Are Cassettes Coming Back? Really?

I just read an op-ed article in the New York Times last Thursday, December 24, about singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado releasing her new album on cassette. Did I hear that right? Yes, cassette. The article mentions that Furtado has sold more than 20 million singles-interesting that it doesn’t say “albums”, which reflects the atomization of music in the iTunes age.

Home_taping_is_killing_musicThis is nostalgia at its most absurd. At least vinyl records, if they are pressed with any amount of care, sound pretty damn good. But cassettes? They fall apart, the case cracks, they are disposable. Plus, who has a 70’s or 80’s model car with a cassette player these days? The best thing about cassettes is that you could use them in your Walkman back in the 80’s and use them in your car. And of course record stuff on them. Remember the ads “home taping is killing music”?

Yes, it’s old school with capital letters, but to me pretty ridiculous. 8-track at least sounded good. I had an 8-track in my Citroen DS-19 back in the day.  But for cassettes to somehow be cool, just like vinyl is now, just seems far-fetched to me.

Hope you saved your old boomboxes or drive an old car!

Remember this ad?   God knows, I do, but I don’t believe this 70’s dude was into Wagner!