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KCRW’s January Volunteer of the Month

Posted January 12, 2016 by | 1 Comment | ]

Meet Vincent Nguyen. He is an event all-star and is on a path to success. He’s already accomplished a lot here with energy and positivity. Keep it up!
Where did you grow up and do you have any siblings? Pets?
I grew up in Pasadena and I have one older brother and the most inspirational parents life can give you.
What 5 things would you wish you had if you were …

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KCRW Angel Book Club

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Michael Silverblatt’s current Bookworm Book Club selection is The Visiting Privilege: New and Collected Stories, by Joy Williams, “a collection that will give you pleasure, wonder and terror for a long time to come… it will repay all the time you give to it.” Members of KCRW’s Bookworm Book Club enjoy FIVE titles a year, with recent selections by such esteemed and provocative authors …

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Take a look at what we’re building!

Posted December 17, 2015 by | 3 Comments | ]

To the thousands of donors who made our recent Above & Beyond Capital Campaign Drive a success, please accept my gratitude.
We not only met our $250,000 challenge grant from the Annenberg Foundation, we nearly doubled the amount! We are even closer to our goal and have the end in sight.
Check out this timelapse video to see the progress of KCRW’s new home. We will …

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Winners Made Here!

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How many times have you heard about our sweepstakes, Maui, Japan, Bora Bora… does anyone ever win?
The answer is YES. Check out this heartwarming video.


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KCRW’s December Volunteer of the Month

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Meet Brooke Saul. If you’ve been to KCRW events this year or seen the KCRW street team in action you might have already met her! She’s been an all-star at a whopping 14 events this year… wow. We’re so happy to have her on the team because she brings joy, fun, and helps us indulge our sweet tooth whenever possible. 
Where did you grow up and do you …

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KCRW’s Volunteer of the Month: November

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unnamed (9)

Alissa Nardo comes to the KCRW offices each week with a beaming smile on her face, which is a great way to start her shift. She’s in the newest batch of interns in our SMC Internship program, but has gone above and beyond in her time spent at KCRW. She has been a maverick at filling in for additional shifts in the office and being an ace …

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KCRW’s Volunteer of the Month – Mickel Tingley

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Meet Mickel. In this line of work, you come across the most interesting people that have had great experiences. Mickel embodies this idea because his journey so far has been so interesting!  
Where did you grow up and do you have any siblings? Pets?
I am a California native, born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. The city I am from is the dead …

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August Volunteer of the Month – Lori Schaffhauser

Posted August 26, 2015 by | 1 Comment | ]

Meet Lori! She’s been kicking butt around here recently. She is focusing in on music, her passion. It’s so awesome someone can follow their dreams and hop right in and learn what they want in new areas. What makes Lori special? She is super enthusiastic about getting involved in all the awesome volunteer projects we have available and signs up in a heartbeat with …

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We’ve noticed a strange occurrence here in the basement offices of KCRW. Some of our staffers have had a moment of coincidental twin.

News is serious business. Which is why Avishay Artsy and Evan George  are really serious about looking good. Where do you even find those pants?!

Rachel Reynolds might be the biggest cheerleader of twinning moments, here she is with Nahomi Merlan a SMC Intern.

Is …

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KCRW’s Volunteer of the Month – Leila Miller

Posted July 29, 2015 by | 1 Comment | ]

From KCRW producer Avishay Artsy:
Leila Miller came to volunteer in KCRW’s news department during the summer before her senior year at college. She jumped right into the job of helping out on All Things Considered. Whatever needed to be done, she was eager to learn how to do. She also produced her first feature story ever, about a proposed housing development in Atwater Park …