Betsy is Barbara!

If you’re reading this at work, take a peek into the next cubicle or across the room.  Who is your co-worker really?  Sure they always drink their chai tea out of the same mug at the same time every day, but who’s hiding behind the routine?  For example, we have a gal here named Betsy.  You know her too.  She’s our social media queen.  If you’ve hung out on our Facebook page, or been privy to our tweets, it’s all Betsy.  She adds you, responds to you, and keeps you informed.  All day.  Every day.  For hours.  She comes in, sits down, and gets up again in the evening to head home.  No one has ever seen her eat (but yes, she is healthy) and unless she mutters to her computer, she doesn’t have to talk much either.

Imagine our surprise when we found out that Betsy is Barbara!  Actually, she is in the band Barbara and she has a beautiful voice.  We asked her to sing, but alas, she suffers from a little stage fright so she let us in on some links instead.  Of one of the songs, she says in an email to her family, “Please be warned that the #3 song has the F word in it… (sorry mama and daddy and babies),” now how sweet is she?

Barbara has its first show at UC Berkeley on April 29th. They share the bill with Jhameel & Blondes and she’s “scared to death…….”  You’ll do great, Betsy!!

Here is our favorite song: Moon Trip
Moon Trip by wearebarbara

And here is a cool video done by a friend and fan: Unicornica