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Jeremy Sole Hosts U.S. Radio Debut of New Quantic Track

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from KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole
For such a young cat, Will Holland AKA Quantic has over 10 years of brilliant albums, remixes, collaborations and DJ sets to show for his prolific career. A mathematics student from Worcestershire, England, he played guitar in local funk bands and amassed what became a world-famous vinyl collection, all before his 21st birthday. Quantic now lives in Cali, Colombia …

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Chuck P Added to KCRW’s DJ Lineup

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Chuck P will be stepping in to replace the departing Michael Barnes on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from midnight to 3am. Chuck P has worked his way up and down the West Coast as a DJ and producer. He started out in Washington state and San Diego before settling into Los Angeles as the host of “Dead Air,” a show …

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Review: KCRW Presents Jamie Lidell at the Troubadour

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From KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox:
Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the great Jamie Lidell perform live at the Troubadour… an event I have waited years to experience.
Tall and lanky, wearing some kind of patchwork Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mr. Lidell took to the stage amidst a cluttered multitude of unusual instruments, drums, bongos and strange electronic gadgets.  In some cases, he seemed to be …

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by KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:
There’s been a definite surge of new bands I really dig which fall under the (questionably named) “chillwave” genre – Memory Tapes, Neon Indian, Tanlines, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, etc. But listening to those bands has lead to my revisiting older tracks that elicit the same feeling and the realization that the dreamy, gauzy, warm setting sun sound we …

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Rogue Wave on MBE, Cover Depeche Mode

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Rogue Wave played a bunch of songs from their excellent new record “Permalight” this morning. Jason asked Zach Rogue whether he felt it was their best yet and he answered that it was “miraculous.” As many know, the band has suffered some serious hardships in their history, including major health problems that left Zach unable to play guitar for a period of months. When …

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KCRW Hosts Worldwide Radio Debut of Chrissie Hynde’s New Band

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KCRW will host the worldwide radio debut of Chrissie Hynde’s new band she formed with Wales musician JP Jones — JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys – this Saturday, May 1 at 1:30pm PT. It will include a performance engineered by legendary producer Bob Clearmountain at his private studio, Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio, as well as a revealing interview with The Pretenders’ frontwoman …

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KCRW’s World Fest at the Hollywood Bowl – Single Shows on Sale Starting Sunday

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I’ve been hearing rumblings from local music fans that this year’s World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl is one of our best line ups yet. It is KCRW’s 12th season showcasing sounds from around the globe, along with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. From The Swell Season, Baaba Maal, Chemical Brothers and reggae legend Jimmy Cliff to rising stars like Yeasayer, Tinariwen, and Chromeo …

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KCRW’s Top 50 Most Played

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KCRW TOP 50 FOR WEEK OF 04/26/2010
1 OZOMATLI == Ozomatli Vs Kcrw Soundclash >> [Downtown]
2 FLYING LOTUS == Cosmogramma >> [Warp]
3 GORILLAZ == Plastic Beach >> [Virgin]
4 GOTAN PROJECT == Tango 3.0 >> [Ya Basta/xl]
5 CARIBOU == Swim >> [Merge]
6 BONOBO == Black Sands >> [Ninja Tune]
7 BROKEN BELLS == Broken Bells >> [Sony]
8 JONSI == Go >> [Xl]
9 BAND OF HORSES == Infinite …

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KCRW Presents First Fridays: Neon Indian and Peanut Butter Wolf Announced for June

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The line up for the last First Fridays of the 2010 season has been announced and it’s a good one – Neon Indian and Peanut Butter Wolf. The series has gone from indie rock to funk to folk and now we’re closing it down with a dance party on June 4, 2010 at the Natural History Museum. DJ duo Classixx will be there …

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Julieta Venegas on MBE

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A pregnant Julieta Venegas joined us for a live set featuring songs from her 5th studio album, as well as old favorites like “Me Voy,” this morning.  She shared her love of Russian authors and went deep into how her songwriting has changed as she gets older.  The singer, who got her start in Tijuana and is now based out of Mexico City, says …

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