Postcards to the Future of Los Angeles!

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Los Angeles is a city on the rise, and at 826LA and KCRW, we do a lot of thinking about the city we’d like to live in.

At this year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, we invited the community to send postcards to the future of our city. What are our hopes and dreams for Los Angeles? What do we wish to see by the year 2050?

As it turns out, many of us have similar dreams. We wish for “more smiling and less angry honking” and for people to “break down their wall of comfort” and talk to one another on the street. We wish for “parks and libraries on every corner,” “to no longer pretend we don’t live in a desert,” and for “a deeper connection” to our fellow Angelenos. We even wish for more Corgi beach days.

Every day, Angelenos get closer to one another– and to our future dreams– when they volunteer as creative writing tutors at 826LA or tune in to KCRW’s signature programs. That’s why KCRW is teaming up with 826LA during the next Membership Drive (May 5th-12th) to spread the word about awesome tutoring and creative writing programs! When you sign up to become a KCRW member or renew your existing membership, you will have the option to also support 826LA and their amazing mission.

About 826LA: 826LA is a non-profit writing and tutoring organization. Since opening our doors in 2005, 826LA has inspired over 50,000 Los Angeles students to write. Visit to learn how you can help our city’s youngest authors write with creativity and confidence!

Postcards designed by the talented Ron Thompson /


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