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Ben Bridwell by Jeremiah Garcia

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In a private show for KCRW last night, Band of Horses bounded up on stage and launched into a starkly beautiful acoustic version of “No One’s Gonna Love You”, setting up an incredible night of music at Apogee’s Berkeley Street Studio.

The first set was entirely acoustic, a perfect platform to display some of their best songs, including “Is There A Ghost” and a gem off their new album, “Mirage Rock”, called “Slow Cruel Hands of Time”.  Another newbie, “Electric Music”, prompted hoots and hollers from the crowd, who were clearly worked up seeing a band of this caliber with just 200 other people.

Band of Horses by Jeremiah Garcia

It was a career-spanning performance and a dream come true for hard core fans. Their electric set included “Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”, “Laredo”, “Knock Knock” and an encore of the song that launched them to fame — “The Funeral”.    

This was one of the most intimate LA dates Band of Horses have ever played and they have a special connection to the city now after recording their new album here with legendary producer Glyn Johns.

During an interview with Jason Bentley, singer Ben Bridwell talks about how Glyn became the 6th member of the band. They recorded at Sunset Sound studios for 7 weeks where Glyn helped them work on arrangements starting from the “smallest essence” of each song – hearing it played on acoustic guitar.

Four albums into their career, Ben still seems slightly amazed to be making music, as he was headed down a “career dishwasher path” after dropping out of 9th grade.

But it was actually listening to the radio that encouraged him to pursue music. After being dismissive of what he was hearing on a community station, he started an inner dialogue about how it was unfair to be a critic if he didn’t give it a try himself.  And thank goodness he accepted his own challenge.

The live session and interview, engineered by Bob Clearmountain, will air on Morning Becomes Eclectic on October 15.

Band of Horses Live on KCRW Set list

No One’s Gonna Love You
Slow Cruel Hands of Time
Everything’s Gonna Be Undone
Electric Music
Is There a Ghost
Ode to LRC
Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
Knock Knock
The Great Salt Lake
Encore: The Funeral

Band of Horses by Jeremiah Garcia
Band of Horses by Jeremiah Garcia
Bill Reynolds by Jeremiah Garcia
Ryan Monroe by Jeremiah Garcia
Band of Horses by Jeremiah Garcia
Tyler Ramsey by Jeremiah Garcia
Ben Bridwell by Jeremiah Garcia
Ben Bridwell by Jeremiah Garcia
Band of Horses and Jason Bentley by Jeremiah Garcia