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My Reality

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A contestant on the TV program Solitary, alone in her pod, talking to Val
Courtesy of Lincoln Hiatt

A reality television producer finds a line that she refuses to cross, while a man accidentally inflicts emotional scars on a first date.

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Finding community and beauty in the sport of flying roller pigeons

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Photo: Valerie Defert

Independent producer Jens Erik Gould discovers a Los Angeles community built around flying Birmingham roller pigeons.

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Cracking the Love Code

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Whenever Liza would get in a serious relationship with a man, she would introduce him to her mother. Liza’s mom Peggy, like many parents, would quickly offer unsolicited advice about whether the guy was a suitable match for her daughter. The frustrating thing for Liza was, her mother was almost always right. That’s because for 26 years Peggy had been a foreign service officer for …

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A Foot in the Door

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Humiliation, fear, poverty, de-humanization, self-doubt and lies… welcome to show business.

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Carthay Square, HPOZs and the Effort to Preserve a Neighborhood

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Marilouise Morgan bought her house in 1959.
“Just look around and see what’s happening east of us, where residences went in favor of large apartment buildings.”

Gideon Brower just filed this piece for KCRW’s Design and Architecture on a Los Angeles neighborhood’s fight to stay original.

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The Pitch: Jesse Hardman, ‘Preacher’s Kid’

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Read the original pitch from independent producer Jesse Hardman for his recent UnFictional story, ‘Preacher’s Kid,’ which took over a year to produce.

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Strangers Joins Radiotopia!

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I talked to 99% Invisible creator Roman Mars about the launch of his new podcast network with PRX, Radiotopia. “Radio production is not rocket science,” he told me.

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Jesse Hardman: Preacher’s Kid

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Independent producer Jesse Hardman talks about interviewing imprisoned fugitive, and fellow preacher’s kid, for his recent story on KCRW’s UnFictional.

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Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home

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Will’s father died when he was seven years old, but it took him 35 years to bring him home.

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Born Rich (or Poor): Moby, Jamie Johnson, and Others

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Is it better to be filthy rich than dirt poor?