Henry RollinsHenry Rollins:
Is There Anything He Doesn’t Do?

This weekend, KCRW DJ Henry Rollins received the prestigious Ray Bradbury Creativity Award from Woodbury University’s Friends of the Library. They recognized his contributions to the arts, cultural preservation, and political activism. Previous winners of the award have included Roy Disney, Kirk Douglas, and other unique characters who reflect Bradbury’s own creativity. We consider Henry a dynamic individual and are so proud to have him part of the KCRW family.

  • dbelleau2209 .

    glad to hear you are proud of him. that isn’t the impression one gets by changing his time slot and not having him do any fundraising. to me that sounds like you are preparing to shove him out the door. I hope that isn’t the case because I love the big three.

    • mkk

      Yes, completely agree and I’ve been wondering the same thing… a la Harry Shearer, another creative force of nature booted in favor of canned, pretentious, and less than creative programming, the TED Radio Hour. Sunday night at 8pm is the worst time slot for Henry.