The Faces of Summer Nights: Twilight Concert Series!

On Thursday July 7, the Santa Monica Pier and KCRW kicked off the first Twilight Concert Series of the summer. People from all over Los Angeles came to the boardwalk for lawn games, beach grub, and the tunes of Alina Bayaz and Mayer Hawthorne. Down at the KCRW booth, I talked to some event-goers who were playing giant games of Jenga and Connect Four. Drop in next Thursday to join the summer night beach party.

Julian and Kiana



Julian: My name is Julian. But people call me Ju Ju. I like sharks. I’m not scared of them.

What would you do if a shark came?

Julian: Punch him in the nose! And she can swim fast.

Ryan and Jackie



Ryan: She’s going to be working in L.A. in a month. We’re going to be moving out to L.A.

Jackie: I’m going to be working in East L.A. at a school. It’s a charter school called KIPP. I’m super excited to be working with kids. They’re going to be kindergarten through grade three. I’m a social worker so the trauma and emotional disorders can be hard. I take care of myself by going to events like these.




Macaulay: I work at Santa Monica Pier’s games. Right now my favorite game is Whack-A-Mole. There are a lot of friends there, yeah … sometimes you do meet some weird people, but nice ones too!

Analise and Family



Analise: They’re my cousins. I’m out from Texas visiting. They’ve taken me to the beach, shopping, and of course In-N-Out burger. I want to stay longer, but a house full of [all of us] can be crazy.