Music For Your Weekend: First Impressions of Coachella Edition

Happy New Year! I hope you welcomed this next revolution around the sun in good spirits. If by chance you didn’t, I’m sure the recently announced Coachella lineup did the trick.

I thought it might be nice to highlight a few of the acts that you should check out not named Beyonc√© ūüôā

Tom Misch¬†– Tom Misch earned the distinction of “Best New Artist” by KCRW this past year. That should be enough of a qualification to make this list right? Check out the video for “Movie”, the first single from his forthcoming debut album¬†Geography¬†which is due to be released a week before Coachella kicks off.

Helado Negro¬†–¬†Roberto Carlos Lange, better known as Helado¬†Negro, has been a station favorite for several years now. His ability to fuse psychedelic melodies with electronic pop and a dash of tropicalia, makes his music perfectly suited for sunny Southern California.

Moses Sumney¬†–¬†If you’re a fan of KCRW you are definitely familiar with Moses Sumney. We’ve championed this local artist since he burst onto the scene in 2013. Moses is a phenomenal talent! Angelic voice, exquisite songwriter, great stage presence, and is simply striking to look at. His long awaited debut full-length¬†Aromanticism¬†made my top 5 of 2017.

Buscabulla¬†– Raquel Barrios & Luis Alfredo del Valle, better known as Buscabulla, are Puerto Rican born and raised and now based in New York. Their sound is truly a reflection of both locales. Imagine a mix of 80s pop, funk, and tropicalia. Well, good thing for us, we don’t have to ūüôā Check out their live version of “T√°taro” on MBE last Feb.

Kelela¬†–¬†I’ve been a big fan and supporter of¬†Kelela¬†for several years now. Her seductive voice combined with tantalizing production provides the quintessential soundtrack for particular activities…usually reserved for the P.M. ūüôā In fact, being on at¬†12-3am¬†every Thursday, I can personally attest to¬†Kelela’s music being perfect for the late night. I imagine her sound will go down well in the middle of the desert.