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The Man in the Road

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In this story from the Love + Radio podcast, a chance meeting in the Nevada desert that leads to a series of court battles that lasted for over 30 years.
Love + Radio comes from producer Nick Van der Kolk. He and his collaborators make strange and intense sound stories while aggressively bending and breaking almost every rule of conventional radio. Plus their topics are bloodier, stranger and …

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Franky Carillo: Life

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A 16-year old is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. One day he is going to high school, worrying about girls and homework, the next day he is arrested for a murder he had nothing to do with and is locked up, never to see the outside again. Twenty years go by while he writes hundreds of letters from prison …

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Robbers Cave

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The ‘Robbers Cave’ experiment has been cited for many years as a definitive study of inter-group conflict. It was lead by psychologist Muzafer Sherif, who staged the experiment at a summer camp in an Oklahoma state park. Local boys arrived with no knowledge of the fact that they were being studied. They were split into two groups, given team names, and assigned to separate quarters. …

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Nick’s Story

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A soldier returns from Afghanistan, happy to be back. He loves music and superhero Thor. But his parents see that he is haunted by something…

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Alec Ledd, Moby: A.K.A.

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alec ledd

Palestinian-American Alec Ledd decides that Barbara Streisand is well worth a sizable helping of kugel. Moby shares “strangers” stories from his life.
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 Musical supervision on this episode by OOFJ

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Rhapsody in Bohemia

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What do you get when you take one of the greatest and strangest rock songs of all time and let fans and critics pull it apart, examine it, critique it, cover it and re-cover it? It’s “Rhapsody in Bohemia” on this episode of UnFictional.
In 2005, on the 30th anniversary of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, producer Alan Hall created this hilarious and loving tribute to this song and …

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My So-Called Guru

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Two stories about healers and teachers who do not have the best interests of their students in mind.
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In the first story, Lauren Weedman has suspicions that her boyfriend’s yoga healer is interested in more than just his soul.

Lauren Weedman is an actress living in Los Angeles.
Next, New York producer Wendy Dorr has the story of Jane Wieder. As a young woman, Wieder seemed to have everything going for her, but …

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Bahooka’s Mood Lighting Fades to Black: A Beloved Tiki Landmark Closes

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It is a very dark day for Southern California fans of tiki, Polynesian pop, flaming tropical drinks and giant carrot-eating fish (pictured above). The mother of all thatched-hut-and-pina-colada restaurants closes its doors Sunday night, and no one seems to know for sure what will become of the place. Gideon Brower visited Bahooka and filed this report.
The Bahooka Family Restaurant in Rosemead,   co-founded and designed by Navy veteran …

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Desert Beauty: Artists Dig Up Inspiration in the Mojave

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You might think of the Mojave Desert as empty and inhospitable. But homesteaders and miners began living in this dry, vast space east of Los Angeles in the early 20th Century.
And it’s always called to outsiders and artists like Noah Purifoy, an Angeleno who lived in Joshua Tree and created 10 acres of desert sculptures from junk.
Independent producer Brian Calvert went to the Mojave to visit with …

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A Farewell to Bahooka Family Restaurant

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Bahooka 6

This weekend on Good Food, independent producer Gideon Brower bids farewell to Bahooka Family Restaurant in Rosemead. The tiki-themed restaurant will close its doors forever after service this Sunday, March 10th. Looking at the photos below, it’s no surprise that Bahooka was a cult favorite for decades. As Los Angeles Magazine’s Chris Nichols points out, “It’s so psychedelic that it makes complete sense that they filmed Fear and Loathing …