Early Bird Sale: KCRW Masquerade Ball

By KCRW Social Media Manager, Betsy Moyer

The KCRW DJ Family posing at the Masquerade!

One of the prouder moments that I’ve experienced since joining the KCRW family, was in approaching the massive two-story Park Plaza in full costume for Halloween with my best friends in tow. Past KCRW Masquerade Balls have been touted as one of LA’s BEST options for Halloween parties. Its not only a crazy party full of your favorite KCRW DJs and musical acts, but the full costume participation of the guests is incredible.And me, with some of my friends Uncle Buck & Satoe!

If you know just what I’m talking about, you can rest peacefully with secured tickets as soon as now! Tix for this SURE TO BE SOLD OUT event are available for purchase now and we’re only telling friends and family so that you’ll have plenty of time to jump on it!! http://kcrw.com/masquerade