KCRW Presents: Rush

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KCRW Presents: RUSH

A Special Screening for KCRW Listeners

Before Rush opens to the public on the big screen, KCRW is hosting a sneak-peak screening for our listeners only!

Tell us about your first car in the comments section below, and we’ll choose winners to receive a FREE pair of tickets to this special presentation on Thursday, September 5 at 7:30pm at the Landmark in West LA.

Rush, an epic action-drama about the unbelievable rivalry that defined an era, is the latest from Academy Award®-winning director Ron Howard. This spectacular big screen re-creation of the legendary showdown between charismatic English playboy James Hunt and his opponent, Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda is set against the sexy, glamorous era of the late ’70s.

Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) stars as Hunt and Daniel Brühl (Inglourious Basterds) as Lauda, as the story follows them on and off the track during the astonishing 1976 season in which both drivers were willing to risk everything to become world champion. They were heroes in a sport with no margin for error: If you make one mistake, you die.

Rush is in select theaters September 20th and everywhere September 27th.


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  • Ari Trujillo

    My first "car" was an unregistered, uninspected off-brand Chinese scooter. It was bright orange when I got it and by the end it was 25% Orange, 12% Rust, and 63% mouthy bumper sticker.

  • JaimeMas

    My first car was a 78 Toyota Corolla Liftback which I drove very hard. But the first car I loved to drive was my father's Lancia Fulvia coupe. A sweet little aluminum bodied car that was wonderful to drive. He was constantly working on it and there lots of times I couldn't drive it because the engine or the transmission was on our dining room table, much the chagrin of my mother. I still remember being in the car while he played freeway tag at 90mph with a big American muscle car with this, a tiny Italian sports coupe with only a 1200cc engine. Sweet times.

  • Lisa Mohan

    My first car was a red convertible 1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia which I purchased after moving back to LA from Manhattan in 1990. I loved that car more than any I have owned since (not many), despite the fact that it caught on fire on Sunset Blvd and the convertible roof would leak every time it rained. I miss it every day!

  • Terence Hines

    My first car was an Alfa Romero Spider. I was attracted to this car because it was FAST, had a great sound system and was a convertable! Pretty much everything a 17 year old kid coud want in life at the time. I got my dad to shell out $850.00 for this bad boy and was so excited to take it for a spin. I hadn't even driven it yet prior to payng. This ended up being a bit of a problem as it was a manual transmission and I had no clue on how to drive a stick! I ended up ruining the transmission within three days and had to get it replaced for $400.00 more dollars… but by then, I had learned the hard way more than a few lessons. The least of which was how to drive a stick shift!

  • Lauretta Niees

    My first car that I purchased was a VW fastback with a suitcase engine in the back. I loved that car even though I bought it on my own without any assistance from my brothers or father. I could move furniture in it and I drove it back and forth from Torrance to Mission Viejo to pick up my then young niece and nephews to spend weekends with me.

  • sandie

    My first car was HORRIBLE! and I blame my dad! LOL. I had saved up a couple thousand dollars working part time, and desperately wanted a karman ghia or a corvair, but my farther refused to let me get a rear engine car and instead found a "reliable" plymouth horizon for me to spend my hard earned money on. On a trip home from Hollywood one night, the reliable horizon blew a gasket on the 405 at about midnight. That was the end of that car (thank goodness!). I didn't end up with a ghia, but I did get a VW bug that i had for YEARS afterward!

  • AndyZ

    My first car was an 86 Chevy Blazer. My friends and I abused the hell out of that car, taking it off-roading all the time, but we only got stuck once!

  • My first car was a green Jeep Wrangler with a tan top, which I chose because it reminded me of Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park!

  • Leslie G

    I bought a silvery Datsun Sentra from my friend at work. Maybe it was 1982 model? I was living in Washington, DC and paid $75 for it in 1994; my friend's family asked me to sign a waiver to say I understood the car was in terrible condition. It lasted about two years, I took it to the beach and loaned it to friends regularly. One time I lost it – I thought it was stolen and just wrote it off in my head. And then a week later a friend told me she saw it on a block pretty far from where I live, and I picked it up again. I suppose the car went on a frolic of its own, but I will never know that story…
    The car was stick and I didn't know how to drive standard. The first day I really drove it was the day of the World Cup Finals (played in the US) and my friends and I drove all around the capitol, grinding the clutch, honking the horn and high-fiving Brazil fans. Then we drove to RFK stadium and somehow met the crew for The Grateful Dead and got into the show with backstage passes. No joke. One of the best days of my life thanks to that tiny coche!

  • Amir Khan

    My first car was what some could call a Toyota! It had three different shades of red, but stood by me through thick and thin. She wasn't the fastest car in town, or the best looking, but she stood strong and was as reliable as any. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she lost every race, but failed to learn when the next one arrived.

  • Gary

    My first one was a 92 Ford Probe. I was young and wanted the fanciest car my car $4,000 could buy. Well…I got it. Outside it was all pretty. Inside, the previous owner rewired it…not very well. As I quickly found out, everything electric that could go wrong with it, did.

    The automatic seatbelts jammed, the cabin lights shorted out, and every so often the engine would threaten to catch fire. But it wasn't all bad. I could impress all my friends by taking the keys out while leaving the engine still running.

  • Heidi

    1966 Convertible Mercury Monterey – White with Blood Red Interior. I was 17 and there we 5 of us girls who cruised around Seattle all summer with the top down. It was a beauty and now lives in a small town in Eastern Washington as a Parade car…Sigh. I blame that car for making me an F1 fan, it was fast, ;- ).

  • Doug S

    A 1980 Honda Civic. I was getting a special "fleet" price on it and they kept delaying delivery, even though I was first on the list for one. After 11 months I saw one driving down my street with the dealer sticker and was able to prove they were selling them around me.

  • Rebecca P

    My first car was a great little Nissan Sentra. I got a great price, and she did me well driving back and forth to North Carolina from New York several times. But, she was totaled while I was completing an internship in Cincinnati in 2006 while parked on the street. Lucky for me, some wonderful witnesses stuck around to talk to the cops and make a report. Without them, I would have never caught the perp, as I didn't have the right cell phone number on file with my insurance, so didn't even find out about the accident until I left work and saw my car, laundry bag peeking out from a crushed open trunk–ugly in contrast to my brand new tires and full tank of gas!!

  • Steven Palma

    First car was a 1965 Ford Ranchero,….bought it for 150 bucks and wish I still had it. It was a cool cruiser for driving around Santa Monica, Venice and Samohi. School bus yellow and aluminum mag wheels….sweet.

  • Kimberly D

    I got my first car in 1986. It was a 1977 Honda Accord with 140,000 miles on the odometer that I bought from my dad for $800. WIth my first car, I learned how to drive a stick shift, change my own oil, change a tire, and even how to put missing rotor back in the distributor cap when my dad removed it in order to prevent me from using my car when grounded 😉 My metallic blue hatchback Accord was a "souped-up" version with an air dam, spoiler, mag wheels, and a manual transmission. It was a great first car, reliable to a fault, and lasted me all through high school and college with many fun memories along the way. I sold it 8 years later when I got my first full time job out of college and replaced it with a 91 Mazda Miata (stick, of course). My 77 Accord taught me to enjoy the actual experience of driving, vs. a car just being a way to get from point A to point B. Today, I am a huge car geek and love going to classic car shows and watching car shows on TV (F1, Top Gear, Motor Week, Chasing Classic Cars, Wheeler Dealers). Thanks to my husband, I have been a huge Formula One fan since 1997 and we would both love to see this movie about one of the most important seasons in F1 history.

  • Mamta Valderrama

    My first car was a hand-me-down from my older brother. It was a beautiful metallic blue Acura Integra with those seat belts that automatically press over the passenger when anyone would close or open the door. This car had many adventures. It was in Berkeley, CA with my brother then with him in Mexico City, before it came to me in SoCal. I took it with me to Washington, DC and then finally had to give it up to cash for clunkers back here in LA when it was on its final legs. It had more than 200,000 miles and was affectionately known as the “blue car” by my family and friends.

  • Dan

    Porsche 924 Turbo Carrerra. If your gonna learn to drive stick shift try a Porsche.

  • Erick W.

    My first car was a used Ford Taurus – gray, that turned out to be a lemon, a gray lemon how about that? Although it was a good car for the short time I had it, until it left me stranded on a trip to Mississippi, driving from Pennsylvania. I was moving to Jackson for a job assignment. I guess I had piled inside the car all my belongings at the time. Amazing to look back and think that I could wrap up my world in a box or two, trow it inside my gray lemon and drive off into the sunset seeking new opportunities and adventures. And what an adventure it proved to be. If I could only be that free and light again, even if that means to go back to my gray lemon of a car!

  • I started driving in 1990 and my first car was a maroon 1977 Volvo 242 and it was one awesome car. Built like a tank and it was extremely reliable. My friends in high school used to do things like bump you at a stop light and my car never had problems. Some kids who had much newer and definitely fancier cars had bumpers fall off. When I went to college, my grandmother took over driving the car and she kept driving it through my college years and after. It was SOLID. The only thing that finally stopped it was an absent minded forklift driver that accidentally drove the fork part of his forklift into the passenger side door. It was a great car!

  • Vivian

    My first car was a 1998 black Nissan Sentra with 150,00 miles. I lived in the in the Midwest and it survived the snow, below 0 temps. I drive it to Texas and it almost broke down, but luckily I still got some life out of it since then. The A/C didn't work which was painful during the summers in Austin.

  • My first car is still my car right now. My dad got it for me, but I paid for half. It's a 2006 hyundai elantra and it's been quite the car. I moved out here to L.A. in October 2012 and in May someone "fell asleep" driving down our street. They ran into a Honda Pilot that was parked behind my car, managing to wedge it in my back bumper, it nearly totaled my car. Lucky for me I had a great roommate who ran outside and corned the guy before he could get away. We got his information and my insurance completely restored the back of my car. It looks perfect! The front bumper, trunk, back bumper, and tail lights have all been replaced, the left side has been hit and run at least four times all leaving substantial dents. It's black and looks dirty all the time, which drives me nuts. But I love Betsy still and try to treat her with as much care as I'm able.

  • Adam

    My first car was a 1976 Toyota celica which had been driven hard by my brother prior to me receiving it in 1984. It wasn't much to look at but I babied it and had it repainted a cool dark gray. I also beefed up the stereo system with a great Alpine stereo that pulled out, yes, you remember the pull out stereos. Anyway, I drove that car all of 11th and 12th grade and down to San Diego for my first year of college.

  • Smyth100

    My first car was a 1998 Oldsmobile. Hideous in the front, kind of adorable from the back–but what really mattered was what was inside: leather seats and a brand new Bose system. It was a salvaged car that served me well…until I totaled it in a lemon tree orchard. Alas.

  • Katie

    My first car was a 1986 Ford Mustang GT. It was white with black trim and a black racing stripe up the hood. It was so sweet. I drive a Prius now. And I freaking miss that Mustang sometimes. Even the tape deck and lack of cup holders. *sigh*

  • Brad Vassar

    I had the ultimate first car – a black on tan 1992 Saab 900 Turbo that looked exactly like a duck. You can google it if you don't believe me, but all great first cars should have great nicknames, and "The Duck" was as good as any.

    What made it so great was the illusion of speed. The turbo would kick in at about 20 mph so you really felt like you had a second boost of power, when in reality the car was just catching up with normal cars. And to make things feel even more exotic, the ignition slot wasn't on the tree, but instead down in the center console, below the ebrake handle. You really felt like you were plugging your key into the heart of the car. The downside to that was that I also spilt orange juice down the key hole, but it seemed to cope well enough.

    Sometimes the automatic would stall, but I'd still floor it when I got the chance. The heating coil was broken, but it had semi-functioning seat heaters. The paint was pocked with chips, but I insisted on waxing it and covering it every night, anyway.

  • Nick

    My first car was a '86 Volkswagen Jetta that was broadsided shortly after I got it. Of course I didn't have the money to fix the broken rear doors, so one remained permanantly closed while the other, with a broken latch, was held closed with a bungee cord. When I drove friends around I always warned them to buckle up because the left door would swing open when I took wide turns. One morning while giving friends a ride to school, the inevitable happened when I took a turn and heard a "thump". I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my buddy tumbling across the road. I freaked out and pulled over, he jumped back in the car dazed, but mostly ok. I say mostly because in his state of shock, he said his pants felt wet, and when he pulled down his jeans we discovered most of the skin on one of his buttcheeks was gone. I got the latch fixed shortly thereafter.

  • Jessica

    I'm still driving my first car! It's a 1993 Nissan NX, which I got in 2001, when I was 15 (I'd just gotten my permit). It was in pristine condition then, only 33K miles, even had the zipper cases to protect the T-tops! Now, it's really showing its age and I've thankfully found a great mechanic who helps me keep her in decent condition…though, the latest part on it to go is the passenger door. It wouldn't close one day, so I forced it shut and locked it. And now I can't open it! But I learned how to drive on that thing, and I'll keep driving it until the wheels fall off (which will probably literally happen at some point in the next couple of years)!

  • Fletcher

    My first car was a white Ford Bronco. A month later, O.J. Simpson made me a celebrity wherever I drove.

  • My first car was a Maserati. In college. In ATL and NYC. In the 90s, before youth was into getting 'jiggy' or before poppin' bottles was a trend. It lasted a year. I was reckless. But I'm still alive to write this, thank G-D!

  • Danny

    My first car was a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula 455 (Nordic Silver with a black interior), purchased slightly used when I was 16 years old, and driven throughout my remaining years in high school, and on into young adulthood. It gulped high-test gasoline at a prodigious rate, and during odd-even gas rationing days (while I was at UCLA), it would consume several gallons just idling in line for a couple of hours. It was wicked fast, and cornered like it was on rails. If you floored the gas pedal, it would "lay rubber" off the line, and again when it shifted into second gear! I drive an all-electric Nissan LEAF now, but in between there was a Honda Prelude, a Lexus LS400, an Acura Legend LS, and a Prius hybrid. Amazingly, I still own the Firebird (although it's been in storage for many, many years), and hope to one day (soon) bring it back to life.

  • The first car I was supposed to inherit was a 1972 Chrysler Gold Duster. It was my Dad's car and it hated me! It would refuse to start in embarrassing places, like in front of my latest crushes home after I left a surprise present or at school when I was leaving "early" and would not start until my father would come to get it. I refused to accept it and did receive my families' next hand me down car, a Honda Civic (1976) with a loving and caring heart.

  • My first car was a 1998 geo metro hatchback. No power steering, no abs, no power anything. Was grey with a primer colored roof where the weather had worn the paint off and a black hood. Sold it before i went to college and two weeks later it was picked up by the police with a sizable amount of cocaine in the back. I saw it a couple years later and it had been upgraded with a red door…

  • Linda

    My first car was a 1974 Triumph Spitfire. I had it for one year and it only ran about half the time. At least it was small and easy to push! And I could inflate the tires with a bicycle pump! Do I miss it- almost never, since I got a Miata, which was as much fun and ridiculously reliable. 🙂

  • dereck

    it was handed down from my mother, to my brother, and then to me.

    it was a 1986 corolla, it was the slowest car with 4 gears (manual). going from 2nd to 3rd made no sense to the car going over the 405 hill. i'd basically have to red line the thing if i didn't want to bog it the hell down.

    boy was it fun to drive though. i worked in santa monica and lived in the valley. i'd drive that thing through the curvy mullholland streets around 2 am at least 3 times a week. apparently even 3 wheeling sometimes.

    i however, was a neglectful and abusive owner. since i drove the car so furiously for what it was, it required oil changed frequently… one month i got lazy and just left it, "i'd get to it", i thought. i never did.

    one day i started the little burgundy turtle corolla, only to hear it weeping. rod knock. i stopped driving it as much as i did, eventually ending up selling it since it wasn't worth it for me to fix it.

    i'll always love you, you 4 gear having,slow as shit turtle.

  • Lindsie Carlsen

    My first car was a used, bottom of the line '56 Chevy, blue body, cream top, with a column three speed stik shift. In its day, for me, it was the cat's pajamas. I had never driven a stick shift before, but I knew the basics from the then mandatory driver's training offered in high school. Unfortunately, a simulator is nothing quite like the real thing, and I jerked forward and killed the engine at least a dozen times before I started to get the hang of it. On the second day of my ownership, I proudly picked up my Mom at the Beverly Hills Hotel, to drive her our house in the valley. I would up on Canon drive, and approached one of those weird 5 way intersections, which so completely confused me that I drove (slowly!) right through the stop sign. A police officer, of course, observed my awkward maneuvers, and gave me my first ticket. I not only had a car, but a police record, too. Just damn it all, anyway!

  • Steve Colton

    At 14-1/2 years old, before I could "legally" drive it, my first car was a 1932 Ford Duece Coupe V8 with a Rumble seat all for the tidy sum of $150. I "bought" it from a nurse who had gained it through a divorce settlement by having $5 week deducted from my earnings doing the landscape care for a doctor in Santa Ana. Though somewhat drivable, attested to by my disturbed neighbors through numerous driveway burnouts, it only saw street duty one nefarious and gloriously frightening night. Sure that the cops were on to me with the occassional headlight front or rear speed was kept in the sane region – and the brakes were really rather sketchy. I was all of 15 and still without a license:) Ah, the golden days in Orange County ca. 1960. Wish I still had that one…

  • Niki Jensen

    My first car was "Trigger," a black Jeep Cherokee from the early '90s that my dad treated like a horse back when it was his car — it had the classic safari box-top that always made me feel like I was going somewhere more exotic than I was, and it came with built-in memories from my childhood, like when my dad would call out, "Whooa Trigger, easy up!" as we would approach speed bumps that dotted my neighborhood. I journeyed with Trigger all the way out to L.A., where he finally died 10 years after I got him, ablaze in smoke in the hills on Beverly Glen — a blow-out ending for my Western-inspired first car!

  • Kelly

    My brother and I had matching '89 Honda Civics. His was blue, mine was white. When you turned it on, the seat belts would automatically glide across a track lining the ceiling and secure you down… it was the ultimate safety-mobile. Sadly, after about a year of driving that little baby, one morning the hood started to billow steam. Took it to the shop and what do you know, but a pack of squirrels had nested in my engine and were chewing through wires. It was on to the next!

  • AmyL

    My first car was my grandmother's 1981 Oldsmobile Cutless Sedan. Color: Maroon. It was a gigantic piece of crap that kept breaking down all over town. As a 16-year-old, fairly mousey girl, it was frightening to get back into it time and time again. But it taught me how to be scrappy. (Sounds good).

  • Renee

    My first car was a 1966 Volvo. Sky blue with something amazing – seat belts! And a working ashtray! I guess the good old days weren't so healthy.

  • Jamie

    My first car was, and is, a 1994 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’ve had it for 14 years and it’s finally giving up the ghost. The horizontal surfaces are bubbling up with rust, AC doesn’t work, the headliner has separated from the roof, the transmission fluid needs to be refilled every week, it’s a total disaster. It’s finally coming up on time for me to get rid of it. But it’s served me so well that I don’t know if I can.

  • Christopher Mount

    My first car was an MG Midget convertible from about 1972 and not really appropriate for the travails of living in NYC in the '90's. It was so small and often stalled while turning left in an intersection. Without fail it did this once and a truck driver who had nearly hit me, rolled down his window and sarcastically yelled in my direction, "You forgot to wind it up!!"

  • Nelson

    Mine was a 1957 Chevy 210. It had a blue paint job and all tricked out. Was one of the fastest cars in Nassau County, Long Island. It did 12 on the track. I sold it a guy who took it to Louisiana. Probably got eaten by a gator.

  • Blaine

    My first car was a hand-me-down from my mom… a green '68 Plymouth Barracuda. It was affectionately know as "The Fish" by all of my friends. It led an abused life in my hands… cruising all over the fire roads of the Santa Monica Mountains (could never do this today!), as well as getting me all over LA for many years. It unfortunately met its demise when I rear ended a neighbor's parked cherry '68 Z28 Camaro while I was looking at a cop stopped at another neighbor's house. Funny thing was (I can say that now) that I was on my way to the last class of a 24-hour (!) traffic violation course.

    Long Live The Fish.

  • Lisa

    When I was old enough to drive, my first car was a "Baby Blue" color 1953 Ford Custom Line with 4 doors and whitewall tires. My father and I had restored "Betsy" to her original condition. It was the car I grew up in and she was a tank!

  • Holly

    My first car was a red 1968 Ford Mustang with high performance 289, bought with student loan funds while attending college in Arizona. I’ve been a fan of fast muscle cars since I snuck my grandmother’s 1964-1/2 pretty green Mustang convertible out of the garage when I was 7 years old and tall enough to reach the pedals. Me and my flat red Ford Mustang were together for many years and saw some great sunrises and sunsets between Arizona and Los Angeles. Fun times. I traded my Mustang for a Olds Cutlass 442 and that’s a whole other story….

  • my first car was a chevrolet impala station wagon – yellow with black interior. it was originally our family car. i drove the car on weekdays filled with the neighborhood kids to our high school. a frozen interior wind shield and front seat in the winter was the daily wake up. easily fixed by poring boiling water on them to break and shave the ice. eventually the weight of my brother and his pals packed in the back – one being a rather heavy football player caused the tail pipe to hit the ground and drag. time for those boys to find a rope and tie it back up. until it happened again and again. if that car could only talk… so many stories to tell!

  • vasco

    FIAT Panda… Forza Italia!!!

  • Laura Caswell

    My first car was a light blue Plymouth Duster that was a hand me down from my Mom. It was butt ugly but it got me from point A to point B & back again and served me well in getting me to many killer Skateboarding spots as I was honing my skills as a soon to be World Champion Skateboarder ((-:
    I was soon lucky enough to get a new hand me down from my Dad… a red 5 speed Alfa Romeo GTV !!!
    It rocked & I felt like a true Bad Ass in it… I flew to Dallas with my boyfriend & picked it up, drove to Austin & went to Willie Nelsons annual 4th of July picnic at his ranch outside of town & had a frigin blast !!! Had just as much fun driving it back to sunny Southern California too ((((-: Loved that car more than life itself while I had it and truly wish that I would have never sold it to my very lucky Alfa mechanic ! Arghhhhh…))-;

  • veggiegurrl

    My first car was a 1976 AMC bright orange GREMLIN! I dare anyone to beat that! I even put a rainbow sticker on the back window. It seems silly now, but man, I was so damn proud of that sticker.
    I thought I was the coolest kid that had ever driven a car. I grew up in Chicago, and it wasn't the best in the snow, but you sure could find it in a parking lot.

  • Karen M

    A 1969 gold Ford Mustang was my first car. It was jacked up with mag wheels and big wide tires that had white stripes, a landau roof, an engine that was faster than I could handle, and I loved every minute of driving it! I was 17 when my dad bought it for me. The fuel filter was forever filling up with gunk and stalling, which is why I always carried a heavy rope in my car so friends could tow me back home or to Jay's Chevron in Garden Grove. I finally learned how to change my own filters and carried a couple of spares in the trunk.

  • Rick Nyburg

    Raised in a family of six kids, I didn't get my first car until I left "college" at the U.S. Naval Academy! I took my entire Navy severance check of about $1,000 and bought a used 1960 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint. It was metallic blue and drove like a dream. It sounded even better, especially when I would wind the engine out to the redline of nearly 8,000 RPM! I loved it and drove it nearly ten years until it finally cracked a head and sat in the garage until I could sell it! I drove go-karts as a kid and have been a sports car fan all of my life.

  • My own, personal first car was a Silver 79 datsun pick up. Many a Lahainaluna High School classmate had been arrested by Maui PD due to skate boarding behind this truck. Truly my first car was my parent's car. My parents had a 78 Chrysler Cordoba (yes, with Corinthian leather). My then girlfriend (and now wife) Arianna, took the Cordoba to the "other side of the island" to see "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" for our first date. She did not enjoy floating in this "boat" on the Pali (a long and winding cliff-side and ocean front single lane highway) to make this journey. I would love to win 4 passes to take my buddies, but Arianna has already told me that if I win, she will sacrifice and let me take a buddy. Thanks!!

  • Cesar

    My first car was a black 95' Acura Integra Ls. I had driven a few other cars before purchasing the Integra all on my own. I first noticed the car when I saw the projector headlights on in a blackened out poster. That little guy put me all the way through college and the beginning of my career. Though it managed to give me a great and unforgettable time in the canyons it also managed to scare the life outta me when the passenger side axle broke in the middle of the street. The car survived one accident, a hit an run, and the first day I drove in snow, loosing a chain and thanking god the car was stick to avoid crashing into the snowy mountain.

  • Erik

    My first car was a 1971 Datsun 240Z with the 2.4 L engine, the fully-independent suspension, the sleek styling, the…. OK, OK, it wasn't a 240Z. Oh, the heads I would have turned, the women who'd of lined up to ride around, the speed barriers I'd of broken. But my mom (who was footing the bill) forced me to buy a nice, reliable 1983 Honda Accord. Sigh. But I got even with her: new low-profile tires and racing wheels, straight-through headers and exhaust (yes, I removed the cat–sorry!), high-performance cam and carburetor, etc. etc. How'd it turn out? Well, maybe a little faster than stock (I once lost a race to a Ford van), but, not surprisingly, it wouldn't pass smog. (Whoops!) Oh well. Lessons learned.

  • csemonian

    my first car was a 1957 austin healy "100-6". i paid about $600 for it in 1965. those cars tended to have a lot of mechanical problems, if mine was any indication, but what a kick to drive. it didn't have roll-up windows. they came with plastic panels you'd screw in if you needed them. fortunately, in southern california, i rarely needed them or the rag top.

  • Spoiled Little Princess! Daddy bought my 1971 bright yellow vw convertible and had it in the garage before my 16th birthday! The pure joy and anticipation of getting that thing on the road…I'm getting tingly all over
    Just thinking about it. Of course, mom had me driving around LA at 15 with a learner s permit…ALONE!

  • Matthew Arner

    It was a 79 honda civic..brand new from pops. It was small, but a little larger than the tiny ones. I put rims on it, fog lights, stereo, porsche mirrors, a winkmirror, etc, etc. it didnt look too bad for what it was. Put about 2gs on it as I recall. Cool little 5 speed. Wish I had a picture. ,

  • Joe C

    My first car was a 72 Chevy Nova with a skateboard mounted to the hood as an ornament. Lots of sticker all over the car and heated the springs to give the car a lower stance. I was the designated driver in high school for the crew so everyone got home safely as I did not drink. Did like to practice car control/drifting off road in undeveloped areas until I found out how much tires cost.

  • Denise

    Spoiled Little Princess! Daddy bought my 1971 bright yellow vw convertible and had it in the garage before my 16th birthday! The pure joy and anticipation of getting that thing on the road…I'm getting tingly all over

  • Irina

    My very first car was a Ford Probe and I loved it. It was a tint two door tan girly car and cost $4000. I would have driven it for years and years if it hadn’t caught fire on the freeway. Yep, while driving on the freeway I saw smoke and full blown fire. I causes quite a scene with fire trucks and everything. Good memories, Ford Probe!

  • Cris Whetstone

    My first car was a mid-80's Audi Coupe. It was an insurance wreck my uncles had bought and refurbed; The top was cut off and replaced with a new one as the car was flipped in a wreck. The corner above the driver was nearly at the level of the bottom of the door window when they got it. The Audi's of that era were 5 cylinders of all things. Fun car with lots of rear seat room even though it was only two doors. One time I left the cap off after adding oil which I had to do as it burned it fairly quickly. I got 5 miles from my house wondering what all that burning smell was.

  • melissa rosen

    When I was a freshmen in college I was doing volunteer work at the Texas State Hospital (a mental facility) as part of my degree in Psychology. Since, I had to be there in the evening, my dad relented and bought me a car. We checked out lots of used vehicles but my dad was more interested in a large car that he equated with safety. He decided on a Catalina. It was a boat and I was not happy but the compromise was that I could have it painted any color I chose. I decided on a shiny burnt orange for the football team (Texas Longhorns) of my school. Now, it was big and ugly! But the memories…

  • Adrien

    You can't go wrong with a 1994 Honda accord. Beige gloss finish and all beige interior, 2 wheel drive. One of the most basic cars you can get at 18 years old. I inherited it from my brother along with all its problems. Even though it got me from A to B, it would break down every month and I could never afford to make any alterations to it. After having to tow it 6 times off Beverly Glen because the engine fan kept breaking and the car would start to smoke, we finally decided to put it out of its misery.

  • Luv2drive

    A Maverick. Go ahead, take a second to look it up – yes there was such a car. I was a single mom and the car was given to me to use so that I could save money to buy a real car. It had a huge dent in the right rear and a dent on the left fender. The car was rusting. I would get pulled over by cops regularly – so much that I lost track – until one day a cop came to my door and told me he had a warrant for my arrest. Well I did save money and bought a Honda Accord which kept my son and I safe for 10+ years. Now, my son is on his own. Last year I bought my dream car – you can see me touring through town in my Porsche Carrera 4S with my GSP pooch sticking her head out the window. Talk about RUSH!

  • Zena

    Reliant K! Ironically, the most unreliable car but a pretty fool-proof metal box that made it through a lot of bumps and bruises. Despite the occasional brushes with fire hydrants, concrete parking barriers, even a phone booth once (don't worry, no one was in it), we miraculously both made it through high school!

  • Stacey O.

    Mine was a 1986 Mazda RX-7 GXL (a former bright idea of my father's – he'd bought it, then realized its lack of versatility, then essentially abandoned it in the driveway). It was a two-seater sports car with sport suspension (and a button you could press to make the suspension even more sporty). Getting into this car really meant falling down into it, as it was just that low to the ground.

    Just the perfect car for a fledgling 16-year-old driver like me!

  • Christy Phan

    Memories… I was a senior in high school, came home one day and there was a beat up old ’85 Toyota Camry in the driveway. I thought to myself…Hmmm… Who’s here? Went inside and my mom tells me that’s my “new” car. As ugly and old as it was I was ecstatic. My seatbelt didn’t work, the passenger side window didn’t roll down… Oh the muffler was broken so my car sounded like it had a cool exhaust…not so cool cuz you could here me coming from a mile away. Lol

  • Melanie

    In the early 90's I was in high school and had my first car, a late 70's Ford Fiesta. Nasty pumpkin orange, a stick shift that popped out if you shifted too fast (such fun when you're on the freeway, ugh), a wooden plank under the pedals (because the floor had rusted through a bit), and door handles that had broken off so you needed to roll down the window and open the door from the outside. Besides the safety issue of the stick shift popping out, I was raised in Iowa where we can have severe sub zero weather for a decent amount of time. The rust hole in the floor meant you were always freezing and had to keep a rag to wipe the inside of the windshield on a regular basis. The windows would freeze shut so if you got into the car and realized you left something in the house, you were stuck inside until the terrible heater could warm the windows up enough for you to roll them down and open the door. Also, we lived in the deep deep country where you could drive three miles and not pass a single house. The one time this car decided to stall and refuse to restart, I was in the middle of one of those isolated stretches at night in the rain. Yep, no joke. How on earth did my parents think this vehicle was an acceptable mode of transportation for their 16 year old daughter?!? I have no idea, but it sure has allowed me to share some fun stories!

  • Robert

    A brittish racing green Truimph Spitfire. After school money throwing pizzas bought a roll bar, wider tires, racing mags, lowered and tightenend suspension and a quick release shoulder harness. When my friends and I worked on the carburetter and timing of the 4 cylinder engine, I was a driver with a crew setting up the Spitfire for weekends of local saloms and time-trials.


    My Mom and Dad promised me a car when I got admitted to college. Dad didn't live to witness it because of a heart attack. I thought all bets were off, but my Mom told me she would make good on the pledge. Like a lot of young guys I was in lust over Corvettes. Mom had a friend that owned a successful auto body shop and she asked him for advice. He said to her "Why don't you just hand him a loaded 45?" Well there went my Corvette.
    But he also said he would find a car for me that I would love….and he did. It was an Austin Healy 100/6 that he had lovingly restored and painted a SoCal metallic sky blue. This was one of a kind and a real head turner. I told my Mom that I would honor the gift in the spirit in was intended, by doing well in school and graduating. When I got my B.A. at UCLA in '63 and was twice selected as an Outstanding Senior, honoring the pledge to my parents. My love affair with cars, and particularly sports cars, began with topless days and romantic nights in my Austin Healy crusin' in L.A. environs with a pretty lady.

  • Kara

    My first car was an electric blue (with sparkles) Ford Escort. I felt like the queen of sheba driving it even though it wasn't anything compared to what a lot of my friends were driving. AND it had a tape deck!!I would listen to my Depeche Mode and the Sparks as I drove the Canyon to Malibu just for fun. Sadly it was totaled when I was hit from behind and almost pushed off a bridge in the West Bank of New Orleans. I would probably still be driving it to this day if it wasn't!

  • In 1967, when I was 17, on the first day that I was eligible, I got my first car. It was a 1960 white, Chevy Bel Air underpowered 6 cylinder. Back then, in the days of planned obsolescence, a seven year old car was ready to be junked but, I was very appreciative that my parents were able to give me this hand-me-down car. After a year or so we had it re-painted by Earl Shive for $29.95 and every time you washed it, the paint would come off on the rag. You got what you paid for. After a year or so, we had a party and re-painted it a la Ken Keesy multi-colored and it was re-christend the "Hippymobile". My sister and I drove this car until 1971 when it was finally retired to the old age home for cars

  • My first car was a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 (two door hatchback). I remember wanting one, because I wanted a car that was used in the WRC(World Rally Championship). You see, I'm quite the auto racing enthusiast. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about the production model car when I started driving. The suspension was alright for a stock car, albeit the roll. Being a front wheel drive car, it performed quite well under corners. The roll, however, would cause it to spin if you pushed it too hard. A feat thats quite hard to do in a front wheel drive car. It got to the point that eventually, I could do a controlled spin with the car in the rain. It was good fun until engine mounts started going out from the extraneous strain that I was putting on the car. It was also quite a good jumper if you pushed were going fast enough over a bump. From nearly flooding the engine with large puddles in the rain, to catching air, to controlled spinning the car, it eventually started to give up on me. It really put up with a lot of my teen stupidity, and as such, will always hold a special place in my heart. Surprisingly an absolutely fantastic first car.

  • Lori

    my "first car" wasn't a car and it wasn't mine. I Hated to drive, I was perfectly content to let my friends and family drive me around until they performed an intervention and "made me" get my license. Well, I out did them, I got my commercial driver's license. So my first car was actually a bus so I could drive for school field trips. I remember sitting in line to do the hands on portion of my test and listening to the radio about President Reagan getting shot. Quite an exquisitley stressful day. (I passed).

  • Johnny G

    First car was a brand new 1994 Ford Escort — parents purchased it for me as a high school graduation gift. The car was red and the guys in the college dorms called it the Mac Mobile — as it was constantly going between the dorms and McDonalds to get Big Macs.

  • jill

    The first car I ever drove was my parent's 1972 red Ford Coupe. I'd just finished Driver's Ed and was driving for the first time since receiving my license. The car was parked next to the curb outside our house. Three of my 16 year old girlfriends had just piled into the car with me. Suddenly an Oldsmobile, filled with five hunky sixteen year old BOYS from school, pulled up next to us. They stopped, waved, and graciously gestured for me to begin driving and enter the roadway in front of them.
    I put my foot on the gas and floored it………only to drive in reverse up onto our neighbor's lawn stopping inches from their front door. It was early Spring so for weeks that first drive left deep tracks in their usually perfect front lawn, but these were no deeper than the total embarrassment I felt!

  • Linda

    My first "real" car … one that I bought with my own money … was a dark grey 2010 Camry that I purchased in 2010. Unfortunately, I got to drive it for only 3 months before I was forced in a trade with my older brother for his even older, and even more generic, silver 2002 Camry with my older brother. Apparently, he needs a newer car because he drives more for work. The things you do for family …

  • Dan

    Her name was "Supertruck," the moniker more indicative of the quality of her character than of anything under the hood. Not to say that the 4-cylinder engine didn't put out enough oomph to get up and go. Nay, my 1980 Dodge D-50, born the same year as me and therefore already 16 years old before I inherited her, still had more than enough quickness to get me into (and out of) trouble on a regular basis.

    She was the kind of vehicle well-meaning parents might give their child to teach humility, but for me she was a source of great pride. Perhaps that yellow paint job with the orange, brown, and black stripes was no longer considered fashionable, but I loved how she stood out from a crowd. Sure, there was no power steering, but that was just a convenient way to fit in an extra arm workout on the way to school. And so what if that dinky plastic excuse of a "lock" on the sliding window in the back windshield had long since broken off? That was simply an effective teaching tool to never leave valuables behind!

    Yes, we had many great times together, Supertruck and I, such as the many times she faithfully hauled my band's gear back and forth from humble, barely-paid gigs. Or the time I inadvertently discovered her top speed was 87 mph, thanks to the helpful assistance of the state trooper who issued me a speeding ticket after I had her red-lined while trying to get a girlfriend home before curfew. (As you might have guessed, we were a few minutes late.)

    Years later, after I'd moved on to other vehicles, my mom was driving Supertruck and as she stopped at a stop sign one of the wheels just came off and rolled right through the intersection. It's okay to laugh; nobody was hurt. Sadly, my folks eventually sold her. The truck that is; not my mom. Legend has it that Supertruck still haunts the streets of rural Missouri. Word has reached me of multiple sightings in different towns over the years, and it comforts me to think that she's still out there, somewhere, making the world a more interesting place. And, for what it's worth, that girlfriend who was late getting home the night we got that speeding ticket? She married me.

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