[GIVEAWAY] Listen to new Gary Clark Jr. with some sick Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

Gary Clark Jr has been on our radar (and airwaves) for some time but he’s just now releasing his debut full length album.

When you watch him play, you realize this is someone who was born to make music. His guitar is an extension of him and it’s easy to see why he’s been compared to Jimi Hendrix AND can claim Eric Clapton among his fans. He’s THAT good.

When I got my copy of “Blak and Blu”, I couldn’t have been more excited. We’ve been feasting on an EP and were ready for the main course.

This mega-talented Austin musician did not disappoint. The album is far more varied than I was expecting – in a great way. He covers a lot of territory and he does it ALL well.

He is a riveting live performer and if you need any extra encouragement to grab this album, just watch the video below.


GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Gary Clark Jr. gave us a special gift to extend to you.


  1. A pair of passes to the Bowers & Wilkins | Warner Bros Records listening party TONIGHT (10/22)
  2. A copy of “Black and Blu
  3. A set of super sweet headphones — the P5 noise-isolating headphones from Bowers & Wilkins.

How do you win?  Leave a comment. Let’s talk sixties inspired blues rock. Is it better off in the sixties? Do you think the revival is long overdue. Is this good progress?

After you’ve submitted your comment, send your friends back over to give you the thumbs up and reply to your post! We’ll reward a thoughtful comment this afternoon. Deadline: 2pm today

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  • KCD

    While I’m so excited about Gary Clark Jr.’s album (it’s one of my most anticipated albums of the year), I think 60’s blues rock is best left right where it is. The legacy still stands up, and if you want to listen to 60’s blues rock, you can revisit those records. Gary’s a rare commodity in music today and a throwback to that era, but it’s best not to try to launch a full on revival with stuff that won’t live up to the original.

    • to be honest my knowledge of '60s blues rock is rather limited and i find it difficult to isolate artists who are wholly inspired by that period, rather than performers who have culled together their musical persona from '60s blues rock along with other contemporary (or even older) approaches. in discussing the output of Gary Clark Jr., what I've heard and seen from him, mostly from recent festival webcasts, defies singular genre categorization. the tempo range of his performances is a testament to his proficiency in numerous styles and an ability to adapt and appeal to a varied audience justifies his continued rise in billing and venue size graduation. i look forward to seeing him live in the coming months.

  • Charlie Walker

    60's inspired blues rock it is. Let's talk! It's definitely not better left in the 60's. Now is a time to bring it all back. This generation is the spawn of those who lived in the 60s and 70's. We're bringing it all back! However, there's not enough authentic old american blues-style out there that is super quality – such as Gary Clark Jr. Launching a full on revival is maybe a daunting task that may overpopulate the genre. However, there's always plenty of room to honor those bringing it back the right way – and Gary Clark Jr. is one of them. So yes – it's great progress. 🙂 And those headphones, resemble a pair my father had back in the day that I used to play with. Not only would I love to see tonight's private album release show, I'd love to catch a copy of the new album to turn friends onto it, and I could really use a new pair of slick headphones for all the listening pleasures I take part in on KCRW.

  • Hal

    Blues rock is timeless as is any good music genre. There may be a time that is originally associated with certain musical styles but when great performers play with passion it doesn't matter year it is. I love it when younger musicians reach back to what inspired them and try to push it forward. I can't make it to the listening party—I have to work—but I'd sure love this CD.

  • I think 60s inpsired blues rock is being kept alive by artists like Gary Clark Jr and Reignwolf and the Black Keys to an extent (certainly their early stuff). These days might be all about Electronic Dance Music but still the classic blues survives. Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters are the kings of the blues and it was brought into the 60s and 70s and beyond by the likes of Zeppelin and Cream. It doesn't need a revival as such as its still out there and can be found being played in new ways by modern bands and eventually when people are sick of modem dial up sound splayed on laptops the spotlight will get back to shining on the real talented musicians

    • kcrw

      Yay! You won. We've emailed, tweeted and now we are here to let ya know! Congratulations! <3

    • i didbnt receive an email but just saw the tweets and responded ! hope not to late!!

      • I also renentered my email so hopefully works this time!

        • further more my twitter handle is not @undefined for some reason this site posted it as that. @shetlandshaun be the one and I just tweeted at Betsy.

    • wah im not gona get to the listening party am i !!!!!

  • Music from the 60’s most definitely needs to be revived educating our youth on what music sounds like, personally what is put out there today sounds more like noise rather than sweet soulful mind bending tranquility. We all need to share the sounds of musics rich history.

  • jared

    There is a huge need for blues rock to make a comeback in the minds of people today. There has always been a contingent that has held onto the Robert Johnson inspired sounds of the 60's, but it has lost popularity. Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., Black Joe Lewis, Alabama Shakes get some play now, but not the respect and airtime as acts like them used to get.

  • Taro

    I discovered Hendrix just as I was becoming a teenager; imagine the shock I felt when someone casually mentioned that the guitar god I worshiped had died two years ago; over the years I've learned that in the end it doesn't really matter what you play, it matters what you are tapping into when you play it; if it's pure, it will ring true; sounds to me like Gary Clark Jr is the real deal, he is tapping into something primal, something real, something that defines him; there will always be an audience for that

  • Jonathan

    Saw Gary play at the Foundry a while back; he's extraordinary – and makes it look effortless! I can't wait to listen to the album.

  • Donna Buckley

    GC, Jr. is inspired because I believe he allows what's inspired him to shape and manifest in him. I've always been told, to be a master, you' ve got to listen to the masters! Whether in your own personal history, that's been blues, rock, classical, dance or an infusion of all of the above. Understanding what makes a song great, can inspire great songwriting. It's natural for him because he's made it his own. Looking forward to hearing the new album and seeing this come to be,legendary player perform at the Troubadour!

    • Leah B.

      This chick here is AWESOME! (But it won't let me "like" the comment) 🙁

    • Estrella

      Well said. How exciting it must be for Gary Clark Jr to have his first full length album. Hearing his new album and live would be such an inspiring experience!

  • Will

    I think it is long overdue, but in the way that bands such as Nick Waterhouse and JD McPherson, to name a couple, are gaining in popularity, I think it's representative of a general desire for artists with musical integrity. These are real musicians, playing real music. There is a skill and authenticity found in their music.

    Blues rock from the '60's was great, but I don't necessarily think it is better than the music now. As with all great art, it builds off of, or rejects, the experts of the past, and redefines itself in the context of its time.

  • John Kauke

    This kid carries the lineage: Jimi, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson and all those in between. His music stands on its own and follows respectfully those who laid it down before. Great sounds! Great skill and energy. Great hunger. What's the need to talk about revival? This is the real thing!

  • Uzair

    Gary Clark Jr. is keeping blues rock alive. I agree the early black keys was right there too, but this new album feels so good and so right. We can't let amazing music like this just disappear.

  • Ron Smith

    I've never heard Gary before, but it brings back fond memories of the 60's, even though, to paraphrase Robert Klein, I was a child of the 60's and a man of the 80's! The 60's was a time when our older brothers were going off to Vietnam, and blues rock became the soundtrack for many of them. Those of us who wee too young went with them in spirit and our memories are forever link to that war when we hear those tunes. I think of The Animals, Spencer Davis Group, The Turtles, and Motown. It lives on in countless films that feature Do-Wop groups harmonizing around a trashcan fire. Even though that era was really earlier, film makers have coopted the visual.

  • John

    The 60's inspired blues rock revival has been around a while and it's more than welcome here in 2012. The Black Keys, Fitz and the Tantrums, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and The Sheepdogs are carrying the blues torch into the future so we don't forget our past. Real music by real musicians will always be in style.

  • Stephanie

    I grew up in a very music-centric family, where my father owned stratocasters and sundays revolved around shows and guitar shopping. He is a blues musician and emulates the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and the Eric Claptons of the world. Today, I crave those raw strums on strings and the soul you can only find deep within. It's the rawness of the 60's that was real and new and so tragically powerful. Gary Clark Jr. is a beautiful example of this edgy, psychedelic, groovy vibe that you cant help but close your eyes and transport yourself. This kind of a revival is always a good thing—its a feeling you get not a time stamp. Dan Auerbach gives the same grittiness you hear, especially in their older basement-sounding recordings like Rubberfactory. Gary Clark Jr. tends to have a little more motown and pop-in his step, but that's whats so sweet about it—its reviving something but evolving into something of its own. When listening, I can't help but be transported back to my childhood days of listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    • alan

      Great comparisons with Auerbach and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I love people who can feel music for what it is.

    • Jerry Kaplan

      I had a similar experience. That's probably why I like the Black Keys so much. Modern day shit.

    • I dont think Gary Clark Jr. should be compared to anyone else but himself. He's good. Maybe not that good, but he's evoking some sort of feeling that we all seem to like. I guess in the end, all great artists copy one another or use them for inspiration.

  • I have this pair of the Bowers & Wilkins. One of the best things money can buy. What I really want is the tickets to the concert and the copy of "black and blu". The man is amazing, so soulful…

  • rick1v

    Thanks for sharing this. I must admit to not hearing much of Gary Clark Jr until recently, reminds me a bit of joe bonnamassa. I think by definition, any blues artists is playing homage to those who came before them (same for jazz too). I recently heard a recording from 1981 with Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones and it was freaking amazing – obviously, stones wouldn't have existed without american blues from the 60's and earlier.

  • Vadim Chirkov

    This is the first time I heard of Gary Clark Jr., but this man definitely has some soul. He captures the 60's 70's soul rock and blues and his voice seems to transcend time itself. B&W is definitely the best way to capture Gary Clark's soul for your own personal entertainment.

  • Leah B.

    That chick Donna Buckley… she's AWESOME! (but it won't let me like her comment 🙁 )

  • Mark

    60's blues rock was awesome, and so is the revival blues I hear today. Gary Clark, Jr., plays it real cause he feels it real. The best blues players, now and then, know what it is like to feel pain, to feel lost, to lose love and hope, and then they share that through their voices and their instruments, so that we feel connected to them and everyone else who has felt and lived the blues. It is ironic, though, that that connection makes us feel hope, not despair. I guess we all have the blues in us somewhere, but it is connecting with others that pulls the blues out of us and lets us keep on livin'. Gary Clark is doin' it like all the best!

  • JRsurfs

    Man, let's leave 60s music in the 60s and take what GCjr is giving us today cuz that's 2012 blues. Period.

  • G-yo

    I think that blues music definitely blah blah blah JUST GIMME THE GOT DAM prize

  • guess im to late to make the cut due to the cut off time of 2pm but dig me some gary clark jr an dwould kill for the album and headphones! !!!! (also Donna Buckley is clearly posting her own replies 😉 )

    • Donna Buckley

      haha. Just because my friends are easily swayed doesn't make me a bad guy.

      your friend,

      Donna Buckley

  • Will L

    I actually haven't really listened to much 60's blues rock as that was before my time… but I love Gary Clark Jr.'s music. It's got immense range and while my sense of music history might not be as polished, I enjoy music for how it makes me feel and the emotions that are shared and conveyed.

  • rick1v

    well, that sucks, just saw his 3 nights at the Troubador are all sold out. : /

  • kbs

    Gary Clark Jr. strolled calmly – and so cooly – as the winds kicked up on Saturday of Coachella weekend one. He carried the aura of Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All Star Game…watch that. Then watch Gary shred Third Stone from the Sun. Amidst a lot of hipster nation, Gary Clark Jr. arrived on this day armed with organic musical weapons. I was changed.

  • CRayTown

    Rembrandt painted with oils. Does that mean that all painters since are rooted in the 1600's? If you play guitar like Gary Clark, you did not get there overnight. Anyone with that kind of passion will have listened to and cared about what others have said with their guitars. But, in the end, what comes out is pure Gary Clark.

  • Oh am I too late!? Love Gary Clark Jr! Saw him perform at Coachella!

  • kerry

    AAAAAmazing… saw him in memphis this last spring and at ucla this summer. he is incredible! ran into him at the airport leaving memphis and not normally my thing; but i had to go over and tell him how amazing his music is!

  • apostlebeing

    Music is an expression. A masterpiece from any era will be a masterpiece. 60's Blues Rock was nothing short of game changing, laying the groundwork, and setting the precedence for the genre. If musicians feel so inspired by the greats artists work of the genre, playing with similar expressions is the greatest form of flattery.

  • Mando

    Timeless! Every generation has its music that mirrors it's time. This music transcends all. Takes as it's foundation the 60's creativity and brings it into the now!

  • Really enjoying the new Gary clark album. Im excited for all the good blues music im gonna get to see him produce. Promising musical times ahead. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

  • Really enjoying the new Gary clark album. Im excited for all the good blues music im gonna get to see him produce. Promising musical times ahead. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

  • rushanna filjian

    he's the new mellow Hendrix 🙂 jadore

  • Ryan Moore

    had the opportunity to see Gary Clark Jr. live at a small outdoor venue. Immediately, you know you are watching genius. And you feel fortunate to witness it. I look forward to seeing him more and hearing his future albums as he shares his music with the world.

  • Wendy

    Come on Troubador!!! Extend his show3.

  • elephant tube

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