Moby Added to Masquerade – Tickets Sold Out But VIP Cabanas Available

MASQUERADE TICKET GIVEAWAY: You may have a chance to win one pair of the tickets to the Masquerade! SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM for details.

Now that electronic music guru MOBY has been added to the bill for KCRW’s Halloween Costume Ball and Dance Party Masquerade, the event is officially sold out! But we have added a new opportunity for fans who still want to join in on the fun this Saturday, October 29.

We are creating a VIP Experience for some of our lucky guests. You and 7 friends will be treated to your own cabana in the pageantry of the Terrace Ballroom.  Your deluxe lounge area will be reserved along with two bottles of your favorite spirits, mixers, and everything you need to create your own party.

Cabanas are scattered throughout the Terrace Ballroom, where you will see Moby, Jason Bentley and all of the festivities, not to mention your own party concierge and access to all of KCRW’s themed ballrooms.  The canopied cabana is yours for the entire evening to make sure your night is unforgettable.

**If you have already purchased Masquerade tickets, you can still upgrade to the VIP Experience!

KCRW VIP EXPERIENCE DETAILS: (Call Beth Topping at (310) 581 5843 for reservations and details)

What’s Included:

  • VIP CABANA in the Terrace Ballroom
  • A deluxe cabana and bed under a canopy reserved for you and your party of up to 8 people for the entire night
  • DJ sets from Moby, Jason Bentley, RAC remix collective, Liza Richardson, Raul Campos
  • 2 bottles of the liquor of your choice (3 kinds of mixers, Ice/glasses)
  • Dedicated concierge
  • VIP check in & wristbands for access
  • (Like all tickets to Masquerade, this opportunity is 21+ only)


A packed Terrace Ballroom, photo by Jeremiah Garcia
The Terrace Ballroom, with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes by Gary Leonard
Beth Topping, seen here with KCRW DJ Raul Campos, will book your cabana!

  TICKET GIVEAWAY: Share a Masquerade memory, a ghost story or a costume idea – then use your social networks to send your friends back here to the blog to find your comment and UPVOTE it. The comment with the most “thumbs up” votes by Thursday wins a pair of free tickets to this year’s Masquerade Ball.

Make sure to include your email address in the appropriate field so we can get in touch with our winner on Thursday!


  1. jboo
    October 27, 2011, 4:13 pm

    Julie....your costumes are always AMAZING!!!!! LET THIS WOMAN IN!!!!

  2. Tina Arter
    October 27, 2011, 4:06 pm

    Can't wait to see it! Send a picture & Good luck!

  • Note the UPVOTE option to the right of each comment!! ———->

  • Brittany Gilfillan

    Last year I dressed up as a lawn knome for Halloween! I wore black leggings with lady bud foam stickers on them, brown Uggs to look like garden boots, a green top & I made a brown foam belt with a yellow belt buckle. I got a wizard mask & cut the hair shorter/cut the beard off. And finally I took an old red/white Santa Clause hat and cut all the white off of it …I stuffed it with paper towel to make it stand straight up on my head!

    • Wow! Nice work Brittany. KCRW Masquerade Ticket Giveaway Odds are looking good for you.

  • Kelly Weber

    The last masquerade I attended I turned an old halloween costume that was a flamenco dancer to be fitted to be worn for the labyrinth of jareth. I made my own bustle that I attached to a belt to give it a slight steam punk edge but I needed more. I went to home depot and got some bendable wire and fashioned my own wire mask complete with (fake) crystals. I spent 2 – 4 hours a day for two weeks on it but the compliments it got all night and the way it came out was so worth it!

    • Kelly Weber

      PS. ITS MY BDAY TOMORROW!!! Seriously I'll show ID if i need to I'd love to have these tickets for my bday celebration!!

      • Wow! 81 points!!! Are you in first place?

        • Kelly Weber

          So far!! I really hope I get the tickets… it would be a great present especially after being laid off for the 3rd time =/

    • april


    • Hey GF … I got you to 150!! <3

  • There once was a woman who lived alone with her child… One day as she was putting her child to sleep she felt a mysterious man behind her. As he grabbed her she turned to see the empty face of a demon, ghostly black with even darker eyes, trying to suck the soul out of her, pulling her life out & turning it as black as everything he is. Like falling into a black hole, she could feel her life draining away as she fought him off. He drug her to her bedroom away from her child, past the staircase as a ghost of another man, with no expression but an evil glare walked up the stairs slowly toward her. Once in the room the woman fought only trying to get back to her child terrified of what would happen if she didnt. The demon fought & fought until finally, she awoke….

  • Ron G

    Last year, I dressed as a Chilean miner using my cousin's orange vest, boots and construction hat. It was just a couple of weeks after the chilean miners were released and thought why not make a unique costume. Of course I had Oakley glasses and painted my face to make it look dirty. The funny part most people started approaching me and shaking hands. There were also some chileans who came and told me they appreciated the support. Not to mention lots of free drinks that night.!

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  • Crystal Ortega

    Costume Idea…..this year I promised my little cousin a costume, he requested Jack Skellington. I searched and never found something good enough to call Jack. So I decided to create the costume myself (big NO NO). First thing I did, I went on ebay and purchased a kids black tuxedo with tails on the coat ($25), since they didn’t have anything with pin stripes I took it upon myself to create the pins. I then realized I wasn’t going to paint his face like Jack so I decided to create the Jack head (really bad idea, lol). So I went to Michaels and purchased the materials I needed to create the costume, here is the list: White clothing paint, big size balloons, molding clay, gauzed plaster, black and white art paint, wire, and black fabric. This is the most challenging costume I have ever created. CONTINUE…

  • Crystal Ortega

    I started with the white pin stripes on the tuxedo, 1/4 of inch thick and about 1 inch apart, this took about a week to finish, you must have patience and a steady head. After I finish creating the tuxedo I created the bat shape neck tie. I cut the 2 of the same shapes, hot glued wire inside, then stuffed it with cotton balls then sewed it up and wala! Jacks bow was cool because I was able to shape it any way I wanted. To finish I painted the bats face on the center of the bow. Last, I began the round head. I blew the balloon big enough to where my cousin can slide his head in. I started to plaster the thing up. I did about 10 layers and it took about a week to dry. I then created the face expressions with molding clay and plaster that part up. Trust me this was hard to do. I then cut out the eyes and a bit of mouth. I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to just have him stick his head in there so I gorilla glued a helmet in, and worked out fine. I finally got around to painting the head white with black details and some shading. OH and hot gluing a layer of black sheer stockings on the inside of the eyes, nose and mouth. CONTINUE……

  • Crystal Ortega

    In the end this costume come out really good. The easiest part was painting. It was a long and horrible process but I promise this thing looks like it came out of the movie. VOTE FOR ME =)

  • Last year I actually decided to get my tickets early and had no problem getting into the lovely ever so entertaining Masquerade Ball however every year it's always something. I waited last minute to get a costume and decided to just run to my local Halloween shop ( big mistake saturday before Halloween frenzy ewww) well all that was left on the shelves were baby costumes ( i did consider this but would have needed like 5 costumes to cover all of me considering my big bum and at 45$ a pop it was a no go) So i figured let me try out something in my size.. ended up finding nothing i was so depressed and time was running out I was racing the clock to come up with ideas. Tick tock time was sparse and all my gal pal's were waiting for me to get to the room which we booked on some discount site and ended up being not really close to Santa Monica it was more like Inglewood. Anyhow I ended up with the idea that I will be a gypsy again ( for like the 12th time) It is always easy due to the fact i am a jewelry whore and always wear a bit much so figured this is easy . So I pull up to the lovely motel more like HOtel and out front notice a crime scene all tapped off with caution tape
    ( light bulb turns on ) I get this zany idea … looks like the crime scene is already over the chalk outlines look like maybe 2-3 days old now and don't think anyone will mind if I borrow a little tape. I jump out of my car and with my eyebrow shears start cutting away ( evil laughter fills the evening air) I get to the room where my gal pal's are all decked out a devil, hooker , showgirl and magician all surprisingly have tutus..lame! My costume is going to be sick so i thought. we are ready and all dressed time to go make our appearance, so we get into the car off we go all my girls think I look sexy all taped up skin tight with CAUTION filling up every section of my bare body underneath my girls still don't know what i am i have to keep telling them i'm caution so be aware every time I say this I think this is so funny and not just any caution i'm from the streets of inglewood! now is where the story takes a bit of a turn we are all driving and smoking ( cali green of course) and well all the sudden we smell something burning the air starts getting think with smoke so we pull over and whoops my costume is smoldering and on fire next thing I know it falls off and i'm totally in my biirthday suit.. O shit ( excuse my french) I panic and we all panic I jump back in the car I start crying and my pretty makeup starts to smudge all my gal pal's are so irate but tell me NO need to worry we will make this happen. We decide to get the ashes from the ash tray where I wish that cherry had made it 🙁 anyhow we mix ashes and a load of lip gloss and make this gross paste that I use to cover my feminine parts 2 on top and i guess lucky for me my bottom part was vagazeled so we pull up to the masquerade ball and for the rest of my evening my costume was a hooker who caught on fire .. my friend that was the hooker was all jelly but lets just say best costume ever, I also made a lot of male friends that night. NOTE In case you were a sexy fireman lat year that I met that night but lost your number hope I win this contest and get in this year and we have another evening of role play!


  • Hope Antrim

    A Ghost story from my home town…..

    Elizabeth Polly was the young wife of Ephriam Polly, the Hospital Steward or male nurse during the cholera epidemic at Fort Hays in 1867. Elizabeth was the hospital matron that helped sick and dying soldiers deal with what was for many, the final hours of their lives. In the evening she would often walk to the hill south of the fort, now known as Sentinel Hill, where she supposedly found some comfort and spiritual healing.
    When it was apparent that she had contracted the disease herself, she pleaded with her husband that he bury her on top of the hill. She was buried on the hill, though not at the top. According to the legend, her gravesite was marked with four heavy limestone posts. These posts were stolen by thieves in the early days of Hays, Kansas. The legend claims that tragedy found each of the thieves in the hours after the theft. One was felled in a gunfight, two killed in a carriage accident, and the other was hit by a train.
    To most people who live in Hays, she is known as the "Blue Light Lady." Her spirit is said to still walk the hill looking to comfort her soldiers. Many people have made attempts of witnessing her spirit first-hand. Some have claimed that she has appeared wearing a blue, prairie-style dress and bonnet while others claim that she is a misty blue light. Other people have claimed that while waiting at the top of the hill for Elizabeth's spirit to arrive, footsteps have been heard walking up the hill and suddenly disappearing at top, yet nobody else was to be found around the hill.
    One specific case happened in 1950 when a Police Officer radioed a report to dispatch that he had just hit a woman dressed in blue not far from the hill. He then quickly exited his car and searched for a body. None was ever found.

  • Vote for Angelina!!! She is the most sweetest Dazzling person Ive ever known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got a vote for my Angelina

  • Monica

    Angie Corrine's story has me DYING!

  • Christine

    I used to go to the event at the Variety Arts Center in Downtown, LA called the Masquerade Fetish Ball and it was 3 stories of party plus a basement. The first floor had 2 different concerts running from The Cramps to Switchblade Symphony to The Creatures. They even had Jim Roses Circus preform one year which was a mind bender. Basement was Industrial/Noise music, 2nd floor was very red, full and was the spanking room. 3rd floor was Goth, 80's, New Wave which was awesome. Fog machines, lights, cool LA DJ's, good drinks. People would dress up in not so traditional costumes. It's always a big treat to see people getting creative. Exploring all the levels and the variety of sights and sounds was the best I've ever experienced and was well worth the 35-45 dollar range back 10 some years ago.

  • Aime

    I just love, love Angie Corrines story!! She’s got my vote 🙂

  • Brittany Gilfillan

    What about picking two winners for bringing so much traffic to your page?! 😉

  • Brittany & Kelly!!! Keep working. The winner will more than likely be one of you two – unless someone comes out of the woodwork tonight. Everyone has until tomorrow morning to get their votes in – at which point I'll need to send the winner's name over to the guest list!!

    Best of luck tonight! We'll be in touch tomorrow around Noon!
    Betsy – for KCRW

  • Staley

    Black Swan

    I've been working on my (hopefully) beautiful black swan ballerina costume for the last month, in anticipation of this weekend's Masquerade Ball, and I'm so excited! I began by bedazzling and feathering an old american apparel leotard from my costume 2 years ago (little edie from grey gardens) … then last night I began making the tutu… and tonight am hot glue gunning on a bunch of feathers and ribbon. Here are photos of my costume in progress & inspirational photos:

    I became a tad bit disappointed when just yesterday I saw the santa monica promenade's american apparel window is featuring a black swan ballet scene… so I guess it was not that original of an idea… but I guess at least this year I won't have to explain who I am to everyone, as I did with Little Edie 🙂 … and even then only one gal knew who Little Edie was.

    I would love to be able to bring some friends with me and celebrate Halloween VIP style. Thanks KCRW!!

  • Julie Sanders

    Ack! I wish I had more time, I just found out about this….shedding a few tears right now

    • Julie Sanders

      Ok, so don't like this reply…but this year I have gone out of my way to make my costume….Sea Siren…fish net ballgown and octopus tentacle headdress…please like my comment above!

    • Tina Arter

      Can't wait to see it! Send a picture & Good luck!

      • jboo

        Julie….your costumes are always AMAZING!!!!! LET THIS WOMAN IN!!!!

  • Junior

    Is there still time left?!

  • Hi there.

    Its been neck and neck between Brittany & Kelly all day.
    We are giving you both until 5pm exact to get your votes in. At that mark of the hour… on my computer clock – I will see who is a winner.

    I'm so sorry that I can't give you both a pair of tix, as I only have one pair available. You guys are incredible and by 5pm – one of you will be added to the guest list.
    Best of luck to you! See you then.


  • Brittany Gilfillan

    Are you kidding me? That is completely unfair. I had it won by noon, and now I am at work with no Facebook. Rules are rules…how can you extend the contest almost 3 hours after it was supposed to be over?!!

  • Alrighty! It's over! YOU BOTH WIN!!

    A HUGE THANKS to the wonderful ladies of the KCRW Events team for allowing me to send both Brittany and Kelly to the Masquerade ball with a pair of tickets.

    Thanks to ALL of you for the votes here on the KCRW Music Blog!

  • Brittany Gilfillan

    Thank you, thank you! Nice to see that both of our hard work paid off. Congrats to you, Kelly. And thanks to Betsy, KCRW & their event team, and to everyone who supported me 🙂