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Rhapsody in Bohemia

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What do you get when you take one of the greatest and strangest rock songs of all time and let fans and critics pull it apart, examine it, critique it, cover it and re-cover it? It’s “Rhapsody in Bohemia” on this episode of UnFictional.
In 2005, on the 30th anniversary of the release of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, producer Alan Hall created this hilarious and loving tribute to this song and …

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My So-Called Guru

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Two stories about healers and teachers who do not have the best interests of their students in mind.
In the first story, Lauren Weedman has suspicions that her boyfriend’s yoga healer is interested in more than just his soul.

Lauren Weedman is an actress living in Los Angeles.
Next, New York producer Wendy Dorr has the story of Jane Wieder. As a young woman, Wieder seemed to have everything going for her, but inside …

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Bahooka’s Mood Lighting Fades to Black: A Beloved Tiki Landmark Closes

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It is a very dark day for Southern California fans of tiki, Polynesian pop, flaming tropical drinks and giant carrot-eating fish (pictured above). The mother of all thatched-hut-and-pina-colada restaurants closes its doors Sunday night, and no one seems to know for sure what will become of the place. Gideon Brower visited Bahooka and filed this report.
The Bahooka Family Restaurant in Rosemead,   co-founded and designed by Navy veteran …

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Desert Beauty: Artists Dig Up Inspiration in the Mojave

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You might think of the Mojave Desert as empty and inhospitable. But homesteaders and miners began living in this dry, vast space east of Los Angeles in the early 20th Century.
And it’s always called to outsiders and artists like Noah Purifoy, an Angeleno who lived in Joshua Tree and created 10 acres of desert sculptures from junk.
Independent producer Brian Calvert went to the Mojave to visit with …

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A Farewell to Bahooka Family Restaurant

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Bahooka 6

This weekend on Good Food, independent producer Gideon Brower bids farewell to Bahooka Family Restaurant in Rosemead. The tiki-themed restaurant will close its doors forever after service this Sunday, March 10th. Looking at the photos below, it’s no surprise that Bahooka was a cult favorite for decades. As Los Angeles Magazine’s Chris Nichols points out, “It’s so psychedelic that it makes complete sense that they filmed Fear and Loathing …

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Women’s Work

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A woman arms herself before leaving for work, and an 18 year old girl spends three months in an Alaskan cannery.

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KCRW’S Writing for Radio Workshop with Alex Chadwick

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On Tuesday, February 26th, KCRW’s Independent Producer Project hosted it’s first ever live streaming workshop  on the art of Writing for Radio with Alex Chadwick, whose distinctive work makes him one of the most recognized reporters in public radio. KCRW Producer Matt Holzman co-hosted the event, which covered everything a radio producer needs to know in order to shape a good story into a great …

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The Mark of a Man

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While looking for ideas on Craigslist, radio producer Emily Hsiao finds a post from a man looking to remove a Swastika tattoo from his arm. Needing to find out the story behind the ad, she meets a man named Bruce. While the two of them sit in his truck, he looks back on a life spent in and out of prison, and he talks about the tattoo …

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German Artist Makes a Statement on El Segundo Beach

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Beaches in Southern California can be full of surprises – you might encounter anything from drum circles to snake charmers and creatures on stilts.
These days if you travel south from Santa Monica towards LAX, you are in for a special treat: German artist Michael Sistig created an outdoor art installation. It includes shipping containers, a polar bear and a modern day siren luring passers-by.
Kerstin Zilm …

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Before the LA Aqueduct, Paiute Indians Irrigated Owens Valley

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2013 marks the centennial anniversary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct’s construction. The water wars that drained the Owens Valley, enabling the existence of one of the world’s great megalopolises to the south, are today the stuff of literary and cinematic legend.
But one group’s story has been left out of the tellings. Before the arrival of white settlers in that region of California in the mid …