KCRW Drama Club – Saturday

From Anthony Byrnes

There’s still time to join our KCRW Drama Club for this Saturday! If you’re interested scroll down a bit to the “Buy Tickets” link for all the info and we’ll see you Saturday at the Broad.

Okay, so what’s the big idea behind Drama Club?

In a nutshell: good theater, good people and a good drink.

Here’s another of the great infrastructure challenges of Los Angeles Theater. We’re so spread out and so linked to our cars and our neighborhoods and our commute that theater gets shoved into the tiny space between finding a parking space and racing to your car to make it home. There is no prologue – no epilogue. There’s just the show. I wonder if that’s enough to have a really great night at the theater?

If theater’s playing it’s historical role, it’s bringing us together as a community to tackle the human condition, to explore the depths and the heights of human experience. There are many different ways theater can take us there. We can laugh, we can cry, we can think – but critical is the “we”: the community. We all know how challenged the “we” is here in Los Angeles in the 21st century. We know all the things that keep us from coming together, from talking about what we see and feel.

For me, a great play is not finished till I get to talk to someone about it, till I get to hear how it touched someone else or how it bounced off their experience. A great play isn’t over until we get to share that experience, that personal epilogue.

In some cities, there are great theater bars – little hives where these epilogues take place: where a conversation with a stranger in the audience turns into a conversation with a friend; where a play becomes more profound through shared and disparate experiences; or sometimes where a bad play is erased by a joyful conversation of just exactly why it was bad.

We don’t do that very well in Los Angeles (at least not everywhere).

KCRW Drama Club is a modest attempt to change that. If you’re interested and can make it Saturday, I’d love to share a play with you. If you can’t but you’re interested in future events, drop me a line and I’ll add you to upcoming events.