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The Pitch: Jesse Hardman, ‘Preacher’s Kid’

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Read the original pitch from independent producer Jesse Hardman for his recent UnFictional story, ‘Preacher’s Kid,’ which took over a year to produce.

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Strangers Joins Radiotopia!

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I talked to 99% Invisible creator Roman Mars about the launch of his new podcast network with PRX, Radiotopia. “Radio production is not rocket science,” he told me.

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Jesse Hardman: Preacher’s Kid

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Independent producer Jesse Hardman talks about interviewing imprisoned fugitive, and fellow preacher’s kid, for his recent story on KCRW’s UnFictional.

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Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home

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Will’s father died when he was seven years old, but it took him 35 years to bring him home.

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Born Rich (or Poor): Moby, Jamie Johnson, and Others

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Is it better to be filthy rich than dirt poor?

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Mano a Mano

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Cuts and bruises, pure good and pure evil, life and death…

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Nature Boy

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The story of a man so ahead of his time he was out of sync with the world.

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Joe Frank: A True Hollywood Story

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In an attempt to advance his career in Hollywood, a screenwriter finds himself implausibly in Auschwitz. As his film project  — which has nothing to do with the infamous death camp — implodes, the screenwriter sees his life unraveling on a revolving road to nowhere.

Photo by Michal Story
This episode was produced by Joe Frank and written in collaboration with Michael Meloan. It was mixed by Ray Guarna, …

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Extended Family

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There’s a house in Oakland where dozens of people have lived for decades… even though most of them have been dead for years.

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From La Burbuja: Broke at the Border

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“The last day when we got to TJ, Tijuana, my dad didn’t have very much money, ” Celia describes her journey to the states.