golden_years_artTo celebrate the release of David Bowie’s re-mastered Station to Station, four of our DJs, Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence, and Chris Douridas, have each remixed the album’s lead single, “Golden Years”. Station to Station was recorded in Los Angeles, so it was fitting for some of KCRW’s leading tastemakers to take on the task, with each remix heard by Bowie himself. Each DJ took a unique path in recreating, deconstructing or re-imagining the classic song.

Here’s a little snippet from each DJ’s experience as well as the audio!


Jeremy & Victor in studio. Photo by Kisha Bari

Golden Years Remix by Jeremy Sole

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DJ Jeremy Sole is a seasoned pro and flew across the country to work with Victor Axelrod, aka Ticklah, the keyboardist for Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and Amy Winehouse, among others. They replayed the song in a full live setting in Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios — along with members of Budos Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, and Menahan Street Band — recording 100% analog to 2” tape to get a vintage feel.

“YES!”, I answered without breathing.

Bowie is not only an icon and a legend, but one of the most unique and groundbreaking artists of this century. This would be both the honor and the obstacle in remixing.

I loved the original arrangement of the song structure, and wanted to keep it intact. From there, I would call up some of my favorite musicians to completely re-play the song in my own way. With a little over a week to hand it in, I booked a ticket to fly to NYC to produce the session.

My plan was to not remix, but re-play the song in a full live setting, as if in 1975 Bowie recorded the original and then flew to Brooklyn (or even Jamaica) to cut another take with “my” players. Everything was recorded 100% analog to 2” tape. All equipment that was available before 1975. My approach was to take influence of the Jamaican musicians (and recording styles) of the mid-seventies, and their infatuation with American Soul music. If you dig it, that would be great. If BOWIE digs it, I’m over the moon.

- KCRW DJ & Host Jeremy Sole

Golden Years Remix by Eric J. Lawrence

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Lawrence, who serves as KCRW’s Music Librarian, collaborated with Samuel Bing, frontman for local indie rockers Fol Chen. He honed in on the lyrical content and brought out the darker elements of the song, adding a militaristic rhythm.

Golden Years,” is a stone-cold classic, one of his biggest singles, a perennial on any Bowie greatest hits collection! It certainly was an honor to be asked, so I wasn’t going to say no. But it was also a bit of a bold move on Jason’s part as I am a total remix novice. So I must acknowledge and thank the boss man for trusting that I could do the song justice.

Being a rookie, it was essential that I team up with someone with some experience in the world of remixing.  I concluded my pal Samuel Bing from Fol Chen would be an excellent collaborator. I’ve known him since his early days in a prior band, so I was familiar with his style and taste, and I knew him to be a major aficionado of Bowie’s work.  Over a couple of sessions, deep in the Fol Chen compound high atop the hills of Highland Park, we carved out our take on this classic song. It’s been such a fun challenge (and a little bit of good-natured competition with my fellow remixing DJs). And now I’ve caught the bug – who do I get to remix next????

- KCRW DJ & Music Librarian Eric J. Lawrence

KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez

Golden Years Remix by Anthony Valadez

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Anthony Valadez, also an experienced remixer and club DJ, developed a modern day futuristic boogie feel, complete with atmospheric synths and a great bounce bass line, for a version that is aimed directly at the dancefloor.

The process of this remix has been fun and a challenge. Recreating the brilliance of Bowie is no easy task. On one hand you want to be creative and create something new but on the other hand you cant help but think “Will David Bowie like this!?” I had originally created a soul jazz version of the original composition with the hopes of giving the song a different feel yet in the spirit of the original. I scrapped that idea the night before and began a new remix at 4 am with the deadline the following day at 5 pm. My partner Evan Lasry and I knocked it out with the intention of giving it a nice bounce and the Bowie-esque attitude. It developed a modern day futuristic boogie feel complete with atmospheric synths and a great bounce bass line. In creating this we began to see and feel how it accompanied the original piece.
I still hope he likes it!  Fingers crossed!

- KCRW DJ & Host Anthony Valadez

Golden Years Remix by Chris Douridas

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Chris Douridas, programming curator for KCRW’s all-music stream Eclectic24, focused on the groove using another Bowie track, “Fashion,” as inspiration and with the help of producer Sunny Levine, grandson of Quincy Jones.

Having the opportunity to re-approach such a classic was at once an absolute honor, and a harrowing and humbling task. How do you reconsider such an iconic piece of music?

I went to Sunny Levine, an incredibly gifted producer, songwriter and solo artist. He comes from a long lineage of esteemed producers. His father is Stewart Levine (Hugh Masekela’s “Grazing in the Grass”, Simply Red, Jamie Cullum), and his grandfather is the phenomenal Quincy Jones. Groove is part of Sunny’s DNA, and that’s what i was after.

Ultimately, when it came down to building the remix, I relied on gut instincts — with Sunny as my sounding board and facilitator. While I am perhaps still too close to it to have an objective perspective, I am very happy with the results. I learned a tremendous amount from the experience, and I am truly grateful for having had this once in a lifetime opportunity.

- KCRW DJ & Host Chris Douridas
Read More from Chris Douridas here.

The remix project was pulled together to celebrate the release of David Bowie’s re-mastered Station to Station! Check it out by clicking on the artwork below.


The “Golden Years” remix project is an extension of KCRW’s popular Soundclash series, where the station’s DJs remix a handful of songs from a favorite socially conscious artist, like Femi Kuti and Ozomatli. For more, go to

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    [...] KCRW has been working on this “SoundClash”series, where the DJs take a turn at remixing a  joint by their favorite, socially conscious artist. So far, they’ve done remixes from Ozomatli and Femi Kuti! This time around, they’ve been approached by the crew representing David Bowie to remix the Golden Years [1975] track, from the album Station to Station [which was recorded in L.A.]. It was originally pulled together to celebrate the release of the re-mastered album! Click [here] to see what they did.. [...]


    [...] Check out the extension of KCRW’s Soundclash project with remixes from Jeremy Sole, Eric J Lawrence, Chris Douridas and myself as we have all taken on the incredible task of remixing David Bowie’s classic Golden Years.   I had originally recorded a souljazz version with members of Build An Ark (Nick Rosen, Rebekah Raff & Dexter Story) with Evan Lasry but then scrapped the idea at the last minute for a more synth bass dance approach.   I am very happy with the final product and am amazed at all the other remixes as well.  Make sure to check them all out on KCRW’s blog by clicking here. [...]

  • Kat said:

    Great job, EJL!!!

  • Mike Mix said:

    Anthony Valadez Has it right

  • Starfox said:


  • david bowie said:

    Golden Years Remix by Jeremy Sole

    Is the best i have heard for a long time, it will be huge in the dance clubs

    david bowie

  • antvala said:

    Hey all! Thanks for the love.. All these remixes are amazing. Its simply no easy task to remix an original. I can not communicate the amount of pressure and stress Im sure we all felt remixing something from the almighty Bowie and wondering if he would approve! An amazing experience and glad you wonderful KCRW listeners enjoyed! Cheers!


  • anthony said:

    None of them even approach the original at all with any style or grace that made the original great. As said so many times before if it ain't broke don't fix it. thumbs down on all

  • pro dj said:

    holy hell these are all friggin HORRIBLE!!! just stick with the og and you'll be way better off.

  • lulu fine said:

    Holly hell all these are friggin fab. great groove Anthony!

  • Superek said:

    lovely mixes

  • Jordan said:

    Sometimes change is hard to accept guys. All four of these do Bowie proud, and he is certainly someone who believes in revisiting his own classics. Congrats to the brave DJs

  • LHMason said:

    People!! Calm down re: the remixes, eh? Give the DJs some props for their creativity (& chutzpah). Didn't someone once sing: "Turn and face the strange . . . ch-ch-changes . . . . " ?

  • Alex said:

    Golden Years remix lacked any Soul or Depth. Absolute pedestrian level attempt at remixing a classic. Lacked innovation, imagination, inspiration. There was obviously no goal set at the beginning of the project as to what the final artistic endeavor was to accomplish. There was no feel to it, no style, just electronic gibberish. Very immature sound that should have never left the mixing room. Truly lackluster and disappointing.

  • AlexanderChowStuart said:

    These remixes are a revelation, renewing the hope and excitement of the original Bowie classic and highlighting just how beautiful his voice, his phrasing and his immense talent is. I especially love Jeremy Sole's retro-dub remix…perfect, summery, mellow, thrilling and full of hope. How can I download these, streaming is great but I want them streaming non-stop from my iPhone:)

  • AlexanderChowStuart said:

    Interesting to think, too, that this "golden" sound led into Bowie's equally mesmerizing and far darker, Berlin/Eno-powered syntho-angst period of Low and Heroes.

  • AlexanderChowStuart said:

    How about mixing Golden Years into Station To Station itself? That would bridge the upbeat with the downbeat and might prove really interesting. The syntho-train rhythm together with the "Wah Wah Wah" might meld perfectly.

  • Mark said:

    Great job guys of all songs this one is one of the HARDEST to do! You did a masterful job. I have heard this as well as "Let's Dance" get the remix treatment from people on the net and MAYBE two were worth the listen. You guys kicked it. Must be great working "Under Pressure" aye?


  • angie said:

    when are these going to be available for download

  • LHMason said:

    – is that really you, Ziggy???

    (come on now . . . be honest . . . . it's not nice to fool Major Tom!)

  • askoldw said:

    None of these remixes adds any value to the original.

  • Vicki said:

    I heard Golden Years during Anne Litt's show on Sunday. And, because I was curious, listened to the entire song. I kept CRINGING! It was HORRIBLE!!! I'm afraid to listen to the other three.

    Please don't mess with a perfect thing!

  • Steve said:

    I agree…Terrible electronic gibberish. These remixes serve no purpose..

  • jSole said:

    Hey yall,
    I've been warned about the pandora's box of replying to those who are critical of your work, but doing this remix was such a big honor and opportunity in my life, that I welcome every part of the process, even the criticism.

    Trust me people, we all knew we were stepping into a trap by taking on this remix project. Most true Bowie fans will hate your remix, on principle alone, because nothing can be better than the original. We're all Bowie fans ourselves, and we agree. That's why, as I'm sure Ziggy himself would suggest, we did not aim to replace the original (that would be impossible), but rather to offer a whole new approach… our OWN approach. Some chose to make it electronic, some organic, some kept the original song structure intact, others freaked it how they felt it.

    Let art be art, folks. These remixes didn't wipe the original off the face of the earth. If you don't like our versions, pull out the classic and enjoy!

    much love,
    // Jeremy Sole.

  • lodger said:

    If bowie doesn't release these as a CD single he's crazy! These are great!
    – lodger x-lodger

  • lodger said:

    Perhaps you've never heard a little ditty called "Fame 90"
    lodger x-lodger

  • Laurie said:

    I liked Sole's and Douridas' mixes, you could hear the love. Bowie is supreme.

  • jSole said:

    please DO listen to the other three (, and then, if you still don't like any of them, please pull out the original and enjoy!

    // Jeremy Sole.

  • jSole said:

    Hi Anthony,
    You use the word "approach", which makes a great point. These remixes (or, dare I say, ANY remixes, for that matter) don't "approach" the original, but rather intentionally "depart" from the it. None of us would dare to try and imitate the classic version, so what better to do besides make it our own? I agree that nothing can top the 1975 version, but these offer different perspective on it, from 4 DJs that are merely fans of his work.

    We all love Bowie because he is himself.
    We deejays needed to stay authentic as well.

    I definitely respect your opinion.
    Just wanted to offer up mine as well.
    // Jeremy Sole

  • Alex said:

    Good stuff everyone!, Really diggin' Anthony's mix, looking forward the download link, hopefully soon?

    I don't understand the criticism, these are remixes people.. Don't listen to them if you don't like them


  • bollocs said:

    Dig the organ, pardon my french

  • Daniel said:

    Some folks will never expand their minds beyond the small little world they create for themselves. The art of the remix is just that..ART. Great efforts by all and the hard work is recognized. While I like them all I choose Sole and Lawrence as my faves in this list of hard work. :)

    Peace and music appreciation

  • Cliff Torres said:

    Great Work guys! HUGE task taking on Bowie. I think all the guys deserve a hand just for attempting it! That takes some balls.

  • eddie said:

    if it ain't broke, don't remix it.

  • musicaremix said:

    Nice job a remix for our recessionary times. I'll scrounge for enough bottles and cans to buy these remixes.
    Please post for purchase and proceeds to kcrw.

  • @bizzarefall said:

    Crazy Talk!

  • @bizzarefall said:

    OMFG! I can't beleive all the haters on this board. I thought they were an awesome tribute to the original. They were well thought out and balanced well with new beats and elements of the original. Super smooth.
    The exception for me was #2 but it's early and I have a headache. Going to give it a listen later. Wow I just don't understand how you could call these garbage? I am a huge Bowie fan and actually had his stuff on 8 track (at a young age thank you very much) I used to listen over and over.

    But I digress – I think these are great good job guys!

  • @bizzarefall said:

    For sure I am giving DJ Jeremy Sole another listen as I type. I think it is brilliant! I love the dub feel.

  • @bizzarefall said:

    LIES!!! :p
    Do toooooooo

  • @bizzarefall said:

    and you call yourself a dj??

  • Monica said:

    I'm a true long time Bowie fan and I dig it! Thanks for bringing it home to a whole new crowd who may not be familiar with the great man's work. It must have blown your mind that he asked for this–what an honor! Peace : >

  • Philip said:

    Ha! All four remixes are fantastic. C'mon….Bowie's original is genius, but there's nothing wrong with a new interpretation of something brilliant.

    Hope these will be available to download?

  • Vik said:

    A trifle narrow minded and, if I may be so bold, a little creationist in outlook. Who else other than a religious nut has the audacity to talk about perfection? And electronica cannot be gibberish. Its the most ordered, structured, logical, mathematically based form of music its possible to create. So please, put the narrow minds back in their small box.

  • precinct said:

    I'm sorry folks but these mixes are awful. There are so many musical ideas in the layers of this song that you could have used as a starting point but all I just hear is beats, loops and bland synth keys held down for 8 bars. I'm sorry but it just reminds me of any old non-musician with a copy of Ableton.
    Oh and the one with musicians on – why the need to hire in other people to make the tune?
    What a wasted opportunity. Still, nice to hear the isolated tracks from the original I suppose.

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  • steve said:

    I very much enjoyed Anthony Valadez's work.

  • KCRW’s Top 50 Most Played Albums | KCRW Music Blog said:

    [...] BOWIE, DAVID == Golden Years – Kcrw Remixes >> [...]

  • Bowie Fan said:

    These are atrocious. Embarrassing.

  • Hugo Vereker said:

    Props to you all, and well-put, Jeremy. You know what they say, if you're causing vehement disagreements, you're doing something right!

  • jSole said:

    I won't speak for anyone else, but as for my remix (w/ the musicians on it), I hired other people to re-play the tune because that was my concept. I was IN LOVE w/ all the orig tracks and DEFinitely could've remixed them into something interesting, different than the original yet respectful – but again, I wanted to go "live" and "vintage" in the groove and texture of it, but keep the orig song structure intact. Either way, thanks for listening.

    // Jeremy Sole.

  • Playlist: Ana Maria Bahiana | Factóide! said:

    [...] Além desses há o streaming de “Golden Year Remixes” do Bowie x KCRW, e esses remixes podem ser escutados aqui. [...]

  • Mark said:

    Chris Douridas has nailed it. Love his version !

  • Mariah said:

    Great work, guys! Must have been intimidating to take on a classic & make it your own via tribute mixing. Nice work . . .

  • goldstandard said:

    these are AMAZING!!! but where can we buy or download them???

  • nounou said:

    Nonsense! Go wash your dishes! It is not about fixing anything, it is about exploring!!!

  • Nounou said:

    Simply fabulous…. Bowie's voice sounds even deeper and more mature. Love it!

  • Nounou said:


  • Larry_Kelley said:

    Wonderful tributes and updates by KCRW DJ's and Budos Band! Shared link with my friends. Reminds me of a BBC Documentary from the early 70's of Bowie's early (first?) visit to LA (Diamond Dogs tour). Love early Bowie and the YouTube time-machine!!

  • Cosmo Baker said:

    Jeremy nailed it!

  • Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix) « Karen Joslin said:

    [...] When I lived in Los Angeles, my favorite radio station was KCRW, a public radio station run by Santa Monica College. I still love to listen to them over the internet. Recently, they’ve been playing a remix of David Bowie’s classic song Golden Years, by Jeremy Sole. Turns out that KCRW asked four of their DJs to remix Golden Years in honor of the release of Bowie’s re-mastered album Station to Station. I love Jeremy Sole’s version and wanted to post it here, but KCRW hasn’t provided a way to do that or to download an audio file. So, to avoid running afoul of copyright laws, here’s a link to their blog page about it, where you can find out more and listen to all four remixes: KCRW DJs Remix Golden Years by David Bowie [...]

  • Sean said:

    I can't believe the negative responses to these mixes. Bowie was himself a "remixer" and was accused of ripping off the Stones and countless others (e.g. Aladdin Sane). Suggesting that there is nothing to be gained from re-imagining "Golden Years" is, in my opinion, going completely against the spirit of David Bowie's art.

    Don't confuse smug, narrow-mindedness with taste.

    p.s. KCRW PLEASE work it out with Bowie so we can buy these!!!

  • Mariah said:

    You would say that Jeremy…(I'm just kidding :D). Your remix is my favorite (just my taste other re mixers <3) and I think some people are right to their opinion but I like that you said "we did not aim to replace the original (that would be impossible)" because it's true. It's a completely different style, it's not the like the originals style and I think maybe people just don't care a lot for the remixes is just due to the difference in music styles (personally I like rock).

    I have to say you guys were brave though even under pressure (that too was a good remix) I would have froze. Honestly, if the man himself is fine with it you think the people who like his music would be able to be okay with it at the very least (or know how to be respectful of how you all brought something different to the song, for goodness sake the guy you're remixing did it all the time with his own songs) or give you guys a reason for not liking your remixes and not "I just hate it" or "it's horrible", shame on them.

    I like your remix the most because your "plan was to not remix, but re-play the song in a full live setting, as if in 1975 Bowie recorded the original and then flew to Brooklyn". I don't know but just the raw feel to it just kind of made it easier for me to adjust to the difference. Bravo man, I don't usually care for remixes but I really dig yours! :) Good job to the others remixers too. :)

    (And Happy 64th Birthday to the original creator of the song).

  • Bache Jespers said:

    Hello Mr Sole,

    Did you release this "remix" (on cd or on vinyl?)
    It sounds really great.
    I want to play this song in it's best quallity (a wave or aiff file).
    Can I buy it somewhere?
    (Idem for the 3 other remixes)
    All the best

  • Shakingman said:

    Valadez !

  • Shakingman said:

    To be released on June 6th – CD version with the original and the remixes and on VINYL!

  • anon said:

    WHAT!? are you sure?

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  • David Bowie To Release iPhone Remix App | said:

    [...] All four of those remixes, by DJs Jeremy Sole (dub reggae), Anthony Valadez (a “darker,” “militaristic” version), Eric J. Lawrence (“futuristic boogie”) and Chris Douridas (a sparse, “eclectic” version), have been online since September. Check out EMI’s video to hear the DJs talk about the project. [...]

  • David Bowie lanzará aplicación para iPhone y EP de “Golden Years” « Rolling Stone said:

    [...] David Bowie lanzará aplicación para iPhone y EP de "Golden Years" Además de la noticia de que se filtró en la red un álbum inédito titulado Toy, David Bowie lanzará un nuevo EP que contiene remixes del track "Golden Years" editado en 1975. El EP saldrá a la venta el 6 de junio y cuenta con la participación de varios DJs de la estación de radio estadounidense KCRW. Además se lanzará una aplicación para iPhone que permitirá a los fans hacer sus propios remixes de la canción. Se puede escuchar un avance del material en [...]

  • ‘David Bowie vs KCRW Golden Years Remix EP’ Out June 6 | KCRW Music Blog said:

    [...] you haven’t checked them out yet, you can hear all four remixes – from Chris Douridas, Jeremy Sole, Eric J Lawrence and Anthony Valadez – on this very [...]

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    [...] four remixes can be streamed here, and Golden Years hits stores (physical and digital) on June [...]

  • FHJ said:

    As a longtime Bowie fan I salute all of you for bringing in your own unique creativity to this project. I have never been a great fan of remixes but all of you have brought invention. craft and dear i say it love to these remixes. I for one will be buying this when its available. I am glad you have had your say on the board as it shows you care…

    Let the Golden Years commence in 2011

  • Bowie prepara remix de ‘Golden Years’ para junho | IlNeurone Brasil said:

    [...] Assim como na versão original, o EP terá quatro remixes dos DJs Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence e Chris Douridas, da rádio inglesa KCRW. Escute pelo blog. [...]

  • Harry Barnes said:

    I love every one of them. I'll buy this, if the pirates don't get there first. Arrrg!

  • David Bowie Will Re-Release ‘Golden Years’ In An EP « Red Spinach Blog said:

    [...] David Bowie is set to release a new EP containing the song ‘Golden Years’, previously released in 1975, and 4 remixes by the KCRW DJs. NME reports that the ‘David Bowie Vs KCRW Golden Years’ EP will be released on June 6 and the four remixes were done by KCRW DJs Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence and Chris Douridas. You can find KCRW streaming the preview of the EP HERE. [...]

  • Bowie to release new EP and iPhone app | Clixie Music - News, Reviews and Interviews! said:

    [...] As well as featuring the original single, the remixes will include work by Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric Lawrence and Chris Douridas. There is currently a stream of the EP being run online at American radio station KCRW’s blog, that can be found here. [...]

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    [...] KCRW radio station to remix the song on a new EP. These versions are now streaming at KCRW’s website, and will be issued as 12ins and downloads. EMI claims that each remix was heard by Bowie himself [...]

  • “Golden Years” Your Way said:

    [...] to the remix series here Bowie’s famous drunken performance of Golden Years on American Band Stand was used [...]

  • Lee Harvey said:

    I normally hate remixes, but surprisingly I like the Sole version.

  • David Bowie to release Golden Years iPhone app | Infuse DotCo said:

    [...] KCRW radio station to remix the song on a new EP. These versions are now streaming at KCRW’s website, and will be issued as 12ins and downloads. EMI claims that each remix was heard by Bowie himself [...]

  • Ron said:

    I absolutely dug your version, very original and true to the piece at the same time. I can't stop playing it.

  • majortomparis said:

    J'ADORE comme tout ce que faisait Bowie à cette époque. Enfin des bons remix !!! J'ai hâte d'être le 6 juin pour posséder cette petit perle.

  • Bowie news said:

    [...] foram feitos por4  DJs da rádio KCRW. Os 4 remixes estão disponíveis no stream da rádio neste website [...]

  • RachelR said:

    They'll be made available June 6!

  • RachelR said:

    They'll be releasing an EP with all 4 remixes (+ the original) on June 6 on CD, 12″ & as a Digital Download!

  • Joel MaHarry said:

    The Jeremy Sole "replay" is a splash of sun with a different twist on the funk. Outstanding. Nice, too, that it's just not another bloodless, hermetic-sounding "remix" in which nobs are twiddled and digits are diddled, as is the usual fate when artists let producers and DJs loose on original tracks. (And as we can hear here.) I gave Jeremy's work props on my site,

  • David Bowie – Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix) (1975/2011) « NEWMUSICUNITED.COM said:

    [...] celebrate the release of David Bowie’s re-mastered Station to Station, EMI Records asked 4 KCRW DJs, Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence, and Chris Douridas, to …, “Golden Years”. Station to Station was recorded in Los Angeles, so it was fitting for some of [...]

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    [...] an iPhone app (!!!) that lets you remix his 1975 single “Golden Years.” A bunch of KCRW DJs already have, and they can show you how it’s done. [...]

  • 10 Things To Know Now: The Best Rebecca Black Cover, James Franco Hates Twitter + Bieber Sloths! said:

    [...] an iPhone app (!!!) that lets you remix his 1975 single “Golden Years.” A bunch of KCRW DJs already have, and they can show you how it’s done. [...]

  • firah said:

    Que de la merde… Pour têtes à claques.

  • Jon said:

    I agree that none of these remixes adds anything to the original. The 'art' mark is missed by a long way by shallow technology. Really sorry but I have to be honest, right? Is that allowed these days?

  • Giles said:

    I am a great great fan of David Bowie, but I think those remix are too shy. It could have been much more different from the original. Come on David ! Show them how to hustle habits just like you did before !

  • BOWY said:

    great look forward to release,as the mainman would appreciate i would think

  • Deivids Bovijs izdos singla ‘Golden Years’ remiksu EP | Mūzikas Ziņas said:

    [...] Remiksu fragmentus online var noklausīties KCRW dīdžeju blogā. [...]

  • Philippe said:

    Simply fantastic…

  • Mike Harris said:

    Golden Years Remix by Chris Douridas is the only decent remix here

  • andrew mawhinney said:

    Jeremy Sole's remix/remake is quite tremendous. I am a massive Bowie fan and in the absence of any new material this is a revelation. I reckon David Jones would love it to. A huge well done in my opinion.

  • Daniel said:

    I'm not really Impressed.

  • Los años dorados de David Bowie convertido en un App de Iphone. said:

    [...] Tal como explica el blog Playgroundmag esta no es la única iniciativa puesta en marcha para rendir tributo a “Golden Years”. Al hilo de la aplicación, la discográfica EMI ha invitado a cuatro pinchadiscos (Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence y Chris Douridas, concretamente) de la radio angelina KRCW a crear sus propias “remezclas” del tema. El resultado de sus juegos se editará en el futuro próximo en formato de doce pulgadas y como descarga digital.Pero ya puedes escucharlo en el blog DJ KCRW [...]

  • Els anys daurats de David Bowie convertit en una App d’Iphone. said:

    [...] Tal com explica el bloc Playgroundmag aquesta no és l’única iniciativa posada en marxa per rendir tribut a “Golden Years”. Amb motiu de l’aplicació, la discogràfica EMI ha invitat quatre punxadiscos (Jeremy Sole, Anthony Valadez, Eric J Lawrence i Chris Douridas, concretament) de la ràdio angelina KRCW a crear les seves pròpies “remescles” del tema. El resultat dels seus jocs s’editarà en el futur pròxim en format de dotze polzades i com a descàrrega digital.Però ja pots escoltar-lo al bloc DJ KCRW [...]

  • New News – David Bowie « Helpless Dancer said:

    [...] KCRW are streaming a preview of the ‘David Bowie Vs KCRW Golden Years’ EP online at [...]

  • UK Bowie Fan said:

    I'm sorry but this collection is different but poor. As an avid and life long Bowie fan (40 out of my 47 years have been spent listening to Bowie) this is the first thing of his I won't be purchasing. You (all 4 of you) have lost the ingredient that made the song so special. The soul has collectively been destroyed by all of you. It just sounds like Bowie's vocal lopped over some very poor R&B beats. Thank God the vocal remains so brilliant as it's the only saving grace to any of the remixes here. If I had to pick a best one it would be Douridas remix.
    I appreciate Mr Sole that 'art is art' and as a musician myself I find it difficult to criticise easily as I know what it takes to create any artistic process. I also appreciate that you're all fans as well which suprised me the little reverence accorded the track.
    i'm off to check out the soundclash page. I hope there is better fare there.

    Thanks for trying and everything, but this isn't for me.

    A UK Bowie fan.

  • Noel said:

    I'm a huge Bowie fan who has just discooverd your remixes. I love the reggae mix reminds me of my youth dancing in disco's in Manchester (UK).

  • steve stewart said:

    the lack of new bowie stuff recently makes this a lot better than it probobly is but the lads are only playing with there toys and were not competeing with the original
    come on mr bowie you give us some re-mixes or anything
    steve s

  • Simon said:

    Golden Years Remix by Chris Douridas is by far the best mix. It keeps the essence of the original while bringing it up to date and uses the vocals intuitively, making it sound as if The Man himself was in the studio while he remixed.. Excellent.

  • Stu said:

    If you have realplayer installed on your machine, you get can get them from here !!!

  • James Dean Brown said:

    Great approaches except Anthony Valadez': Another club producer proving that he knows how to program a standard groove but never heard of the concept of harmonics. His amateur rmx attempt sounds like two songs running side by side without any correlation to each other. He is even messing up the measure lengths of his accompaniment in the end. Sorry, listening to this ruination of one of the finest songs in Pop music hurts.

  • said:

    interesting enough to keep me reading for hours. I love kcrw blog

  • David Bowie to Unleash “Golden Years” Remixes Across Multiple FormatsThe Second Disc said:

    […] four remixes can be streamed here, and Golden Years hits stores (physical and digital) on June […]

  • White Joins Jerry Lee Lewis, Lykke Li Acoustic + More | Spin said:

    […] allow fans to make their own remixes using eight “Golden Years” stems. Head over to KCRW to hear the […]

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