Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Cover I Think Of You by Rodriguez


A few years ago I went over to my friend’s house and he told me he was going to play me an album that I was SURE to freak out over. It was called “Cold Fact” by an artist called Rodriguez.

It was a lost classic from the late 60’s that had recently found new life after Light in the Attic rereleased it and I was quickly obsessed.

Rodriguez had become famous across the world (he was huge in South Africa!) but was little known in the U.S. until the rerelease in the early 2000’s and now there is a documentary about him – “Searching For Sugar Man” set for release this July and bands like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  are covering Sixto Rodriguez’s music.

Stream “I Think of You” 

For Record Store Day, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released a special Detroit-related 12” (Sixto is from there as well). I hear you might be able to grab a copy at their shows and their might be a few copies left at your local record store.