Sarah Spitz Says “So Long!”

The inimitable Sarah Spitz is retiring from KCRW to pursue her passion for Master Gardening and Preserving.  After giving us so much of her brilliant mind and voice, the lucky earth gets her hands and heart!  Here, Sarah gives us all an inspiring goodbye:

The feeling at KCRW in the earliest days was one of purity and optimism. We were on an uphill trajectory, right place, right time, the right people with all the right passions and instincts. We built steadily upward with our amazing wall-to-wall news coverage of the Gulf War, the Rodney King Riots, which generated Which Way, LA and blessed us with Warren Olney; the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearings, the Iran-Contra Hearings, the Soviet Coup, the release of Nelson Mandela…people knew this was where you turned when important news stories needed serious coverage, on-the-spot.

We also created some of the best must-listen-to cultural coverage, including live performances from Trumps (restaurant, famous then, gone now) for the LA Arts Festival with Peter Sellars at the helm; Live from 72 Market Street, a Sunday night cabaret series that spawned “In Town Tonight,” a show that attracted the talents of a young guy named Matt Holzman and the eventual creation of “Castaways Choice” (our version of BBC’s Desert Island Discs); the live broadcasts from The Getty Center opening; the inaugural concert at Disney Hall and the documentaries about the creation of Disney Hall and Segerstrom Hall…milestones all, and there were so many more.

We were leaders nationwide with our literary and radio drama productions: from inviting Joe Frank to be the resident dramatist, to our award-winning Jewish Stories series; Short Stories from Modern Mexico, Contemporary Japanese Stories; the word-for-word dramatized reading of Sinclair Lewis’ Babbitt (26-1/2 episodes!) — these are just the tip of the iceberg.

We invented Summerday, our spectacular wine and food auction and festival — I still have my wineglass! We did beautiful Archangel brunches at Maple Drive restaurant. And of course we had A Sounds Eclectic Evening concerts to be proud of.

CNN was just coming into its own back then, and the media landscape was tremendously simpler, compared to the whole splintering cable news, Internet universe and numerous niche outlets that we face today. The challenges today are far greater and the competition much fiercer for ever smaller audiences whose appetites for news have been ruined by the political dysfunction all these outlets now spew, 24/7.

But the mission is still the same: excellence, quality, and intelligence driven by a passion for wanting to be and do our best. This is what the station stands for. This is what you must strive for going forward.

I have two shelves in my kitchen cabinet filled with KCRW mugs from across countless pledge drives; I have somewhere in boxes KCRW T-shirts from over the ages. I also have a collection of bromeliads and one remaining Gerber Daisy plant — all of which were originally centerpieces on the tables at Summerday and Maple Drive. A history of KCRW in plants…giving me the opportunity to exercise my love for both KCRW and gardening.

But this isn’t about looking back. It’s time to look ahead. For me, and for the station.

I meant what I said: I had a degree in English literature but my cultural and political education is entirely due to KCRW. And I really do owe much of that to Ruth. I spent many years under her influence and my mother’s — two very strong women, who made a deep impact.

I have always defined myself by my identification with KCRW. Ruth’s retirement and my mother’s passing last year have made me look inward to see who’s there.

I am off to grow food, preserve it, to share with and teach others how to do the same — how to be more self-reliant and self-sustaining. I like planting seeds and new beginnings and I’ll have a chance to put everything I’ve learned at KCRW to work to help another wonderful program grow, the LA County Master Food Preserver training course, which goes hand in glove (!) with my Master Gardener work.

Going forward, I hope I can maintain an identity of my own, to see who I may be without KCRW appended to my name — even though KCRW truly is in my DNA and will forever be with me.

It’s a new era now, kids. All I want is for all of you and for KCRW is to thrive and create your own new unique identity. That would be the greatest tribute of all.

Onward. You’ve got it in you. Put it all to use.

And thank you, thank you, thank you.



  1. shahidalise
    Aug 26, 2016, 2:16 am

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  2. liberation
    Jun 20, 2015, 6:12 pm

    the good days ('90;s, kcrw at it's height and the template for public grassrsoots radio,
    can we bring it back? )

    nothing is impossible, permanent or immutable:

    in no particular order of importance
    1. stephanie englesen
    2. cheryl gee
    3. johanne todd and the data entry pledge room (the joking that went on!!)
    4. tom schnabel and his hilarious surfing stories
    5. josh berman
    6. sarah spitz
    7. scott fritz (young john lennon look alike, gifted and humble enginner)
    8. theo mondle
    9. joe frank
    10. all the distinct and down-to-earth personalities who were volunteers and pledge drive volunteers: great people
    11. steve herbert
    12. geoff sykes
    13. warren olney
    14. jacqueline delorrie (what was she saying to herself?)
    and the list goes on ...

    awesome community and unique personalities ... uncommercialized
    and unhyped -- liberated from soundbiting and meme'ing.
    carry on that torch. if you choose :)


  • Harmonia Mundi USA

    Dear Sarah (MG) –
    If you apply only half the amount of energy, creativity and devotion into your new venture as you did at KCRW lo these many years, we can only imagine the amazing garden that you'll grow. We'll miss your voice, but wish you all the best and much success in the fields! Grow, baby grow!

  • Wayne Clayton

    Dear Sara:
    I always love hearing your voice on KCRW — both the sound and what is being said. Both are always so strong. You will be sorely missed and always remembered.

  • Lyn Corum

    Sarah, thank you for the mini-trip down memory lane. I remember all the KCRW events you mentioned in your farewell note and they were indeed wonderful. I especially loved the KCRW-produced radio plays. I shall always remember at sub-drive time walking back to your desk after pitching during morning shows. Sub drive radio talk will now be a little blander without ou.

  • Sarah-
    Thank you so very much for all of your help over the years with Writers Bloc. Your graciousness and generosity of spirit are so deeply appreciated. I wish you great happiness and contentment in your retirement.
    Huge love,
    Andrea Grossman

  • Wow! I remember your calling me once when I had asked about getting a copy of a show. I was reasonably new to KCRW and it surprised me a lot! Best of luck in your gardening endeavors (I went through the Master Gardener program too).

    • Sarah Spitz

      Hey Greg! I remember you from the MG program, don't I? I recollect you were attempting to put in a garden at Kaiser Permanente…am I right? And you shared info re: knee braces, no? Hope you are well and it's lovely to read this comment, thank you for i!!

  • james lung

    Dear Sarah, I love KCRW and can't imagine your mellifluous voice decorating its airwaves. May this next chapter in your life be as abundant as your contributions to radio.

  • Hi Sarah,
    A huge congratulations on your new exciting journey growing, preserving, and sharing food! I love it… connection to our food sources and the earth is super valuable on all levels.
    I heard a physician speak last night about gardening. he tells his students to garden because life and people are like flowers and roses. they are delicate, and need careful tending to.
    I know you will continue to be a powerful source of pollination and spreading of seeds of change and new ways of thinking always. now, you are expanding your circle of influence even further!
    you will be missed at KCRW! please do keep me posted on your gardening and preserving programs…I'm so into all of that stuff, as you know (raw vegan here). lmk if there's anything i can do to help, volunteer, teach, or just visit!
    wishing you all the best on your new adventure! have fun always, laugh lots, and be happy! you're amazing xoxo ani phyo

  • Judy Boasberg

    Sarah, you will be deeply missed. Over the years I've come to think of you as a sister or dear friend, even though I've only listened to your voice, or to the shows you've produced. Thank you so much for all that you've done for KCRW and the listening public. Good luck to you in your new endeavors.

    • I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you.

  • Barbara Bergen

    Thank you Sarah – you have been a wonderful asset to KCRW and public radio. Enjoy your next venture.

  • Loretta

    As a sister gardener, I applaud you. As a KCRW listener, I will miss your voice and energy.

  • Trent

    Thank you for your service to the KCRW community and beyond. You've obviously played an key part cultivating the figurative KCRW landscape, I'm sure you'll do the same (literally now) in your new pursuits.
    Best of luck!

    • Woah this blog is great i like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, many people are looking around for this information, you can help them greatly.

  • Susan Haymer

    I've been a fan of KCRW since the early days and have listened to you, and remember fondly many of the events you describe. Thank you for your passion for good radio and your dedication to good food.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, planting seeds of nourishment on the air and in the ground. I'm confident that what ever you grow next, will bloom to perfection.

  • Laurie Johnson

    Thank you….it does seem as those you are family, in our homes for years; we've raised our child with the KCRW family which includes you.
    Next chapter…congratulations!! Sounds absolutely wonderful.

  • Edward Petlak

    Pledge drives won't be the same without hearing your voice. Good luck with all your future plans and if you're ever short on cash, you can always put the old T-Shirts & Mugs on Ebay!

  • Lisa Finn

    As one of the cornerstones of KCRW, you've created a strong foundation that, most likely, will outlast us all.
    Thank you for everything. It's been a pleasure hearing you and witnessing your unbridled energy. All the best to you.

  • Bob Bennitt

    While I will miss your voice and talents on KCRW, I am excited for you as you enter this new chapter in your life. You are onto something important, this sustainable living concept. I love to see folks let go and "plow" forward with courage and enthusiasm. It inspires me.
    I wish you all the very best.

  • see you at the stove girlfriend. Let it rip!!

  • Fern

    Please, Sarah, promise you will return for the fund drives. You voice, laugh and sense of humor actually make them a pleasure to listen to. In fact, if you could bottle and sell that humor and enthusiasm, KCRW would never need to have another fund drive. I know I'd buy a lot.
    Wishing you happiness. Your fan, Fern

  • 28 years!…it was that long ago that we were both new volunteers, and you took it upon yourself to call everyone because you were updating ruth's rolodex!…it was obvious that you knew, even then, how to get things done!…onward…

  • Good luck Sarah! See you around in the garden and/or the VO booth! 🙂

  • Maryam Morsali

    You will be missed Sarah! I can't imagine KCRW without you! I enjoyed my time volunteering in the front office with you there as well a few years back. Enjoy your new life adventure!

  • Daniel

    Hi Sarah,
    Whenever I think of KCRW, your voice immediately plays in my head. Just as you defined yourself by your identification with KCRW, I define KCRW by its identification with you. What a lovely voice it is — friendly and warm, conveying intelligence and wit. I'll miss hearing you in my home and car.
    Best of luck to you as you follow your new path.

  • Anne Berkovitz

    Happy to have been a small plank in the astounding launching pad! And now to be able to watch you soar! Sending you love, good wishes, and trunks full of memories. Anne B.

  • medtilangmy


  • pengoldmaten


  • Angus

    One of the strongest associations I have of KCRW is you, your personality, enthusiasm, and voice. I grew so fond of you and I was always happy when there was a pledge drive. I especially loved your frantic and fun build-up as the end of a premium or matching fund was just seconds away. You got me to call every time with that corny William Tell Overture music in the background –as you frenetically pleaded with us to get caught up in the drama of helping you make our radio experience better for us! It was campy- but so endearing. Your leaving KCRW is to me, and others, I am sure, is a vindication of my sadly continuing decline in interest in the station. There has been a huge shift in the sincerity of the station’s original mission.

  • Angus

    2. Now the messengers are more important than the message. KCRW has become so slick and impersonal because it needs to compete now, rather than retain all that was – immediate and personal, innovative and wonderfully unique. The fact that KCRW sounds so much like everything else that tries to be unique is probably a latent function of the truly visionary and dedicated staff, programmers, hosts and volunteers adhering to KCRW’s original mission of establishing a new paradigm in radio- based on pure enthusiasm, vision and informed, cultivated taste. Ruth’s Iron lady style, vision and personality caused an amazing revolution in Radio. She fostered in an era that caused a cultural and intellectual revolution, and you and others blossomed under her stewardship. What you all did was so revolutionary for all of us. I am a better person as a result of the programs you all worked so hard to introduce us to. You took and acknowledged our good taste and our need for a better medium to cultivate and nourish it. You were cooler than NPR!

  • Angus

    3. I am excited for you, but I also feel it must be hard for you to leave. I never thought you would! I am sad that you are no longer being nourished in the garden you worked so hard to establish and maintain. I am really excited that you do not have to be there anymore, but can create and be nourished by your new Gardening and preserving passion.
    I shall miss you, but there is so much about KCRW I have missed for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love most of the local programs on the station- and listen to them religiously- but the new “commercials”, slick evening anchor, and the general “commercial” feel of much of the music and DJ’s does not sit well with me.

    • justice4andrewwordes

      Yeah me too.

      Me too.

  • Angus

    4. If you were to make guest appearances during a pledge drive, I would listen to you with joy and subscribe again! Also, were you to do a ½ hr show there on your new life in gardening and preserving- with your personal reflections on your experience- now so centered on the cultivation of edible and ornamental plants, preserving them and what you are learning and who you are meeting- it would be a fantastic addition to the value of listening to KCRW.

    I hope that I can procure some of your preserves on line. Will you have a blog?
    Best of luck to you.

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  • Kate

    Wow! Most people feel the same as I do, Sarah Spitz is missed!

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  • liberation

    the good days (’90;s, kcrw at it’s height and the template for public grassrsoots radio,
    can we bring it back? )

    nothing is impossible, permanent or immutable:

    in no particular order of importance
    1. stephanie englesen
    2. cheryl gee
    3. johanne todd and the data entry pledge room (the joking that went on!!)
    4. tom schnabel and his hilarious surfing stories
    5. josh berman
    6. sarah spitz
    7. scott fritz (young john lennon look alike, gifted and humble enginner)
    8. theo mondle
    9. joe frank
    10. all the distinct and down-to-earth personalities who were volunteers and pledge drive volunteers: great people
    11. steve herbert
    12. geoff sykes
    13. warren olney
    14. jacqueline delorrie (what was she saying to herself?)
    and the list goes on …

    awesome community and unique personalities … uncommercialized
    and unhyped — liberated from soundbiting and meme’ing.
    carry on that torch. if you choose 🙂


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