KCRW’s Drama Club: Vicuña

A rich, narcissistic reality TV star is running for president (sound familiar?). The trouble is he needs a killer suit for the final debate. Something that really makes the man. He goes where all the powerful men go for their bespoke clothing to Anselm and his young assistant Amir. Should they craft the image for the man that might destory them?

That’s the not-so-fictional setup for Jon Robbin Baitz’s new play “Vicuna” at the Kirk Douglas Theater. While the play begins with characters who seem more than a little familiar where the play goes is as dramatic as the election it mirrors.

Join your friends, new and old, on Saturday October 29th when the KCRW Drama Club goes to the intimate Kirk Douglas Theater to experience this world-premiere. Then join us after the show for a drink to debate what it all means and what’s next.

“Vicuña” at the Kirk Douglas Theater – October 29th at 8pm.

Special KCRW Drama Club $25 discount code: KCRWDRAMA