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Arts Discount: Off Center Festival at Segerstrom Center for the Arts

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Explore the WILD and diverse terrain of today’s contemporary performance scene with the return of the OFF CENTER FESTIVAL at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, January 23 – February 2.
The Center is proud to welcome a lineup of theater, music and performing artists that includes Reggie Watts, The Car Plays, Belorus Free Theatre, Sea Wolf and more.
Experience the artists who are …

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ARTS DISCOUNT: Le Vent du Nord at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz

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Characterized by authenticity, humor and a touch of romanticism, Le Vent du Nord (The North Wind) takes their Québec roots in striking global directions, delivering rich and varied instrumentation, well-polished arrangements and wonderful vocals.  Their traditional Québécois music, infused with Celtic sounds, brings together foot clapping, fiddle and accordion, merged with refined orchestrations, a savage-sounding hurdy-gurdy, superb four-voice harmonies in French, traditional airs, ballads, …

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KCRW’s 5 Things To Do This Week

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CELEBRATE: Dia de los Muertos
Outside of Oaxaca, LA may be one of the best places to experience Day of the Dead, the Mexican holiday to honor passed loved ones.  For the next week, you can find fiestas all over this city. So grab a candy skull and let’s celebrate!
EAT: Superba Snack Bar
Jonathan Gold calls Superba Snack Bar’s intricate dishes “sunny and straightforward,” …

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Follow the Frog Week – Bissinger’s Offers Eco-Conscious Chocolate

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As part of Follow the Frog Week, the chocolate company Bissinger’s is participating by trying to educate people on responsible chocolate-shopping and sustainable choices.  We caught up with Mark Ebling, Bissinger’s Vice President, and we asked him about what sustainablity means to them.
What is *Follow the Frog Week*?
As we live in a world where food is becoming increasingly industrialized and not all farming practices are …

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Marc Maron’s Roller Coaster of Emotion with KCRW

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WTF with Marc Maron has been back on our airwaves for a few weeks now!  We are, obviously, beyond excited to have his soothing sound gracing our airwaves again.
Even he wants you to go ahead and support KCRW!

KCRW makes Marc Maron sad/happy/melencholy/uplifted/confused.  If you enjoy that roller coaster of emotion that Maron experiences then follow his advice and kick in some shekels for public …

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KCRW’s 5 Things to Do This Week

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SEE: Women & War
After 28 years of documenting the effect of war on women in locations like Bosnia, Hiroshima, Vietnam, and Cameroon,  Marissa Ross is sharing her body of work at the Museum of Tolerance. “One Person Crying: Women and War” is now on view. VISIT
LISTEN: Dance Music Mecca
LA’s heat wave is actually in the clubs! The city is turning out dance music producers …

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Feed the Kitty! OMG LOL CATS for KCRW

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KCRW has been overrun by kittens!
We can hide it NO LONGER!  KCRW loves kittens.  Consider this a formal announcement to the world.  We want kittens everywhere!  Always!
We decided to dive into the complex world of internet-kitten-videos, and this is the fluffy and adorable result.
You’re welcome, America.

Once we pried the kittens out of Jason Bentley’s arms, Kajon swooped in and adopted a handful of them.  …

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Be a (Special) Part of the KCRW Pledge Drive

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Get involved with the KCRW drive!
If you follow KCRW on facebook/twitter/foursquare/youtube/tumblr/instagram/pinterest then you know that KCRW is diving head-first into pledge drive chaos!
You’ll notice all of the fun things we sprinkle across the internet to (delightfully?) remind you all that we:

Survive on donations from you, the wonderful and intelligent consumer of our content.
Would never pander to you.  You, the brilliant and charming reader of …

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Arts Discount: Red at the Mark Taper Forum

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August 1 – September 9, 2012
Mark Taper Forum
Behold the fury of abstract visionary Mark Rothko as powerful pigments and opinions splatter the canvases of his newly commissioned works for the highly anticipated Four Seasons restaurant.
Three-time Tony nominee Alfred Molina returns to his critically acclaimed London and Broadway role to rage against the influences of commerce in the art world – and occasionally his assistant- …

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Catching Up Around Town with KCRW

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From Long Beach to West Hollywood, KCRW personalities are hitting the town this week.

In West Hollywood, catch up with DnA’s Frances Anderton in conversation with Jim Heimann from Taschen Books, and Chris Nichols from Los Angeles magazine.  They will be at the Hollywood Rivera discussing Los Angeles’ Pool Culture on Tuesday, May 22nd.  Admission is free and fun will be had.  Come for the the beautiful setting, stay …