[GIVEAWAY] La Blogotheque Secret Show here in LA!

For years La Blogotheque has been my favorite resource for live off the cuff performances by my favorite bands. It’s sated some music dork in me with its stripped down versions of songs that I’ve grown to love and it generally offers some quirky insight into the musicians themselves.

E.G. Here is Bon Iver with an capella version of “For Emma, Forever Ago”  in a hallway in Montmartre, Paris, France.

and another KCRW fav, The Local Natives with a beautiful rendition of “Who Knows Who Cares.”


UPDATE… GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. You should have received an email by now identifying which concert you’ve been invited to attend, as well as the disclosed location. Thank to all of you that played. Unfortunately we couldn’t invite ALL of you to attend.

I’m personally super stoked to share with you an opportunity to join this incredible team in their efforts here in Los Angeles TODAY. The folks at La Blogotheque has teamed up with YouTube for a project called The Switch.

At 5pm La Blogotheque will take over the homepage of YouTube.com with an opportunity for you to switch back and forth between two live performances! One by Other Lives and another by Childish Gambino. If you can make it down – we can send you to be a part of the live performance and video production! It’s a GIVEAWAY.

All you need to do to be entered for a chance, is drop us a comment here with your favorite La Blogotheque performance and why you love it, and then be able to get to downtown by 3:30 for the setup of this special show!

Two Live Shows in Secret Locations – Today in LA at 5pm.
Learn more about The Switch at YouTube.com/TheSwitch.


  1. Vito Balowski
    March 15, 2013, 4:02 pm

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  • Raihan

    The Arcade Fire take away show (in the freight elevator) still flips my wig. True musicianship and coordination in such a small space!

  • Corey Baines

    There’s nothing better than watching The Local Natives perform live, and the La Blogotheque performances show that in the best way.

  • Samantha Rosas

    The show Local Natives did was amazing! I've been wanting to see them in concert and seeing this was just as good!

  • Anthony

    Arcade fire was too dope with that setup. I would love to go see childish gambino today! I’m in Los Angeles and can make it to the shoot! PLEASE

  • Ruth kim

    The battles show at the bertrand salon is my favorite because of the tension that pervades the whole video. Such angular music juxtaposed with the lush interior, it’s a visual and audible feast. I’ve seen them perform and the blogo added another dimension to their performances. Thanks la blogo, I love you.

  • Jeff

    St. Vincent's performance of What Me Worry where Andrew Bird improvises on violin. It's truly a one time performance where something magical happens and I feel it's a great example of what makes these Blogotheque performances special.

  • Anisha

    Beirut- walking through the streets of Paris. It was such a raw performance; it's when I fell in love with the band and the city!

  • Mark andrade

    Local Natives show was epic! I’ve been wanting to see local natives in concert and seeing this came close to seeing it live! Love it!

  • Allegra

    Patrick Watson!!!

  • Ryan

    I found Bon Iver's accapella rendition of "For Emma, Forever Ago" so singularly moving that I downloaded it to a mix cd that now always has a slot in my car's cd changer… I coudn't ask for a better way to start the week post-Coachella then to see my boy Gambino kill it on La Bloqotheque!!

  • Gwen

    Ah, DANG! If only I was still in L.A.!!!!
    : )

  • Andrew

    The Low Anthem in Grand Central Station was absolutely amazing. I've probably watched it over 30 times. Seeing people's responses to their music in such a hectic space is priceless.

  • Gwen

    Ah, DANG! If only I was still in L.A.!!!!
    : (

  • Personally my most favorite one was Grizzly Bear performing The Knife. It was amazing because it wasn't a perfect performance because you could hear them almost laugh during the chorus. That was a perfect example of what these take away shows are all about; exposing the musicians talent in a very non perfect environment and enjoying the music even though it's not perfect.

  • marcoh10

    Arcade Fire was my favoooorite of all time…but im pretty sure childish gambino will fully top it so i wannnna go soo bad! let me know!!!!

  • Casey

    Watching the Local Natives was one of my favorites. They came and performed at my school, but seeing them in a different setting was really quite refreshing. *Ahem* I can make it at 3:30

  • Rebecca

    All of your shows are so great. Blending talented and disparate musicians! Arcade fire rocked for sure (I am such a sucker for them…) I am in Los Angeles… wink wink nudge nudge.

    • Rebecca

      Also missed Gambino and Other Lives at Coachella, sadface.

  • Judith Cruz

    The Local Natives show was jaw droppingly beautiful as was the Grizzly Bear performance. There’s something to be said about the atmosphere brought on by a La Blogotheque show. The raw emotions and lyrics are evermore clear and just that more beautiful.

  • Dave

    The Liars doing be quiet mt hear attack. Dig their use of elevator percussion. Would love to see other lives today.

  • Andrew

    I absolutely love the acoustics on the Local Natives "Blue Ridge Mountains" video.

  • Amy

    Beirut performing Nantes in Paris. I’ve watched it over and over because it instantly makes me happy.

  • Anna

    “Emma” a Capella in my city Paris in Montmartre is just magic! Love it, thanks

  • Lauren C.

    My favorite performance was when St. Vincent and Andrew Bird performed Black Rainbow together. The chemistry between Annie and Andrew was undeniably magical, but I'm sure this Childish Gambino show will be the creme dela creme of performances.
    I live in LA. So, I can definitely be down there by 330 heck I can be there at 230!

  • Tarrin Andrews

    I think everyone’s beaten me to my favorites. The Nantes performance in Paris kills me every time though. Zach Condon’s lilting/wilting voice puts me in mind of the beautiful decadence of antiquity, specifically that of Europe. It’s real magic in La Blogotheque’s live performance. And the Arcade Fire show was just spectacular. Cheers!

  • Alec Escarcega

    The Morning Benders(who are now Pop Etc.) is my favorite from La Blogotheque. Partly because prior to that Chris had been talking about how he had written a new song recently and was super stoked to play it and it just so happened that when they were on La Blogotheque, they finally played “Virgins” live for the first time. It was amazing. Huge fan

  • Santee Vee

    Arcade Fire was one of the best shows EVER La Blogotheque put together. Huge fan of them AND Childish Gambino! He is an amazing lyricist…hope to see you there!

  • the arcade fire's concert in a elevator flipped my switch when i saw it

  • Daniel

    It would be awesome to see the Other lives downtown today!

  • I love the "Spoon | Part 1 (The Ghost Of You Lingers / Got Nuffin) | A Take Away Show" video. The setting is awesome! It's such a perfect spot for Spoon to be playing, crammed in the back of a shop full of old record players and instruments. You can almost imagine hearing Spoon playing out of the horns on the players, after maybe they wandered in and found some instruments and picked them up to start playing. The musicianship is great, the band and vocals are spot on. Even the camera work is great. Just an all around great video.

  • Roberto Perez

    My favorite definitely has to be the Bon Iver. A truly beautiful performance.
    ps. I live so close to downtown LA.

  • Vinh Ngo

    The fleet foxes performance was amazing and easily my favorite. The room they played in made the vocals sound incredible. This performance made blue ridge mountain one of my all time favorite songs.

    • Vinh Ngo

      I forgot to mention that I would love o see Childish Gambino and I could definitely make it there by 3:30!

  • Sara V

    Andrew Bird strolling through Paris is pretty amazing. Wish I could whistle like that, too!

  • angie

    Ever since I discovered La Blogotheque (years ago) I've always wanted to be a part of such a magical moment. I'm a video editor and absolute lover of music. The idea of having such a perfectly simple idea of presenting a band, a song, a video is something I admire and truly enjoy every time… with every band. I live and work in DTLA so the thought of one of my favorite musical/creative finds is producing a piece in my backyard is so exciting I would be honored to be a part of it. So to answer the question the Bon Iver's Take Away show might be my favorite… The Kooks were good as well… and then there was Arcade Fire! Excited to see what's happening today… whether I'm a part of it or not!

  • Arcade Fire by fire. The violins just gave me chills. Win was amazing. They played with such amazing passion. That was one of the best Wake UPs I've heard in forever. Please pick me. I'm a huge Other Lives fan. I'm interested to see if they can outdo Arcade Fire

  • foliday

    Definitely Bon Iver performing Skinny Love. It is so raw and very real.

  • Saul Williams at "The Stone Bench" in the Paris Catacombs is my favorite La Blogotheque performance because Saul Williams is such an incredible and unique artist with a voice and mastery of language that sets him apart from the average singer/songwriter. A true poet, his music is pure poetry, and the setting gave added weight to his performance. Bathed in darkness, the spectre of our mortality hung over the entire endeavor as the sense of history gave weight to his songs and poems. Ultimately, the performance was a celebration of the gift of life as well as an embrace of the infinite. It was a raw and surreal set from an iconic artist with not nearly enough mainstream recognition.

    I live very near to downtown LA and would be so happy for the opportunity to see Childish Gambino live today. I'm a huge Donald Glover fan and his music inspires me in my everyday life as well as my songwriting and performing.

  • Steve

    Yeasayer's performance of 2080 is probably one of my favorites. The way the crowd leaps into the chorus gives me chills every time. I also love Shugo Tokumaru's performance of Linne…it's a simple performance that really captures so many snippets of Japanese life and showcases an amazing artist.

  • Aloe Blacc in the subway! this is easily the one thing that made me a fan of him. watching him so effortlessly sing you make me smile to a busy subway. seeing the few people stop and appreciate the amazing performance going on around them. Just amazing! Makes me wonder why the hell we dont get cool things like that on the metro.

    a close second Phoenix singing at the base of the Effie tower
    Yeah and Arcade Fire Neon bible… damn amazing also.

  • Taylor

    the arcade fire performance was amazing- they can do no wrong! And i would die to see Childish Gambino today and can be downtown LA anytime! pleasee

  • Bethany Kibbe

    Arcade fire is one of the coolest band everrrrrr and I haven’t gotten to see them live yet. (I cried that I missed them at coachella last ear) being able to see them on La Blogotheque was as good as it gets and only inspired me to have to see them in concert!!! Thanks! I live in LA and would live to see childish gambino! Been a fan for over a year now!

  • Definitely Saul Williams "The Stone Bench" in the Catacombs of Paris, for all the reasons Tim Kelly (my boyfriend) mentioned above and because I loved that he mixed in some of his poems, including my favorite "Children of the Night." I had the pleasure of seeing Saul Williams with Tim in a very intimate setting performing poetry the night before the 2008 Presidential election and it was a magical experience. He was captivating, and the intimacy made the whole experience that much more incredible.

    Tim and I are also die-hard Childish Gambino fans, and we were very sad to have missed his recent shows at Club Nokia & Coachella, so it would really make our year to see him perform today. We got our whole band into he's at the top of our top favorite artists and influences. Thank you!

  • Sonia

    Arcade Fire in that freight elevator was definitely my favorite. I'll never forget how they ripped that magazine to get that cool sound! And every time they perform it's as if you're in on a super cool secret -music can be inclusive, fun and take you on a temporary vacation from life!

  • Arcade Fire! So fun to watch them they're so full of energy!

  • Sarah Green

    I like Anna Calvi's non-performance. The fact that she doesn't look at the camera makes me feel like she 's just naturally singing in this structure and the camera happens to find her. Not too forced. Kinda reminds me of Childish Gambino and Other Lives, haha. I'd love to go!! I'm a college student who's been deprived of entertainment, and I love Childish Gambino!! P.S. my birthday is coming up! s'il vous plaît!!

  • dino tadiar

    The plastics revolution with the mariachi band! It was fun, full of life and musical improvisation.

  • Krystian

    The antlers performing “Shiva” in that wonderfully creepy doll shop. It was the first one I remember seeing where the image and audio seemed to be playing off one another. I enjoy the long takes of these videos and this one felt cinematic, something more than just capturing a musical performance.

  • Kevin Dickson

    REM doing Living Well Is The Best Revenge in a car…

  • Paige B

    sufjan stevens "lakes of canada" is one of my favorites. i love the part when he says "it's too cold!" he powered through, though, and put on a great performance! and of course "for emma, forever ago" just makes me melt…its a toss up! you really can't go wrong.

  • Vinh

    The fleet foxes performance was my performance was my favorite. Robin’s vocals were amazing! The echo of the room was perfect!

    I hope I get the chance to see Childih Gambino. I can make it by 3:30

    P.s I commented earlier with the wrong email. Whoops!

  • Jonathan McNelis

    The Arcade Fire one is my favorite, because nothing can top arcade fire live, just the way they play their music. They're such talented artists and the show they did for La Blogotheque was awesome. Childish Gambino would be amazing to see live, so please hook it up with tickets!! I'll even call off work to go to this show, this is how much of a fan I am, I can make to downtown LA by 3:30 too.

  • yeasayer's living room performance was pretty badass. me and my gf missed childish gambino at coachella so we'd love to come! (plus we live in downtown already).

  • Nicole D.

    My favorite La Blogotheque show is GIVERS. If anyone has had an opportunity to see them live they are phenominal! They blew me away last year and have been a huge fan of their live performances since. It was AMAZING to see them in such a intimate atmospher for La Blogotheque. Shows they can do it all.. venue shows, festivals and tiny spaces only big enough for a few people. Love La Blogotheque!!

    ps I live in LA and I am a HUGE gambino fan, wink wink?

    • Taylor G

      My best friend Nicole and saw the GIVERS together and I can attest they were unbelievable – LA Blogotheque does it right! I have to go with her to see Childish tonight as he is our favorite!

  • atina

    I love the Mumford & Sons take away show! I love that they're singing the song in French, it just makes a great song even better!

  • Celine B

    Land of Talk was just lovely.

    I'm on Mateo and 6th. Tell me where to walk and I'l be there.

  • Sarah

    Ah! I Love Donald Glover and I neeeeeed to see him! I couldn't make it to coachella 🙁

  • Val

    Beiruit. Paris. Beautiful

  • Sarah

    Local Natives are amazing, seeing them live is almost too much to handle.

  • Vincent

    The Moning Benders performance of Virgins was my favorite. The set was so intimate I wish I could have been there. I hope they make a studio version of the song.

    I would love the chance to see any La Blogotheque performance and it just so happens that I am a huge fan of Childish Gambino and I live in LA. I would be able to make it by 3:30 so I hope I get the chance to see him.

  • Sarah

    I LIVE IN LA AND I AM DYING TO SEE CHILIDISH GAMBINO, seriously I think I personally just put twitter over capacity right now. I am going to implode.

  • Sarah

    I think La Blogotheque is doing something great with these secret shows. It gets people excited about music.

  • Definitely the Mumford and Sons show was my favorite. They are such an amazing band and I loved their set. Wish I could have been there. Just like I wanna be at Childish Gambino’s show today!

  • Sarah

    Pleaaassseee send the tickets my way! Childish Gambino lover right heerrrreee!

  • Genesis Ahtty

    Bon Iver and Arcade Fire are definitely my top two favorites. Any live performance of these two artists produce something unexplicable, and there’s a sense of rawness and authenticity that’s hard to beat. To be honest, these secret shows make me feel like I’m part of a cliche Hollywood movie BUT it makes it all the more exciting in discovering great music! I can’t wait till 3:30!

  • sarah

    I can still make it downtown if I get a ticket 🙂

  • missxtina0201

    I have so many favorites but my absolute favorite is Stars! I love, love, love the stars takeaway performance. I've seen them live but this acoustic performance was amazing. I could sit and watch this over and over again. "How much more" just makes me feel complete 🙂 Can't wait to see the Childish Gambino performance! I can be in LA in 20 minutes!

  • Hayes

    ok so i was in the middle of playing Bon Iver and Other Lives on my guitar when i saw this. I AM LOSING MY SHIT! =) Gassing up the Honda Fit. Downtown here we come!

  • Arcade Fire was definitely my favorite performance. They're whole set was great, they really brought it! But I love Childish Gambino, hopefully you guys can allow me to attend that show! I live about 5 minutes from downtown L.A.!

  • Jackie Lam

    Definitely ARCADE FIRE!!! Newspaper and crowded elevator are usually things I hate but that was AMAZING!

  • Ari Howorth

    Beirut in paris. hands down

  • Genevieve

    The Local Natives for sure. Also, just in case you were wondering, I am more than able to get DT for Childish Gambino…..

  • jay

    The Jason Mraz show from forever ago is my favorite because it was so intimate and when he played with the violin lady and made up a song it was brilliant. im in LA and can make the show to see childish so please let me win!

  • Adam W

    The Fleet Foxes performance in what I think is an abandoned church was incredible and has always been my favorite…

  • roman salas

    It was all about the Arcade Fire Show I still get shivers watching it =) and would love that experience with the one and only Childish Gambino!!!!!!!

  • Destiny Hernandez

    I love the Andrew Bird/St Vincent show Thoes two can do no wrong…..

    Please Please Please let me see Childish Gambino!!!!!!!!

  • eduardo sierra

    There are so many great shows but the one I loved the most had to Mumford and sons. They always put on the best shows

  • Jeremy

    Arcade Fire – that performance eventually made their file Miroir Noir. So fun to see the snare sound coming from ripping magazines in an elevator!

  • Haley albert

    Mumford and sons was my favorite. The way they captured the audience with their vocals was just amazing. What you guys are doing and is incredible and I’ve always wanted to attend one of these shows! Childish gambino is my favorite rapper, comedian, and person and live in la and would love to be able to go. Please please pick me!!!!

  • jon

    Theophilus London! im obsessed with big spender right nowww.

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