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The Ghosts of Fire Island

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Throughout the 20th century, Fire Island was a gay mecca for fun and freedom. In the 80′s, a mysterious illness transformed the community.

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From La Burbuja: Victoria Dominguez

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Victoria Dominguez was brought to the U.S. as a child. Would she fit in with her peers?

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One Moment Changes Everything

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Often, the most life altering turns in our life, pivot on just one quick moment.

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A woman and her microphone: my all-night reporting trip with Lu Olkowski

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A woman and her microphone. Long Beach Port, 4AM.

What’s it like to shadow a radio producer on an all-night reporting trip?

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Alfredo Corchado: Midnight in Mexico

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An immigrant boy receives an offer he can’t refuse.

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Immigration Fraud: One Survivor’s Story

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Maria Guitterez, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and living in the United States illegally, was swindled out of $80,000 over ten years in an extended incident of immigration fraud. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

When Maria Guiterrez heard she could legalize her immigration status, she jumped on it. She spent $80,000 over ten years, but all the money and effort was just a scam.

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A day in the life at ‘Las Casitas’: Newbury Park’s immigrant community

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Avenida del Platino in Las Casitas, Newbury Park, CA.

Las Casitas looks like one huge cookie cutter house. But when you look closer, you make out four doors and see that it’s actually divided into four apartments. It looks that way, because it’s meant to look like the rest of Newbury Park – suburban.

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Skating in Darkness

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Learning to navigate through the dark. Much like a radio listener, a blind person has to rely a lot on their sense of hearing. But once you learn to hear with your whole body, you can talk a walk down to the beach or maybe play some baseball.
The last thing you might expect a blind person to do is…play baseball. Producer Ryan Scammell spent an afternoon watching …

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Wandering Souls: Siagon

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Vietnam is filled with angry ghosts. Killed violently, buried without ritual, spirits roam resentfully, visiting the living in their dreams.

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For Chivas USA fans, no place feels like home

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Members of the Black Army 1850, a Chivas USA supporter
group, cheer on their team in the final minutes of the game. (Photo: Avishay Artsy)

While the LA Galaxy are going for their third MLS Championship in a row, LA’s other soccer team, Chivas USA, is on its third coach in less than a year, and there’s been high turnover among players and staff.