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Lauren Whaley, Jake de Grazia, VS. Dobbs: Love

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Three stories of heart break and true love about a mail-order bride who discovers that her intended is the man who robbed her en route to the wedding, a man whose love of love letters gets him in trouble, and a first date at Obama’s  inauguration in 2008.

VS. Dobbs (not his real name)

Lauren Whaley and Jake de Grazia

Hurricane Irene slams Jake and Lauren’s wedding

Love prevails

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Looking for Love for Just 99 Cents

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This week on Good Food Independent Producer Gideon Brower goes looking for love at his local discount stores. He finds long stem chocolate roses, whipped cream and plastic champagne flutes at the 99 cent store in Venice.  Another 99 cent store nearby is peddling heart shaped cake-pop stands while Santa Monica gas station mini-marts featured chocolate, Gatorade, Monster drinks, sandwiches (who says you can’t say I love …

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Welcome to the Metal

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In our first story we meet Angielyn Hamilton Lowe.
Nowadays she’s a working mom who just bought her first home, but back in college, Angielyn Hamilton Lowe was better known for her alter ego – Ivy, the Mistress of Metal. Most of the students at her small liberal arts college couldn’t have cared less about Welcome to the Metal, Angie’s weekly heavy metal radio show. But for a few dozen …

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Audio/Visual Equipment Biggest Buyers? Churches.

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When you think of live music, you might think of a concert or a nightclub. But one of the hottest markets for live-performance equipment is about as far away from a nightclub as you can get: Church. Independent Producer Susan Valot found out when she stopped by the National Association of Music Merchants trade show, or NAMM Show. The annual music product convention was held in Anaheim …

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Joe Frank: A Conversation

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Legendary radio storyteller Joe Frank presents A Conversation, his newest program produced for UnFictional. Let yourself get drawn into this surreal, disturbing and and hilarious discussion. It’s an examination of race, religion, sex and more that walks a fine line between fiction and reality.
A Conversation was recorded and mixed by Ray Guarna, edited in collaboration with Michal Story.

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Santa María Tavehua, LA: A Video Portrait from Sonic Trace

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As they prepare to launch their website, Sonic Trace producer Anayansi Diaz-Cortes and her team decided to make a video portrait of some of the stories they’ve collected in the past year:
For the past year, the Sonic Trace team has been hard at work documenting pockets of LA that become gateways into villages and towns across Mexico and Central America. You might have heard our …

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The Sundance Experience

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In 2005, director Richard Shephard took his film “The Matador” to the Sundance Film Festival.  While he’d made three indie films and directed some cable TV, his dark comedy with Pierce Brosnan as a washed up assassin and Greg Kinnear as his unwitting accomplice was his last, best hope to make it into the big time.  KCRW’s Matt Holzman followed Richard during that tense week, and produced …

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Don’t Go Far

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Don’t Go Far is the story of two young boys, Keith, who was 10, and his friend Noel, who was 13. Keith had been able to navigate the bus system of Dublin since he was seven years old, running errands for his mother who had even younger children at home. He and Noel were fearless when it came to sneaking aboard the new DART commuter rail …

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David Terry: Jesus

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The son of American evangelical missionaries is dropped in a Greek school at age 5. He returns to the U.S. in the 8th grade with a mullet and a Jesus shirt, but goes on to master the art of conversion. Until he sees the light, or does he…?
This story was produced by Lea Thau for an episode of Strangers which is part of KCRW’s Independent Producer Project.


David …

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¡Feliz Día de Los Reyes Magos!

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KCRW’s Sonic Trace has been conducting a whirlwind tour of cultural holiday celebrations around Los Angeles. For their last holiday season installment, producers Anayansi Diaz-Cortes and Eric Pearse-Chavez visited Our Lady of Victory Parish in Compton. Every year on January 6th, this community does a re-enactment of the arrival of the Magi. Mass ends with candy, a gift give-away and a huge party with a …