Arts Discount: Traviata

Atremis-lowOne of three chapters in choreographer Monica Casadei’s larger project inspired by Verdi, Traviata¬†translates the great Italian composer’s operatic masterpiece into a stunningly modern dance work. Casadei’s choreography presents this timeless story from the perspective of Violetta, an upper-class prostitute who begins an ill-fated love affair with the socially respectable Alfredo, in a contemporary, deeply psychological staging that finds the dancers dressed in stark white, black and red. Through the vigorous and energetic gestures that characterize Casadei’s visual vocabulary, the dancers’ bodies convey the passion, distress and power of this tragic love story. Recorded music from Verdi’s original opera, arranged and modified by composer Luca Vianini, with musical dramaturgy by Alessandro Taverna.

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