Photographer Mary Ellen Mark is Our Guest DJ

Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark is one of the most respected photographers in the world and captured famous shots of Dennis Hopper and Federico Fellini. She often chooses to turn her camera on some of those less fortunate as well, addressing social issues like homelessness.

When it comes to music, however, she’s a true romantic.

In her Guest DJ Project set, Mary Ellen takes us on a musical tour of her entire life – from her time as head cheerleader in high school, to the Fulbright scholarship that launched her love of travel, and her passion for teaching photography in Mexico.

She shoots mainly in black and white and still shoots with film. Enjoy some of her most iconic photos below and hear her Guest DJ set here.


Mary Ellen Mark Guest DJ Project Set List

1. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
2. Yesterday – The Beatles
3. If I have To Go – Tom Waits
4. Cucurrucucu Paloma – Napolean
5. Skylark – Hoagy Carmichael

by Mary Ellen Mark
by Mary Ellen Mark
by Mary Ellen Mark
by Mary Ellen Mark




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    February 7, 2012, 6:18 am

    There is no doubt Mary Ellen Mary is one of the best photographer in the world. I'm delighted by watching her creative photography. Thanks for allocation.