Pan Caliente: SXSW Preview Edition

La Orquestra Vulgar

That beast of a music conference in Tejas is fast approaching. Ten million bands, Twelve million venues, crazy branded parties you didn’t RSVP for and a round the clock schedule of all the music you can consume in a 4 day period.

So if you’re headed out to SXSW this year and if for some reason you don’t get in to see say Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, ZEDD or whatever surprise band Stubbs has, after you waited in line all day with your platinum badge, we’ve got great alternatives that will let you walk away with the satisfaction of accomplishing the reason you were there for: discovering great bands showcasing new music that you’ve never heard of.

SxSW x Musica Indie

Tus Amigos Nuevos (Chile)
Sound: 90’s Alternative with some Indie Hipster sounds.
Think Palma Violets meet Parquet Courts with the driving melodies of a Two Door Cinema Club.

Showcasing: Tuesday, March 11 at Friends

La Orquestra Vulgar (Mexico)
Sound: Instrumental Jazz Funk.
Not a common sound found in Mexican bands, but definitely one finding a large audience alongside bands like Pate de Fua and Monsieur Perine.

Showcasing: Saturday, March 15 at Half Step
Friday, March 14 at Flamingo

Kumbia Queers (Argentina)
Sound: Tropipunk. Cumbia macabre.
An evolution of an 80’s cover band spawned from members of defunct all female punk bands, She Devils and Las Ultrasonicas. Intense live cumbia beats with femme attitude.

Showcasing: Friday, March 14 at Flamingo Cantina
Saturday, March 15 at Russian House

Hablan Por La Espalda (Urugay)
Sound: Psychedelic Rock
This is straight ahead groove rock with meandering keys ala The Doors and a Uruguayan flair.

Showcasing: Wednesday, March 12 at Speakeasy
Thursday, March 13 at Remedy

No Somos Marineros (Mexico City)
Sound: Hardcore-Emo/Punk
Maybe it’s my vulnerability for all black skinny jeans, and bands like Against Me! or The Bronx before they went all Mariachi, but I am really excited about this punk outfit from Mexico City. The kids love good screaming frontmen and NSM has one.

Showcasing: Friday, March 14 at Buffalo Billiards

424 (Costa Rica)
Sound: Alternative Rock
We’ve profiled them before on Pan Caliente and now they are actually gigging around the US. It’s melodic, 90’s influenced rock with great live presence.

Showcasing: Friday, March 14 at Blackheart

Perrosky (Chile)
Sound: Rockabilly/Blues
This seasoned band stays true to their sound after 5 albums. There are elements of western swing alongside some hints of Stray Cats and later White Stripes.
Showcasing: Tuesday, March 11 at Friends
Saturday, March 15 at Lucille


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