Various Productions: Artist You Should Know

Various Productions is quite mysterious until you do a little digging – mostly because their name is pretty much un-googleable.  The London-based group started releasing music in 2002, but I just discovered them this week.

Jason Bentley was turned onto their new song “The Sea” by a friend. It had premiered at a show for artist David Bray aka Bonesy, an illustrator who designed the artwork for their records.

Bray’s work is such an integral part, they list him as a member of the band. I’ve always loved the place where art and music collide and, in this digital world, I appreciate it even more. The song itself is haunting and seductive. Take a listen.

The Sea (Rough Master) by Various

The track is available for download via their Facebook page and I suggest you grab it since you’re going to want to hear it again and again.

The band released their debut on XL recordings and has been going it alone ever since, creating their own label. Stop on by their Soundcloud page for more music.