Every single person I’ve talked to has listed Henry Rollins DJ set as  a highlight of KCRW’s Halloween Ball Masquerade. While a full review and tons of photos will follow, here is a peek at Henry’s set list to see what all the fuss was about:

(and yes, that’s the superman costume he wore in the Rollins Band video for “Liar“!)

Henry Rollins sings by Gary Leonard LR

Henry Rollins by Gary Leonard

Bernard Hermann – The Murder / Psycho Soundtrack

James Brown - Intro/ It’s A New Day (So Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn / Revolution Of The Mind

Black Flag – Fix Me / Nervous Breakdown EP

RuPaul + Rollins Band – Funky Town / unreleased

Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata / Pata Pata

Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music

Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer / Young Loud and Snotty

Rolling Stones – Respectable / Some Girls

Dee Dee Ramone – Hop Around / Hop Around

Public Enemy – Fight The Power / Do The Right Thing Soundtrack

Sam Cooke – Twisting / best of

Viletones – Rebel / single

Red Cross – Annette’s Got The Hits / EP

Human Resource – Dominator / House Comp.

Negative Trend – How Ya Feelin’ / EP

Slayer – Threshhold / God Hates Us All

Beastie Boys – Egg Man / Paul’s Boutique

Trouble Funk – Say What? / 12”

The Puppies – I’ll Kick Your Ass / Puppies USA

Rhythm Heritage – Theme From SWAT / I forget where I got this

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  • Grant

    This was an awesome set. Thanks for posting the setlist!!

  • NEX-C3

    Anda membuat beberapa poin yang baik di sana. Saya melakukan pencarian pada topik dan menemukan kebanyakan orang akan setuju.

  • kalalaumango

    henry — initially i was taken by this awesome moment captured for a view and then i saw the transcendent set list and would love a listen but it seems that is not the case. nonetheless, thank you for this beautiful photo as i consider a project that has been in my life where homophobes have sought a homosexual for their project and their secret bigotry has been far from secret for a long, long time. it is perpetual vomiting for me, myself, and i. but, thank you for this lovely photo that also brings humor in a manner different from the irony of asking these bigots to leave my life and it seems that i have something they are lacking. but, in the end, i am left wondering — in this day and age of purported crises and strife, how do people eat their kentucky fried chicken with twinky chasers?? wretch. peace be with you.