KCRW Celebrates Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us and amidst the backyard BBQ’s and poolside parties KCRW wants to take a moment to remember what the day is all about.

On today’s To The Point, we talk about what the day means to different people, from those who’ve served and those who haven’t. We’ll hear from the child whose father served in WWII and a mother who lost her son in Grenada; from those deeply affected by the US wars and those who have had little personal connection. Tune in Monday at noon for this special program.

KCRW listener and retired USMC Colonel Robert Duff submitted his own ideas for commemorating Memorial Day. Here are some of his ideas:

–        Attend a Memorial Day parade

–        Place flags at the graves of veterans at a local cemetery

–        Remember all of the fallen soldiers

–        Make a care package for a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine deployed in Afghanistan


Do have your own ideas for ways to commemorate Memorial Day? Let us know in our comments section below.