Banda Magda: Bubbly Summer French Bossa-Pop


I was recently sent a copy of a group called Banda Magda. The cover image is that of a woman with a detective’s coat on, holding a old-fashioned camera flash device.  Next to hear a man in a suit with a tiger mask is holding the camera.  The album is called Amour T’es là? (love, are you there?).  Subtitle is “Exploring New Sounds in French”, sounding like some type of French lesson.

Magda is Magda Giannikou, Greek-born, soundtrack writer and composer.  Banda Magda is adept in many styles;  chanson, contemporary French pop, and bossa nova.  She went to the Berklee School of Music for her musical training, a famous Boston school that’s turned about about every good jazz player over the past 50 years.  The band features a touch of cool vibes from Japanese gal who loves Juan Carlos Esquivel, and there’s also an Argentine jazz guitarist, a Nagasaki-born percussion player, and another Greek handles bass duties.  It’s a small musical United Nations, in other words.

The sound is fresh and retro-hip cool, but not in any contrived way.  The musicians are top-knotch and the songs are well-composed.  It’s a great soundtrack to start the summer, and every song is good.  I count myself as a fan.  Hopefully they’ll be touring soon.

Here are two videos of the title track (the second one just came out).  I featured it on last week’s June 14th on-demand show showcasing new releases.  They’re irresistible:  You’d have to be crazy not to like it.




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