Daniel Avery: Artist You Should Know

In a few short years, with an impressive string of releases on dance labels Tigersushi, Gomma, How The Other Half Lives, Relish and Throne Of Blood and a grip of fantastic remixes for Joakim, Metronomy, The 2 Bears, Django Django and Jokers Of The Scene, 26 year old Daniel Avery is about as accomplished a producer as many talented producers could expect in a lifetime.

His remarkable combination of work ethic and wunderkind talent have earned him the respect of UK club legends Erol Alkan (who has signed Avery and released a number of EPs on his Phantasy Sound label) & Andrew Weatherall (who proudly proclaimed Avery “one to watch” in recent interviews.)

Avery, who originally released material under the moniker Stopmakingme, is now on the fast track to becoming the torchbearer for London’s cutting edge dance culture with a regular gig DJing at the legendary Fabric nightclub, and a forthcoming mix (out in November) on that club’s iconic label.

His style owes a debt to the classic UK club sound made popular by Alkan & Optimo, while pushing the sound in exciting new directions.

Although he’s definitely already proved himself and is already “one to watch,” the next year or two will find this talented dude hitting his stride and making a lasting impression on the future of dance music.

His “Need Electric” EP that came out earlier this summer has a follow-up “Water Jump” which is out now on Phantasy Sound.

Daniel Avery – Water Jump by Daniel.Avery

–Mario Cotto


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