to Flying Lotus? Yeah, I know he's a big pot head and full of himself but still, jeez.

    P.S. Would you have posted a similarily stupid 9/11 video with planes flying into buildings in NYC?! I didn't think so.